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Dragon of Espagne

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The story begins with Luna Lopez entering Spain with her parents and Mauricio Sanchez a mafia boss who just came from his successful operation.Mauricio Sanchez also known as the Dragon of Espagne is a tall,handsome man ,thick brows and a deep voice .Luna is a young girl,red hair ,deep blue eyes .She is extremely beautiful. On her way back to her home country Spain ,thier car was attacked by a group of mafia but she however managed to escape.Being the lone survivor of the Lopez family she decides to avenge thier death but however falls inlove with her sworn enemy

Chapter 1 Back Home

We were all in the seating room watching a movie .I Luna,mom and the nanny when Dad suddenly came in like he was being pursued.

”wake up ,pack your things we are leaving to Spain “

We all turned and looked at him in shock .Dad had left Spain since he got married to mom and we were born here in America how could he take such a decision withou informing us in advance.

”whats Going on ,”

”let’s meet in the room “

Mom and Dad left I and Lucia in the seating room while the maid left to her room .Lucia continued with the movie and it seemed like I was the only one who took Dady ‘s word seriously so I walked slowly next to their door stood by their door and tried to here what they were talking about.

Dad had never told anyone why he left Spain and neither did he tell us why he took the decision to return to Spain suddenly.He only told us he left because he was a coward and because he knew too much .His grandfather had asked him to leave Spain and Dad came here to build up his life and learn politics.Presently dad is known all over the word as one of the top ten and richest politicians.

”what happened Diago ,while the sudden change of mind ?i am your wife not your kid you can’t take such a decision without informing me about it “

”you can’t understand,”

”so make me understand “

”I dont want our kids to grow as know me as a coward you see I have to go there and continue the legacy of my family which had been wiped out am thier only heir “

“not too Loud ,I won’t let our children know this ,we’ve grown here and we are happy “

”but isabel can’t you see i am just being a coward by hiding all these years ?”

”You going there will only put our lives in danger “

suddenly ,only when things were becoMing intense ,I couldn’t here anything .Why do they have to stop .

”Luna ,I know you are by the door .Haven’t I worn you to stop that dirty behavior?”

Not again I was cought by mom as always.How does she even get to do that to me all the time.

”Luna ,go and park your things ,tell the nanny to do same .take only imp things,we are leaving tonight “

”baby we have not concluded on that yet ,”

”well I have ,”

”you have not changed you will always remain …”

”you better don’t say that word ,the kids won’t find that pleasant all “

I hurried to park my things but to my greatest surprise,the nan was done parking them out .

”I am sure this lady knows alote about what is happening “ I said to myself.

Antou ,our nanny has been takI got care of my dad since when he was a kid .She even traveled here with dad years back .Dady grandpa asked her too and she has become more like family to us .

”Antou ,tell me what’s going on “

”I don’t think I am on the position to do that ,”

my kid sis insisted “I will give you my pony if you tell me why I have to leave everyone including my friends,”

”hahaha come seat by me I’ll tell you a story, “


”once there was a princess….”

i rolled my eyes and had a seat behind while dady and mom came into the car .Dad had just finished dismissing all the maids and giving their payment.

”am sure you guys will I’ll Love Spain trust me ,“

”Yre right Diago ,Luna Los Angeles is a good town and it’s very beautiful you might even learn to speak Spanish,Lucia you will have new friends trust me “

I just rolled my eyes and took my earphones.I didn’t have much to bother about because I didn’t have much friends.I even didn’t have friends at all I kept on wondering what could be the reason for the sudden movement.

We arrived the airport, took a plane to Spain .From there we proceeded to Los Angeles with the use of a car .Dad was the one driving. He kept on discu with mom at the front seat but no matter how I tried to listen to thier conversations,i could here nothing.

i suddenly felt as to put myself at ease entered a new by bush.Just when I was done ,I saw this man infront of me .Dark haired ,handsome,tall ,thick eyebrows,green eyes and he had this killer look and then suddenly I heard some gunshots and screamed .

”Dady !!!“

He gave me this look that was seened like he was asking me not to or that I shouldn’t have.That appeared from behind me panting.

”moon are you alright “

”yes dady “

I kept on panting then Dad took a stick and placed ahead of him like he was trying to protect me from this man but however I didn’t see this man again or it seemed like he wasn’t the one .Ahead of us was a man with a Dragon mask .Dad carried me to the car .But upon arriving the van ,I couldn’t believe my eyes,I just hoped I was dreaming .

”Nooo ,momy ,Lucia ,wake up nooo”

”Dad came to me and held me in his arms , Luna you have to learn to run ,we can’t stay here “

”Dad we can’t leave them here ,”

”they are death ,“

”no dad o wont leave ,”

But dad carried me and ran with me into the bushes we passed trees with thorns which gave him bruises.Dad felt tired so he stopped when he heard some footsteps as though we were being pursued.Ahead of us was a cave .

” Luna we’re are being chased .he sent them after us ,i will assure the cave is safe but under no circumstances will you spend the night there if I don’t return to you .They might check in there ,”

”dad don’t leave me ,”

”I have too ”

Chapter 2 Directive

I hurried home ,took my bath .Someone saw my face today and I let her get along with it .But how could I stop her ,she looked so innocent with her long silky red hair ,soft lips ,deep blue eyes and soft sent .I could even see her inner tides when she bent to put herself at ease .It was soo tight.I am pretty sure she is still green .

had just taken a bath and had My towe around my waist and was fantasying about who I saw today.I had the chan to meet her again I would …

”Dragon , it’s me Antonio,”

”speak out I can here you ,“

”the prisoner,Bruno ,”

”so what about him ? “

”he has refused to speak ,”

”what the fuck !”

I jumped out of bed as soon as I heard that .I was done jocking that guy .I dressed up and wore a dress .hurried to the cell .As I passed my men they bowed in respect.

” Dragon,”

”shut up “

I wasn’t in the mood for anything.Antonio was right behind me .

” Sir I have some informations about this Brun


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