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100 Days Girlfriend

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Jayden Jovel is the son of newly elected political minister, Mr Ricardo Jovel. Jayden is rich, smart, hot handsome, s*xy and all. You name it. He has everything and anything one can think and unthink of. Most girls are also dying over him. Most guys even wish to be like him. Oh...He's also a playboy. A big time flirt. Number 1 bad boy famously known in WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY in USA. He's fond of dating a girl and then, breaking up her heart in less than 3 months after entering underneath her skirt, of course. Well, not until he meets new transferee, Whitney Kennerson who seems to be very, very different from other girls he has met in his entire life. Whitney Kennerson is an average girl from an average family. She has only her single young mum and her little sweet half brother. Meanwhile, After placing a bet to date and get Whitney laid, Jayden decides to get closer to her but Whitney isn't a type you can mess with. She clearly rebuffs his advances in a rashly and icy manner. She clearly just wants to do her thing in school and leave, as usual. Whitney doesn't even believe in love since she understands nothing and nobody lasts forever. capital The letter L.O.V.E is a capital NO for her. Not until one day, surprisedly, Whitney decides to make Jayden's bet come true. She also wants to date him for a reason, beknownst to her. She wants to be his girlfriend for just 100 days because...; Find Out In The Novel What could be the reason for her to make him her boyfriend despite knowing fully well she was betted upon?? Will love ever come their way despite their different desires? What different things and more will occur in this story? What kind of people and things will they encounter because of this? Find Out More.

Chapter 1

♪ Oh, you ain't know I could sing? (Oh, oh, oh) ♪

♪ Hahaha (Yeah) ♪

♪ Shorty a lil' baddie (She a lil' baddie) ♪

♪ Shorty my lil' boo thing (Boo thing) ♪

♪ And shorty got the fatty ♪

♪ Shorty be catching mood swings ♪

♪ Every time I f*ck without a rubber, I nutted on the covers ♪

♪ And I kept it undercover ♪

♪ 'Cause I don't kiss and tell (Kiss and tell) ♪

♪ Every time I f*ck, she call me daddy,

My lil' mama nasty ♪

♪ I see the-

“I'M TALKING TO YOU, JERK!” Rina screamed out in tears and pulled the headphones from Jayden's ear.

“Gosh!!! My favorite part of the music was about popping in! What's your problem?!” Jayden frowned and snapped his headphones from her.

They were in class and now, many eyes were on these two. They were murmuring indistinctly, too.

Rina scoffed and swept the strands of hair to the back of her ear.

“What's with the late night text?” She said questioned.

“Oh, The break-up text?” Jayden raised a brow.

Everyone who heard him, laughed.

“Yes! I didn't see that coming. Did you really mean it, though?” She asked, calmly.

Jayden looked at her.

“Have I ever texted what I don't mean?”

"Still,,, It’s weird. Why would you…break up over a simple text? Who does that??"

“Me” He replied, tilting his head.

"She never knew he was a play boy?" A girl at the front, gossiped.

"Rina doesn't listen. She just wanted to boast that Jayden was dating her" Girl 2 smirked.

"Well, She never knew he was a big bad boy" Girl 3 added, and they all laughed, in mockery.

Jayden smirked and wore his headphones back on. Rina glared at him with teary eyes and snapped the headphones away from him, again.

"You be acting cool when you are not!" She screamed, in anger.

"I'm not acting cool...I'm cool" He smiled which displayed his handsomeness and sexiness.

Girls were drooling already, though most were mindful since they knew who Jayden really was.

"We broke up wrongly! Who does that??" She hissed.

"Then, what's else is there to do? Tell me. We did everything needed to, in a relationship. I even got bored. We kissed, ate, drank together, slept on the same bed…We even f*cked" He bit his lower lip and took a quick gaze at Rina's lips.

"You motherf*cker! Happy now you went through my panties?"

"Sort of. That was what I wanted, but I wasn't impressed" He shook his head.

"What? Meaning??"

"Your p*ssy. It wasn't fun" He smirked.

"You jerk!" She screamed and stood up.

People around started laughing and pointing at her. They were gossiping too.

She looked around with tears in her eyes.

"What are you waiting for? Run" Jayden chuckled.

Rina bit her lower lip hard and clenched his fist tightly. She carried her bag, and ran off.

Jayden clicked his tongue and shook his head.

"Why be in a relationship? Why not f*ck and leave"

Clark, Jayden's friend, smirked.

"You are indeed a bad boy. As usual, you always get the girls you want and do away with them"

"Rina just spoiled my mood, though. I was listening to my favorite music, and she just cut it short. Well, I have to start it over again" He rolled his eyes.

