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Beta Romeo and His Rogue
  • Author: kaagaluh
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 322
  • 4.7

Rena Schaaci is a rogue who got lost in The Lightcrown Claws Pack. She was looking for a brother who had left her in the dense forest and had never been picked up. The incident that happened to made her lose entire family. Romeo Riley is a beta who always kills rogues. Mainly his target all this time is Rena Schaaci, a rogue who ends up a maid in the palace kitchen. For years his wish was to eradicate all rogues on the face of the earth, and that was Rena, his mate. Romeo knew that if he hurt Rena, it would be the same as hurting himself, especially when Rena finally gave in to the situation. The woman prefers to erase all dark memories and become a new person. The love between them is painful. A love that can make anyone sad while reading.


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