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I studied him, trying to decipher what his deranged man must be thinking. Leo's impenetrable expression made it hard for me to read. It was one of the most difficult puzzles, almost impossible to solve. "Why am I here?" I asked hesitantly, finally having enough of the awkward silence. Also made sure not to let my fear appear in my tone. The only response I met was with plain silence. His unwillingness to speak was infuriating but I maintained my calm. When I thought I wasn't going to get any response he finally spoke. "Because I want," ******* Leaving my past behind I moved into a new city to start fresh but I forgot I was a ball of misfortune. I happened to grasp the attention of a monster disguised in the human body. I tried to ignore him. I ran from him but he trapped me. His obsession for me was lethal. It was suffocating. Why won't it be after all he is merciless.

Chapter 1

"Grace Wright and Oliver Wilson," Mrs. White had barely finished announcing when a loud livid voice intervened and I knew who it was. "Grace is already my partner."

Inadvertently, a deep breath escapes my lips and I am already anticipating the drama that awaits.

Mrs. White swept back her blond bangs with the taut gray hair that was previously sprawled across her forehead before clearing her throat awkwardly.

"But Miss Castillo, you are already paired with Bianca." Mrs. White voice.

"So?" Sofia asked, sassly.

"The partner ca...can't be changed-ed now," Mrs. White sputtered.

"No, my problem," replied Sophia, staring at Mrs. White with such intensity, almost intending to burn her.

I grabbed Sofia's hand and gave it a light squeeze, wordlessly entreating her not to make further issue about it. Being that stubborn woman, she jerked her hand from my grip without even bothering to look at me, and kept her angry, steady gaze on Mr. White, who was now visibly sweating.

I don't know why she is so adamant about making me her partner in everything. I understand that it is easier and more convenient to work with your close friend, but every time?

My eyes involuntarily roamed the surroundings just to find each and every eye Zeroed on us.

God, this is so embarrassing...

Flustered, I shrunk myself in an attempt to hide myself from the myriad eyes that were looking at us with different emotions in them. Some surprise and amazement. With some annoyance and some void of expression.

"Everyone is watching us. Stop it," I said sternly, but kept my voice at its lowest.

At my words, her head swam around the room, giving them a stinky look. Frightened, they all diverted their attention from us and looked ahead, where Mrs. White was standing behind the pulpit. Her hands rested on the sloping roof that had been balled into his fist. I am certain to control her fear if not anger. Or maybe both.

One thing I never understood was why the people around her were so afraid of her. I know she has a bad temper, but who doesn't? Perhaps it has to do with her rich background. This woman is rich and, when I say, rich. It means filthy rich. Her family practically owns half of the city.

"But-" Mrs. White began to protest Sofia, cutting her off.

"Are you defying me?" Sofia let out with a challenging gaze.

Mrs. White took her handkerchief from her suit pocket and wiped the beads of perspiration that had adorned her forehead.

Poor woman.

Slightly pushing her centuries-old circular glasses, she looked at the furious Sophia, who was still throwing daggers at her.

"You can pair up with Miss. Wright"

Immediately, a pleased smile adorned Sofia's lips.

"The class has been adjourned," announced Mr. White even when there were still thirty minutes left for class to end.

Without further ado, Mrs. White gathered all her belongings and carelessly threw them in her side bag and hurried out of the room. For fifty plus, she runs fast. I have to give her that. To be honest, it was an amusing sight to behold.

However, this humor did not last long in my system. The incident that happened a few minutes ago came back to me. Turning to a satisfied looking Sophia who was collecting my belongings and tucking them inside my bag.

"What is wrong with you?" I asked him sternly. She darted cat eyes at me and arched her left eyebrow. "What?"

My hand is folded across my chest. "The way you behaved towards Mrs. White is unacceptable."

She rolled her eyes at my words "Okay..."

The audacity of this girl....

"Good?" I said.

"Can you stop," annoyed overtook her tone.

Frustrated, I faced my palm. A habit that I have developed since childhood or perhaps from my mother's womb. Who knows?

"Ready to go?" asks Sofia. I wordlessly nodded my head.

"I'm so excited we're going to have so much fun there," she tweeted with overflowing enthusiasm.

"We are going to study Sofia," I reminded her before her evil mind started to wander more than necessary.

"That doesn't mean we can't have fun," she exclaimed.

