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  • Author: Areksa
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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After enjoying a hot night with a sweet man underneath. It is very easy for Febrian to say that this sweet man under him is to marry his sister. What happened to Febrian was that cruel? Six years ago, Febrian is a delinquent teenage boy who has an enemy, Vero, smart teenager who becomes a tool to make his school proud and he is the favorite child of the principal who is Febrian's biological father. There were rumors that the handsome man was sick from sleeping with Febrian, his father also forbade Febrian to approach him and blamed Febrian. Febrian is heartbroken again, but his true enemy Vero is always beside Febrian to calm him down. For some reason every time he is close to Vero, he feels very aroused and always wants to have a hot relationship with Vero. Febrian and Vero often fight boxing but somehow on the other hand they often have a hot relationship, Febrian is always weak whenever Vero speaks softly to him. An enemy who always ends up in a hotbed, until finally Febrian is suspected of being pregnant with Vero's child, a true enemy who has taken a commitment to become Febrian's s*x partner, just for mutual satisfaction. Febrian became pregnant when he was a teenager, he chose the decision to leave school because he didn't want everyone to insult him. Vero is a teenage boy who is full of high responsibilities, he has planned a simple marriage with Febrian.Right at the altar of a simple marriage, Febrian ran away from his marriage while keeping his future child. Next six years, "Back to father, my son." Febrian tightened his embrace until a sweet man came and immediately embraced Febrian's body "Don't go near my husband." "Greetings, he is my wife. My naughty wife."


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