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Country girl

Country girl

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Luna
  • Chapters: 6
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 3.0
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Lucinda is a girl from the countryside and her parents decided to move to the city so Lucinda had to leave the country behind but to her surprise she met a really cute guy named Sam and she started dating him and she got a job at a farm and her new boss is Cindy and she happened to have come across a injured wolf cub and she named it loretta and on her 18th birthday her bosses son Tyler tried kissing her and Sam punched him in the face and the boys fought as well as her overprotective big brother Hunter deciding to get onto her about dating Sam later in the future Sam proposes to Lucinda and Hunter says some things and so Sam punches him in the face. Sam has a decision to make and Sam and Lucinda are going to have twins one a girl the other is a boy.

Chapter 1 (New School)

“ This is new, I've never been to the city” I say. “Well you get to meet some of your family” My mom says, I roll my eyes and lean my head back on the seat and close my eyes. We will get to the school in an hour tops ugh new school, a new place so weird.

35 minutes later, we are finally at our new house. I have to go to school in at least 40 minutes. There are 3 people outside my new house, 3 people to be exact. “ Hi name is Kate, the one wearing the blue shoes is Sam and that is his older sister Hope what is your name” The one Kate said, “My name is Lucinda” I replied. “Lucinda dear is that you” I hear someone say . I turn around to see that it is my Aunt Fay. “ Auntie Fay, how are you?” I replied . “ Good enough I thought you would not remember me since we have not seen each other in Years” she said a bit to fast for my liking, “So your name is Lucinda eh” The one named Sam says I nod and he continues “ nice name your aunt has told us a lot about you good things mostly anyway your parents told your aunt to get some kids that would be going to your school to come and meet you”. “ Is that a good thing” I ask “ Absolutely” Sam says “ would you care to come around the neighborhood with us” he replied after no one said a word “ I would love to but I have to help my parents unpack” I said “No you don’t go enjoy your time” my papa said. “ Okay that settles things it” Sam said, opening the door to his expensive Dodge Charger. “What that expensive sports car? '' I said. '' Yeah, why not? Sam said as I got in his car.

1o minutes later, we arrived at an ice cream shop 2 minutes down the road from the school. “ So Sam, are you joining the football team?” his sister Hope asked. “ Yea I think” as he said this his eyes met mine I felt a spark between us weird. “ So Lucinda you doing cheer” Hope asked me “um I don’t know I’m not a big city person I’m more of a country gal you know and besides I don’t think my mom would let me” I said and Kate said “ oh bummer we need someone like you on the cheer team”. Just then Sam stood up and said “ time to leave for school”. I get a text that says : Miss you!!! How’re you??. I miss you too. I'm fine going to school ugh!!! I responded. “ Hey Lucinda” Sam says as taking my hand “you coming” “yea” I say a bit stunned. “ Am I allowed to wear this to School” I ask. I am wearing a button up shirt and some faded blue jeans and brown boots and a cowboy hat and big buckle belt but “ yea it’s fine” Sam said, eyeing me from head to toe . 2 Minutes later everyone else besides me and Sam are in the school building “ here take this” Sam said handing me his snap and number. “Sure” I say getting up “ where is the art room Sam.” “ I will take you there I got art anyway” he says as I play heaven by Kane Brown.

“Welcome class to 9th grade art, today we are doing a partner art project. You have to draw pictures of something you both have in common get started” The art teacher said. “ Lucinda, will you be my partner please?” Sam asks. “Sure” I say “ so what is your favorite dessert” I add. “Ice cream” Sam said “same” I replied . Here is what we came up with: Ice cream and cowboy boots and a horse though I did most of the work while Sam was just watching me with Curious eyes. “ What” I asked as I finished the project “nothing” he said a bit weirdly “whateva”. “So are y'all done” the teacher said appearing in front of us out of nowhere “ yea” Sam said handing the teacher “our” work. “So I was just wondering if you wanted to go to the movies with me after school today” Sam said after the teacher walked away and pinned our paper to the board. “ I don’t know honestly if I can go” I said . “ Your mom said she wanted you to go out and make new friends so please” Sam said practically begging . “ Fine” I said as the bell rang for 2nd period and he grabbed my hand and said “what class do you have next Lucinda” ugh why does he have to be annoying “ Uh I got science” I Said. After school, “hey Lucinda what are you doing?” Hope asked me “nothin” I replied.

Chapter 2 (The "Date" & Surprise)

“So you ready to go” Sam asked, appearing beside me “yea” I said. “So um what about them” I asked him “my sister’s boyfriend is taking them home” he replied opening the door to his charger for me . “How was your day” he asked as I got in his charger. “It was okay I guess” I said and his eyes wandered to my lips . “So how long til’ we get there” I asked and his eyes left my lips to look at my eyes “not long” he said turning to look at the road good keep your eyes on the road Sam, I thought. More than halfway through the movie “Lucinda you good” Sam asks “yea why” “Because it kinda looks like your blushing and your hand is clenched in a fist” he said ugh this is what I get for choosing a romance movie to watch with Sam. Sam grabs my hand and starts to pry my fingers loose and chuckles when he finally does. I roll my eyes. We have at least 10 minutes left of this romance movie ugh. 10 minutes later, finally it is over.

Sam claims he's se


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