The smile never leaves her face. I swear this woman has bipolar disorder. Considering the way her mood swings instantly from one to the next, she is by no means normal.

Sofia slipped her hand in mine before intertwining them together. Pulling me along with her, she led me to the parking lot where her car was parked. And not just some car, but a freaking Lamborghini.

She opens the door for me like a nice human she sometimes is. I let out a soft thank you before getting inside, she rounded the other side and slipped inside the driver's seat. The engine emitted an audible roaring sound before moving onto the paved track.

With nothing to do and boredom, I leaned my head against the tinted window and looked out at the view outside, though the night had already begun to fall.

"Are you okay ?" Sofia asked.

I gave her a quick glance before looking outside again before answering "Uh, nothing, just tired, that's all,"

After that, no one spoke, and silence surrounded us again. Twenty minutes on the road, constant bumps on the road and the lack of civilization was enough to understand that we had left the city. I wonder how far she lives. I had never been to her house.

Another fifteen minutes and the car came into a halt right outside the two-story building. I will not lie that the jealousy I felt at that moment was something I could not express in words. Her house was something I had dreamed of. Surrounded by a small and absolutely breathtaking garden full of colorful flowers.

"Are you coming ?" Sofia's impatient voice pulled me out of my trance.

I was so lost in admiring the architecture I didn't realize Sofia had climbed out of the car.

"Yeah," I replied, getting out of the car.

When I stepped inside, as expected, the inside was as beautiful as the outside. My eyes were grasping the interior when Sofia's voice rang. "Let's have some food first, okay?"

"What about the assignment?"

"I can't concentrate on work if my stomach constantly growls, calling for my attention," she says with a pat.

My eyes rolled at her childish behavior before nodding. For the short time I have known Sofia. I know she doesn't like hearing No and make sure she doesn't and if she does, it is bound to change. Anyways, I was hungry myself. So, filling the stomach before some work won't hurt, I guess.

She opened the huge double-doored refrigerator before taking a bottle of juice and pouring it into a glass. She held out a glass to me. "Here, have a drink. I'll order something meanwhile".

I went to grab a glass, but before I could. The juice spilled all over my white top, staining and drenching it.

"Sofia," My tone came out harsher without intending it.

"I'm sorry," Sophia panicked as she rubbed my top and only smeared the liquid and smudged my top.

An exaggerating sign spilled on me. "It's all right," I said.

"I'm sorry, Grace," she sounded almost like she wanted to cry.

I grabbed both of her shoulders and straightened her up. "It's okay, relax," I said, looking her straight in the eyes.

She looked unsure at first for a few seconds before half- heartedly nodding her head.

"Actually, wait here"

With that she walked somewhere, disappearing from the field of vision. Two minutes later, she returned with a piece of pink cloth in her hand.

"Here change to this," she offered me, holding my fabric.

I looked at the fabric, then at Sofia's face. She rolled her eyes at my confused expression. Grasping my hand, she placed the cloth in my hand.

"Go straight ahead and as soon as you turn left you will see a door. There is a bathroom there, you can change there," she said, giving me a little push.

I followed the directions as instructed. Once inside, I did not waste a second, undressing until I was left in my inner-wears. I take off my dress. The dress had an intricate crisscross design at the top and I tried to wear it properly.

I was still trying to figure out when suddenly I felt a presence right behind me and my heart stilled. Twirling around my glassy shade of blue eyes, I met with a set of emerald eyes that stared unwaveringly down at me. The owner of those eyes happened to stand within a few feet of me.

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Chapter 2

Involuntarily, my eyes happened to examine the unknown man. His raven hair was sleek and side-swept gel. His pumping lips sat proudly beneath his moderately pointed nose. His high cheek that every woman would envy and his sharp jaw looked sharper than a knife.

He was dressed in a well tailored navy blue suit with no time and a few top buttons undone to give a clear view of his skeleton tattoo. It was creepy to be honest.

My eyes travel back to his gorgeous eyes. Honestly, I could get lost in them and have no complaints if I'm never found. I can't describe how handsome this man is. I was captivated by his beauty and even found myself swooning over him.

On the other hand, something mysterious and dark lurked in his eyes, which scared me, to be honest. His presence alone was overwhelming and nerve-racking. This man possessed dominance and it was enough of a red flag for me to encourage myself to keep as much distance as I could from this captivating stranger

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