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Mafia Boss Slave

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Hiraya Lewis is a 4th year student of the College of Education. She worked tirelessly to give herself a better life. She is a student during daylight, and an angel in disguise at night. She’s a well known online stripper. Everyone sees her as an angel because of her prevailing beauty. Cassius Taylor is a cold-blooded, ruthless mafia boss. He works underground and murders those who deserve to be killed. He's a regular customer at the Red Room Club and his next target is it's owner, an underground business. The club is associated with human trafficking and illegal drugs. Cassius is more than just a mafia boss; he's also an agent who wanted to take revenge on those who killed his loving fiancee.



Review after half of the novel

It’s a really good book so far. But I feel that it drags a lot to. It goes back and forth to much too. One min he like her the next he wants to kill her. He wants to kill her then do it but it’s not fair that she going to die for her father . She doesn’t even know him so that make it even more unfair. She needs to get away from him and run too.

December 24, 2023

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