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I stared at the tests, my hands trembling, tears welling up in my eyes. My worst fear had come true—it was... positive. Oh no... it was positive. Sh*t! "Zoey... what the hell do I do?" My voice quivered. "I can't be pregnant... I can't!" God! This can't be real. I couldn't be pregnant.... This would screw everything up even more. A baby, at such an early age, especially when my mates were f*ck*ng thirsty for my blood, I could never afford this. Ever! "Maya, please try to calm down," Zoey urged, guiding me to sit down as I shook uncontrollably. "No, Zoey. I can't calm down. I'm pregnant, and the fathers of this child don't even care about me! They're trying to kill me. What am I supposed to do with this baby?!" I gasped for air, on the verge of hyperventilating. "This is messed up. I have no idea what to do, and if they find out, they'll only make things worse for me,'' Tears rolled down my cheeks; This was such a misery. As the daughter of the Alpha’s Mistress, Maya was an outcast within the pack and tortured by her step-brothers. Alpha's sons—Maximus and Leonardo Sterling, known as the Sterling Twins—Were future Alphas of the Blackthorn pack and had a mission to make Maya's life hell and the best opportunity landed in their hands on her eighteenth birthday it turned out they were her mates. On the very first night, they snatched her innocence and forcefully marked her...all to seek revenge for the wrongs her mother had committed. And when it came to torture the Sterling Twins knew no bounds.... But... What would happen when Maya became pregnant after being marked by the twin stepbrother mates and she decided to escape? And What would happen when several years later the twin alphas decided to pursue her again in order to make their son the heir of the pack?