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Unrequited Love

Book cover
  • Author: S.E Dymek
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 17.1K
  • 9.6

Two powerful Alpha struggling against fate in a world full of chaos and unknown threats. One Alpha in complete denial, trying to protect his pack. The other is willing to do anything to save his pack. Will they give in to each other? “If you want my help you will need to renounce your title as Alpha and swear your loyalty to me and my pack.” Alpha Rhett said his stare was cold and icy as he looked at Alpha Aldric. Alpha Aldric gritted his teeth. He wouldn't let his pack suffer anymore, he couldn't keep them safe. Their numbers had shrunk to almost nothing. “It's the only way I can help protect your pack moving forward. It is too complicated with two alphas running around here. Take the offer or leave it.” Rhett said through gritted teeth. Aldric took a deep breath, part of him hated himself, hated himself for letting it come to this. Hated that he felt like he wasn't strong enough to keep going. He hung his head and dropped to his knees. He heard his pack members gasp behind him. “I, Alpha Aldric of the Cold River pack, renounce my title of Alpha and swear my Loyalty to Alpha Rhett of the Dark Moon pack.” Aldric said as pain ripped through him causing him to fall forward onto his forearm. He felt his bond from his pack rip away and felt like pieces of him were being ripped apart from him one by one. His pack behind him fell to their knees in pain as well as the bond break, sadness shaking the room. “Now submit.” Alpha Rhett said a smirk across his lips as he sent out his Alpha aura onto Aldric.