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Sommy Pearl

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Jayden Jovel is the son of newly elected political minister, Mr Ricardo Jovel. Jayden is rich, smart, hot handsome, s*xy and all. You name it. He has everything and anything one can think and unthink of. Most girls are also dying over him. Most guys even wish to be like him. Oh...He's also a playboy. A big time flirt. Number 1 bad boy famously known in WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY in USA. He's fond of dating a girl and then, breaking up her heart in less than 3 months after entering underneath her skirt, of course. Well, not until he meets new transferee, Whitney Kennerson who seems to be very, very different from other girls he has met in his entire life. Whitney Kennerson is an average girl from an average family. She has only her single young mum and her little sweet half brother. Meanwhile, After placing a bet to date and get Whitney laid, Jayden decides to get closer to her but Whitney isn't a type you can mess with. She clearly rebuffs his advances in a rashly and icy manner. She clearly just wants to do her thing in school and leave, as usual. Whitney doesn't even believe in love since she understands nothing and nobody lasts forever. capital The letter L.O.V.E is a capital NO for her. Not until one day, surprisedly, Whitney decides to make Jayden's bet come true. She also wants to date him for a reason, beknownst to her. She wants to be his girlfriend for just 100 days because...; Find Out In The Novel What could be the reason for her to make him her boyfriend despite knowing fully well she was betted upon?? Will love ever come their way despite their different desires? What different things and more will occur in this story? What kind of people and things will they encounter because of this? Find Out More.


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