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Mafia Boss Slave

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Hiraya Lewis is a 4th year student of the College of Education. She worked tirelessly to give herself a better life. She is a student during daylight, and an angel in disguise at night. She’s a well known online stripper. Everyone sees her as an angel because of her prevailing beauty. Cassius Taylor is a cold-blooded, ruthless mafia boss. He works underground and murders those who deserve to be killed. He's a regular customer at the Red Room Club and his next target is it's owner, an underground business. The club is associated with human trafficking and illegal drugs. Cassius is more than just a mafia boss; he's also an agent who wanted to take revenge on those who killed his loving fiancee.

Chapter 1

"Hiraya, are you done with your homework?" One of my classmates asked, smiling as if she needed something from me.

I smiled at her before nodding. "Why?"

The smile on her lips grew wider, and she asked me, "Can I copy it?"

"I didn't do mine last night because you already knew," she said, trying to laugh.

I just nodded because I knew the reason she didn't do her homework. She's busy hanging out with her friends at a club. What else can we expect from their wealth? They just enjoying their life and nothing else.

I took my notebook from my bag and just gave it to him. "Give it back to me when you're done copying my homework.

I immediately turned my back on her and went to my seat. I silently observed the four corners of the classroom. They are all busy with their work. Some were playing on their phones; others were chatting.

But it was like cold water was poured on my whole body when they mentioned the name, Angel.

"Sh*t! Bro, Angel was really hot in her live show last night. I want to hold her, touch her body, and own her," said one of my male classmates. The tone of his voice was full of desire.

I winced and shook my head when I heard the answer of my classmate, who looked like a bad boy. "Yes, she's hot, and for sure many people have tasted her body. Angel is so expert. She even surpasses those p*rn stars."

What the heck! Why do they need to compare me to a p*rn star? I am very different from them. I may touch myself online, but I am still a virgin. No one but myself can touch it.

"You're right, Marco; she's an expert, and I want to meet her someday. I want to touch and taste her s*xy an hot body,” Kenneth said while grinning like a crazy guy.

Dream on! As if I'll let you touch me, jerk!

The conversation in the background about Angel stopped when our class president suddenly spoke. "Hey, you guys in the back. Those mouths of yours are really rude! This is a classroom, and it's not a bar for you to show your rudeness.... It seems like there are no girls in front," Hanz said angrily to the boys at the back. Hanz is our class president.

Out of all my classmates, Hanz is the only one who is sane. not only handsome but also smart and knows how to treat others with respect. I don't like him as a man; I like him as a friend and as a classmate.

"Your killjoy, Hanz. It's like you're not a man," said one of the people talking earlier. I think his name is Marco.

Marco laughed. “You should where were coming from. Its really true that angel is so hot and she’s like a p*rn star.”

Marco is handsome too but he's rude. I don’t like him.

"Yes, I'm a man, but I know how to place it. I know my limits. I know how to respect a woman," Hanz replied. "What about you?" Hanz asked them and hissed, I think Hanz is p*ss*d of now. "It's like you don't have a mother and a sister."

Hanz's answer was cheered by our classmate. Marco was very quiet in the back. Maybe they also thought it was wrong to talk about a woman, even if she had done something wrong. Everyone deserves respect, though.

I just shook my head and lay down on my desk. We don't have class today because all the professors have a meeting, and we're left in Hanz's hands.

Hanz is responsible as the class president, so the professors have a lot of trust in him. Hanz is too hands-on with us. He is also good at communicating.

Because I was so bored, I took out my iPhone 12 Pro cellphone. I just bought it last week. Of course, I used the money I earn from doing live online.

Everyone knows that I'm rich, so I have things like this. Expensive things that I can buy with my own money

I no longer have a mother because she died in a car accident. As for my father, I don't know. I went out and grew up in the world, and I no longer had a father. Maybe his already dead!

I grew up with my aunts, and as usual, they hurt me and made me a maid. They are rich but have bad manners. They help me but its against to their will

Because I wanted to get out of poverty and escape from the hands of my aunts, I worked hard and got this job. At first, I didn't want to do it because I was shy and thought it might be wrong to show my body online. But later on, I realized that I needed money to survive from poverty. My investment is really just the thickness of my face.

