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Acuerdo de matrimonio

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After enjoying a hot night with a sweet man underneath. It is very easy for Febrian to say that this sweet man under him is to marry his sister. What happened to Febrian was that cruel? Six years ago, Febrian is a delinquent teenage boy who has an enemy, Vero, smart teenager who becomes a tool to make his school proud and he is the favorite child of the principal who is Febrian's biological father. There were rumors that the handsome man was sick from sleeping with Febrian, his father also forbade Febrian to approach him and blamed Febrian. Febrian is heartbroken again, but his true enemy Vero is always beside Febrian to calm him down. For some reason every time he is close to Vero, he feels very aroused and always wants to have a hot relationship with Vero. Febrian and Vero often fight boxing but somehow on the other hand they often have a hot relationship, Febrian is always weak whenever Vero speaks softly to him. An enemy who always ends up in a hotbed, until finally Febrian is suspected of being pregnant with Vero's child, a true enemy who has taken a commitment to become Febrian's s*x partner, just for mutual satisfaction. Febrian became pregnant when he was a teenager, he chose the decision to leave school because he didn't want everyone to insult him. Vero is a teenage boy who is full of high responsibilities, he has planned a simple marriage with Febrian.Right at the altar of a simple marriage, Febrian ran away from his marriage while keeping his future child. Next six years, "Back to father, my son." Febrian tightened his embrace until a sweet man came and immediately embraced Febrian's body "Don't go near my husband." "Greetings, he is my wife. My naughty wife."

Chapter 7 Pov Febrian

I kissed his lips brutally, he replied by biting my lips. So I opened my mouth. He pounded my mouth deeply, the sweet taste of Vero's lips was the same as he had left me alone.

I totally lost control. We enjoyed that hot kiss. I can see from Vero's eyes that have high lust. Vero took off his shirt as well as me, he locked the toilet door and kissed my lips again, down to my neck, making me sigh. Vero's hand went down, poked my hole with his finger, made me tilt my head up with a slight groan of pain. I held his hand.

" Why?" He asked.

" No problem."

A blunt object is now entering my hole, making me sigh. Starting with a slow tempo, his hand touches my body in a friendly manner and he increases the tempo to a fast one way. I put my arm around his shoulder for the long blunt object to go deeper and pump it fast. Our bodies are both sweaty. 

"Please, don't end."

I say as we chase gratification, I wrap my arms around his shoulders tightly following his fast tempo and make the long and dull object pierce deeper into my hole. I didn't want him to end this hot day so quickly, no matter how many times I climaxed.

We continue to pursue his satisfaction by giving me a delicious taste, just like what I felt during a one-night stand.

My head feels very dizzy, I feel the cold floor with my hands but feel the warmth and scent of someone's body, which makes me very calm. I rest my head on his chest, hugging his waist tightly.

I realized my still naked self was in the lap of a teenage boy in trousers and the warm embrace of someone who was my enemy who just had hot sex with me during the day and in the student toilet!!

I tried to stand up but my hole still hurts. Of course, it hurts a lot, we did it three rounds until recess sounded.

" Oh it hurts."

I cried, I felt his arms continue to hug me tightly to hold my body from leaving.

"Sorry, yes. I was really excited earlier."

He smiles with happy eyes, he caresses my mane.

Right now, I can only lean on his broad chest and he hugs me and kisses my neck, which still has the purple marks on my body.

"You're already in clothes. Why haven't I?"

My question was completely unimportant, but he answered it anyway.

"The floor is dirty so I'm wearing clothes. As for you, I lay your body on top of mine so it doesn't get dirty. Thank you, your body is really good."

"Fu*ck!!! I know you raped me on purpose, right!!"

I, who was still in pain, kept hitting his chest and pushing his body away. He couldn't. He hugged me tighter.

"Shut up, dear, you must still be in pain. I don't want you to get sicker from moving around too much."

I covered my lips listening to his words and leaned back on his broad chest with my hands wrapped around his waist tightly, his scent really made me comfortable.

"Okay, I'm silent. Because now we are in sex partner mode. 

Chapter 8 Pov Febrian

I can see the disappointed expression on his face

"I know, you must not understand what partner sex is, right?!"

"I know, Sex friends."

He answered my question correctly, his voice sounded sad

"That's right, you're smart huh."

He hugged me and rested his head on my shoulder

"So warm."

he said making my heart very touched, my hands tightened the hug around his waist. We hugged warmly in the toilet waiting for the pain in my hole to go away, then I fell fast asleep in his warm embrace which made me very calm.

"Febrian, wake up!!!"

The noise in my ears woke me up and I felt dizzy in my head, my eyes saw where I was in the school clinic

"What's the time now?"

"Unlike people in general, usually when someone wakes up from their stupor they will ask where I am. But instead you ask the time. You are very strange, Febrian"

"I alread


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