Clark smirked and took the headphones from him.

"Hey! Dude!" Jayden frowned.

"Hold on, baddie" Clark rolled his eyes and wore the headphones.

He pressed play and the song came on.

"Yo! Dude! This is my favorite" Clark laughed.

"Shorty be catching mood swings" Clark sang and Jayden chuckled.

"The singer is Pop smoke, right?" Clark asked, and Jayden nodded.

"Featuring Lil Tjay" Jayden said.

They both looked up and smiled brightly when they saw their other friend and roommate, Desmond.

"Des!!!" They shouted and waved at him.

"Come! We reserved a seat for you" Clark said.

"Class is about to start" Jayden grinned and looked at the lecturer who walked in.


Jayden walked in between his two friends. They moved slowly with their bags across their chest.

"So, I heard… something" Clark cleared his throat, looking at Jayden who wasn't even listening to him.

"What's that about?" Desmond asked.

Clark raised his both brows shortly.

"Natalie. She's coming back to WSU" He said and Jayden suddenly halted.

"Sshh" Desmond whispered and pinched him.

"What? Natalie?" Jayden asked, looking at him.

Clark nodded and rubbed his arm which Desmond had pinched.

"That what I heard" He replied.

Jayden took his eyes away, and quickly wore his headphones.

"I'll leave first" He muttered and left them.

"He's behaving weird again" Clark sighed.

"Well, thanks to you. Why did you have to bring Natalie up?? We both know she used to be Jayden's first and true love before he got his heart broken by her" Desmond frowned.

"And that's why and how he became a baddie. Cause of Natalie.. Blah Blah...Blah. Uff!" Clark scoffed.

Desmond sighed.

"Let's go. I made melon soup this morning before coming to class"

"Wow!" Clark gushed and held his shoulders.

"My fave. Let's go!!"


Rina opened the door and jumped on her bed.

Her roommate, Jade sighed and walked over to her with a cup of coffee.

"I heard. Care for coffee? Caffeine helps at these types of times" Jade shrugged.

"Leave me alone! You knew Jayden was a play boy, but you didn't warn me"

"And that a big lie. I did beg, plead and even warned you when you first arrived here. Everything I said fell on deaf ears" Jade carefully kept the cup down.

"You could have tried harder" Rina took her crying face to Jade.

"I did,,, but Jayden words and face melted you away..."

Rina scoffed.

"How did you find out about the news? You weren't in class today"

"Its over the school board online" Jade showed her her phone.

Rina shook her head, vehemently, and grabbed her phone. She called her dad, immediately.

"Dad! I wanna leave this college. I…wanted a transfer now. Please, dad. Thank you…much love" Rina sighed and kept her phone away.

"Okay? What was that all about?" Jade asked, quietly.

"I'm leaving Washington university. I can't keep staying here, or I might die of embarrassment" Rina answered.

"Wait,,, does it mean..

you're leaving me?" Jade blinked.

"I'm sorry, but i can't keep staying here. I need to leave. Find a better roommate and please warn her to keep away from Jayden" Rina muttered.

"Unless,, she wanna be like me" She added and Jade sighed.




Jade was in her room, working out. She was wearing a pink tight crop top and pink leggings to match.

Her brown smooth hair was tied up. She was laying down on the mattress close to her bed while she exercised with the dumbbell.

She heard a knock and she kept it down. Furthermore, she took her face towel and wiped away her sweat.

Panting, she asked; "Who's there?"

She walked to the door and opened it. There, stood a pretty not too short girl who looked quite innocent but fearless.

Jade looked at her for some time, then looked around.

She took her eyes back to her.

"Who... are you?" Jade asked, slowly.

"Hi, I'm Whitney Kennerson and I wanna ask if you need a new roommate?" The girl asked, carefully.

Chapter 2

Jade was on her bed and Whitney was on hers. They were at opposite directions by the wall.

"Aren't you gonna sleep?" Jade glanced at Whitney, whose eyes were still widely opened.

"I am..." Whitney forced a smile.

Jade looked at her phone and went to WhatsApp. She saw her wallpaper and bit her lower lip.

She quickly changed it.

"I'm just nervous...Jade" Whitney whispered.

Jade turned to her.

"I would feel the same if I were you. Meeting new people. Different faces. School problems. Blah…Don't tell me girl,,, I know it all. I understand you" Jade smiled.

Whitney faced her and smiled as well.

"I'm glad you do"

She turned to the other side of the bed and sighed deeply.

She remembered her life, suddenly.


"Hello Everyone,,, I'm Whitney Kennerson. My mother had me when she was just 19 and right now...I'm 21,,


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