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Billionaire's Cruel Temptation

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Temptation. The desire which is not easy to resist, is called Temptation. *** Cyrus Knight The Billionaire businessman who is popular in the whole country for being the biggest playboy. He is an infamous heartbreaker of the nation. He is very selfish, self centered, egoistic and stubborn person. He doesn’t like anything going against his will. If he wants something then he gets it at any cost. He can go to any lengths to get whatever it is that he desires. And he desires Natalie Miller. She caught his attention when she was attending his birthday party and now he wanted to see her on his bed shivering under him. But she refused him and he didn’t like that at all. Natalie Miller is step daughter of millionaire businessman Edwin Miller who is nothing but a money hungry man. Despite coming from such a rich family and having everything one could ever desire, Natalie is a girl who has seen and faced the worst in her short twenty four years of life. Everything which is difficult for you and me to even imagine. Still she was living her life while going with the flow waiting for the day when her miseries are finally going to end until she met Cyrus Knight. She didn’t know that he is going to become another nightmare in her life that she will be living with everyday. They were complete opposite but he didn’t care. He just wanted to fulfill his newly ignited desires, which were the result of the insults she threw at him, hurting his ego. Now his bruised pride wanted to take revenge on her for insulting him. His temptation to have her and make her his, to ruin her in every way possible encouraged him to go all out and he did. He got married with her, promising her to make rest of her life a living hell. Is his temptation going to break her beyond repair or will their story going to have an unpredictable twist in its plot?

Chapter 1

Natalie's POV

I am standing behind the closed door, wearing this beautiful ivory wedding gown.

This gown is reaching the floor and is designed very beautifully by one of the well known fashion designer in the country.

My erratically beating heart is reminding me that it’s time.

The door opened and I was greeted with a big round of applause by everyone present in this beautifully decorated hall.

This place looks like a heaven on earth. A lot of money has been spent on this, I can tell.

Everyone was standing on their feet to welcome me.

Not many people are invited today as both the families wanted this event to be simple. Only few close friends and relatives of both families are present.

I came out of my thoughts when I heard the voice of my father.

“Let’s go Nat” he said while reaching his hand out for me to take.

I looked down to stare at his hand and without saying a single word I put my hand in his. He started walking me down the aisle.

Isn’t it the most beautiful moment in every woman’s life?

Walking down the aisle while holding your father’s hand is every girl’s dream.

It was mine as well at some point in my life. Which I had completely forgotten about, for a very long time now.

But would you still call it a dream come true if you are not happy on your own wedding day? If you are not happy with your marriage?

I don’t think so.

Let me introduce myself. I am Natalie Miller. I turned twenty four this year.

I am daughter… to be precise step daughter of billionaire Edwin Miller who is one of the richest businessman in the country.

‘How he earns this massive amount of money? Well I don’t want to discuss that right now’.

“Try to smile a little, it’s your wedding day Nat” my step father said but I pretended as if I didn’t hear him.

“Aren’t you happy? Do you want everyone to think that we are forcing you to get married?” he continued.

My eyes which were glued to the floor up until now, I lifted them up to look at him in disbelief.

‘And aren’t you actually forcing me to get married?’ I want to scream out this question aloud but… I can’t.

My mind drifted to the moment when I begged in front of Edwin.

‘I don’t want to marry him, dad. He just wants to marry me because he wants revenge on me, for disrespecting him' I cried to make him understand.

But his reply just broke my heart and shattered all of my hopes.

‘It doesn’t matter. Whatever the case maybe, whatever his reason is, just remember one thing Natalie, that I am not giving up on that deal with him just because you hate him. So stop whining and get married to him’.

I shook my head to remove these thoughts out my mind and blinked back the tears which were threatening to fall from my eyes.

“Think about your mom. How would she feel if you act like this?” Edwin said.

I shifted my eyes from my father to the woman standing near stage. My mother Ruby Miller.

She is my biological mother who got married to rich, millionaire Edwin Miller after my father’s death. I was just ten years old at that time.

I don’t remember if I was happy with that decision of hers around that time. But right now, I just hate the fact that she ever got involved with this man Edwin.

My mom is looking at me with tears in her eyes and I literally controlled the urge to scoff at her crying face.

‘Why cry now when in the past you never cared at all?’

I ignored her crying face and shifted my gaze away and came in view my step sister Amanda. She is a year older than me.

She is continuously glaring at me. Since the day when my wedding day was fixed, she has been throwing these daggers at me through her eyes all the time.

Why? Because she wanted to get married to the guy, with whom I am getting married tonight. She claims that she is in love with him but I took him from her.