So this is me; I'm leaving like a queen. I can buy all my needs and wants. But of course all of my classmates see me as an innocent nerd; they don't know that I am an angel in disguise.

I stopped typing on my cellphone when I saw Veronica in front of me. She was holding my notebook. I think she's done copying my homework.

She gave it to me and then thanked me. The smile on her lips never disappeared. I just gave her a nod and went back touching my cellphone.

"By the way, maybe you want to come with us later to the Red Room Club. We have party tonight, I am inviting you,” said Veronica, who I thought had already left in front of me.

Red Room Club? Sounds familiar.

"No thanks! I'm busy studying," I replied, not giving her a look.

I'm really busy studying, and I also have a live show tonight. I need money, so why should I exchange what I'll earn tonight to a party? I can have fun later too using my soft hand.

"You're so killjoy, Raya. Just come with us and enjoy.” She keep insisting on it, but I just shook my head in response.

When I say I won't come, I really won't come. And another thing is that I don't really like hanging out with someone I don’t know.

"And you think, the guards would let me in there with this kind of look?" I asked her, kept myself calm."They won't let me in, so don't bother to persuade me, Veronica."

I looked up at her. "Sit down in your seat. Don't stand there in front of me because I still won't come, and if I do, you might be embarrassed." I added and gave her a smile.

Duh! That's just my alibi. Of course, if I come with her, she might not recognize me. I'm a nerd in her eyes, but what she doesn't know is that I'm an angel. And then I don't want to steal his spotlight. I'm still pretty. I’m afraid that no one would give her an attention if I would come. Not to brag, but everyone want to touch and taste my body.

She rolled her eyes on me and walked out.

That girl's face is really thick. After copying my homework, she will be acted like that? Gawd! If only I hadn't pretended to be nice, I might have screwed her and pull her hair. She must be thankful! Next time she couldn't do it again… she couldn’t copy my homework.

I shook my head and continued what I was doing, which was scrolling up and down to my social media accounts. These accounts are just dummies. The one who is using my main is Angel and of course my account is popular in all social media platforms.

I don't live on my social media accounts; I live on private sites, and of course, before they can enter my room, they have to pay first. And if they like what I'm doing, they will send me a bunch of gifts that are worth hundreds of thousands. Dollars for me!

I don't know how my classmates watch me; it's like they can't afford it. Maybe they are watching together with their friends who can afford the membership fee in my room.

"Raya, don't you have something to do later?" Hanz asked me, in a plummy voice.

I stopped fixing my stuff and looked at him. "Why did you ask?"

"Ah, I just wanted to invite you to eat outside. My treat," he said nervously.

Do I accept his offer? Only once in a while that someone will invite me to eat outside and it’s a boy.

I shrugged my shoulders. "What time is it? I have to go home early because I have something else to do."

"Are you okay to go with me after our class?" he asked.

"Ok, but It’s really free, right? Or Perhaps I will be the one who pay for what I ate," I said, silvery voice.

"No! When I say free, I really mean free. There's no need to worry about it. I have money," he uttered and chuckled a little bit to ease the tension between us.

"Okay. I'll be there."

"Thank you. I met you at the gate," he said before leaving me inside the classroom.

I didn't pay attention to the looks on me from my other classmates who were left here in the classroom. I just continued to arrange my things. When I finished, I immediately left the classroom and went to my other subjects.

Studying is tiring, but we need it. It can't be just beauty and money; we must also be a degree holder. We need a diploma to say that we are successful. Although success is not measured in the talent and skills of a person, it is on the effort.

Chapter 2

"Where do you want to go?" Hanz immediately asked me when we left the university.

"Anywhere. I'm fine with it, even we eat in the street like street food," I replied, smiling at him.

He asked me several times where we were going to eat, and since I'm not good at food, we just ate street food I miss eating street food, especially kwek-kwek and fishball. That's my favorite.

"Wow! You didn't say that you eat food like this," said Hanz, laughing softly.

I chuckled. "Because I'm not choosy, Hanz. I will eat every food I saw. Actually, I eat everything as long as it's not deadly.“

"you’re right, you’re not choosy.”

I sat on a bench. Hanz was next to me, but there was space between the two of us. We are not literally sitting next to each other.

"It's true because as long as the food is edible, why not?" I stopped talking and took a bite of kwek-kwek. I chewed it


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