‘But only if she knew’.

I sighed internally and was about to move my gaze back to the floor when my step brother Shawn came into view and my skin got covered in goosebumps.

He is twenty eight years old and helps his father Edwin with his business. He is soon going to take control of Edwin’s business.

His eyes met with mine and there appeared his signature smirk on his lips which always makes me want to throw up.

I quickly moved my gaze from him and again went back to staring at the floor.

We were half way through the altar when Edwin again spoke through fake smile, “If you don’t want me to torture your mother for your misbehavior and disobedience, stop being stubborn and smile a little”.

I sighed in defeat. This man knows my weaknesses really well and I hate this fact.

I s*ck*d in a deep breath and forced a smile on my lips, still keeping my eyes downcast.

“Good girl. See everything becomes easier if you obey your dad” he said. The mockery in his voice didn’t go unnoticed by me.

“Look at your groom, it seems like he can’t take his eyes off of you. I wonder if you used our secret trick on him. Is that why he chose you over my daughter Amanda?” he asked.

The shiver of disgust went down my body when he used the words, ‘our secret trick’ to describe the disgusting things he made me do to satisfy his greed.

I shook my head to remove all those horrible memories from my mind.

‘At least I wouldn’t have to go through all those awful things after I get married’ I tried to focus on one positive thing, out of this whole messed up situation of my wedding.

With this thought in my mind I lifted my eyes up to look at the man who is standing at the far end of this altar. My groom,

Cyrus Knight.

The well known name not only in this country but the entire world.

He is the most eligible bachelor of this country. He is a multi billionaire businessman and one of the richest man in the world.

He is desired by every girl and is a dream guy for many. He is famous for so many things but the word which describes him the best are

Biggest playboy, Womanizer, This generation’s Casanova and so on.

I am not exaggerating, not at all. Even these words are not enough to praise his qualities properly.

His eyes were fixed on me and as soon as our eyes met a smirk appeared on his lips.

His smirk again brought me back to the conversation I had with him after he asked my hand in marriage. It reminded me about the real reason behind this wedding.

‘Am I wrong if I think that my life might become a little better after marriage as Edwin won’t be there to dictate it anymore? Am I expecting too much?’ I asked myself.

I am not leaving one hell to experience whole another kind of agony, right?

I know I can’t expect a beautiful wedding and a happy married life with him. I am not stupid to wish for that when I know why this man is getting married to me.

I don’t expect anything from him. I don’t want anything from a man like him.

But still if I think my life is going to be a little easier after marriage, am I being delusional? Am I asking for too much?

“Take care of my daughter” said Edwin and I came out of my thoughts after hearing his voice. We already reached the end of the altar.

Cyrus took my hand in his and smiled at Edwin as he replied, “Of course Mr. Miller. I will take care of her, after all she is my precious priced possession”.

His words once again reminded me of the real reason behind this marriage.

I didn’t say anything. Just stood there with blank expressions on my face.

Edwin nodded his head and walked away to stand near the stage with his family.

Both me and Cyrus turned around to face the priest. I tried to pull my hand from Cyrus’ hold but instead of letting go his hold on my hand tightened.

I moved my eyes to look at him to find him already staring at my face. He leaned closer and I had to fight the urge to take a step away from him.

His lips grazed against my ear causing goosebumps to cover my skin when he whispered, “You already know how much I had to spend just to get married with you. After spending that much I think I deserve a chance to hold this hand, right?”

He pulled away a little to stare into my eyes. An evil smirk was still plastered on his lips when he continued, “Or I think I can do much more than just holding your hand”.

I felt the pang of hurt in my chest upon hearing his words. But his next words literally numbed my whole being completely, leaving me standing at the door of cruel reality.

“After all I have purchased you”.

Chapter 2

Natalie's POV

One week ago...

“Natalie, What are you doing here in kitchen? Why didn’t you get ready for the party?” Ana asked with concern in her eyes. She is the head maid of the Miller family

I frowned at her words as I replied, “I am not attending that party Ana. I wasn’t instructed to get ready. About being in kitchen, Amanda told me to prepare her favourite pasta for her”

“That is why I am here in…” I couldn’t complete my sentence when I heard my name being screamed out from living room and my heart dropped in the pit of my stomach.

The amount of anger and venom I can hear in the voice of Edwin who shouted my name from outside, is the proof that I am in trouble.

I gulped down the lump in my throat. Ana squeezed my shoulder with a look of pity in her eyes and this is not something new for me.

After inhaling a deep breath, I came out of kitchen. As soon as I was in the living room I heard Edwin asking in anger, “Why the f**k ar


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