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Stuck between two bad boys

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One thing is certain that Emily could not tell the difference between love and feelings.    Emily struggled in a confusing love triangle between Devin, the bad boy bully in school, and her stepbrother Xavier who bullies her at home.    "You are mine, Emily!" Xavier groaned in raw frustration.    He looked over Emily's shoulders and noticed Devin staring at them. Since his stepsister started dating the bad boy, his love and obsession for her increased as his hatred for Devin increased as well.    It hurts him to see the girl he loves so much getting comfortable with the bad Boy he has an unspeakable history with.    "I love you, Emily" Xavier smirked as he moved closer to her "You belong to me sister or not!"    He pulled her closer and smashed her lips in a forbidden kiss while Devin watched!

Chapter 1


The most annoying thing I have to face every morning is to listen to my stepbrother's loud alarm. It would beep like when a thief is trying to steal a car battery for an expensive car.

I rolled off my bed and fell to the ground, if it had been I was sharing my bed with someone I would vouch the person pushed me. I groaned in frustration as I rolled on the floor and stretched like a lazy cat.

My brother's loud alarm started again, this time louder like it was ringing directly into my ear. Rage burn through my veins as I wished I could snap his neck for leaving it on again today.

For three months I and my stepbrother Xavier had been sharing the same room. It happened that my dad divorced my mum four years ago because he found out that she was cheating on him with Charles my stepdad. Mum claimed she loved him and had known him before my dad, she even said she had to marry my dad because he got her pregnant.

Although, I don't really like the fact that Charles just came into the family stole my fathers place. Even no Matter how hard he tries to please me, I still have this feelings that he us a bad person.

Four months ago, Charles got transferred to LA and had to take all of us along, we didn't have time to plan so we ended up managing a small apartment with just two rooms, one for my parents and one for Xavier and I. At first, Xavier refused to stay in the room with me and had to sleep on the couch for a whole month. He accused me of snorting and I talk in my sleep.

He even threatened to suffocate me with my pillow and pretend he had no idea of what would happen to me.

I don't really hate him but I don't like him either. He is an arrogant jerk! He feels too handsome and has a lot of girlfriends. He never keeps his clothes in order and I end up keeping them well for him to avoid mum yelling the building down.

It's been a year we had been together as a family and I and Xavier never seem to get along. Even back in Florida, we have never agreed to be siblings, the worst part of it is that we have the same color of hair so people would assume we are real siblings that love to fight against each other.

At times we would prank each other in which I always win, if he tries to harm me I will run to My dad, which is my step Dad and cry like Xavier broke my leg. My mom knows the kind of person I am so she would ignore me and tell dad not to believe me. But I love dad, he would call Xavier and tell at him.

At times he would ground him and I have to get another punishment from Xavier after his punishment.

This morning was supposed to be my happy second month in my new school in which I am supposed to be happy about that. It is my junior year in high school and most especially Xavier's last year with me. Dad has the plan of sending him to Texas after his senior year.

I am the happiest person on earth even if he is still with us I will rather be happy ahead.

Lazily I rolled again on the floor debating if I should sleep more or wake. If I sleep more, I will end up making Xavier go to school late and I know how much he hates to be late at school.

There are three things my stepbrother worries about which are:Games, food, and going to school late. He doesn't bother about his body because he has a very attractive body, I find myself wishing he could be less handsome. His grades are always good even when he skips classes at least seven times a month. Girls are the last thing he worries about especially when he has them crawling all over him like he groupies.

A sly smirk spread across my face as I imagine how his face would look like when he finds out I intentionally overslept to make him go late to school. With the most peaceful sigh, I roll over my stomach and tried to sleep.

Before I could wonder if it's all happening in a dream, I felt myself being thrown harshly on the floor and water pouring down my face and body. At first, I felt it was raining in my sleep until and touched the floor and screamed.

I opened my eyes to see myself in my bathroom, on the floor! My pajamas were still on my body and that made me very mad. These pajamas are my favorite ones and I never intend to wash them especially when the rest of them are dirty.

Without thinking I know of the only person that could do this and I screamed his name at the top of my voice.


Although he didn't answer me I knew he is somewhere in our room may be waiting for my next lie.

I stomp out of the shower breathing heavily like I could kill him if I see him. Well, in this state I might as well be able to see him until I came out of the bathroom to see him applying lotion on his body.

His back and thighs were bare because he only had his boxers. His Brown hair still look rough and wet as he step into his blue jean, a white polo went over his head as he seems to notice me in the mirror in front of him.

"How is your wet dream?" He smirked.


I could literally feel sparklers coming out my ear and I scream loudly. I threw myself to the ground and held my ankle then began to cry loudly after a minute nothing happen and there was a smirk on Xavier's face. I refuse to give up so easily, I gave a piercing scream and move my palm to my knees.

The door burst open and my Dad came rushing inside, he found me on the floor and rushed to me.

"What is it, Princess?" He sounds worried.

"It's Xavier" I pointed at my brother who now has a surprising look on his face "I was about to enter the bathroom and he pushed me!" I fell into my Dad's hug and pretend to cry on his chest.

Even without seeing their faces, I could sense they were glaring at each other. I slowly removed my face from my Dad's chest and smirked at Xavier.

"I am disappointed in you, Xavier" Dad said "You are supposed to protect your sister not break her!"

I feel more special as Dad helped me get to my feet and lead me back to the bathroom. He is such a nice man no wonder Mum fell in love with him.

"Want me to clean your favorite boot for you?" He asked with his usual cool smile.

For a few glorious minutes I felt like a real Princess, with the cutest smile on my face I was about to give him my reply them Mum called.

"Emilia!!!!" She yelled from the kitchen "quit being a drama queen and come have breakfast or I come to drag you to SCHOOL IN YOUR GODDAM PAJAMAS!!!"

"You heard your mother" Dad gently pushed me into the bathroom "Don't worry I will pick a cute outfit for you too"

Chapter 2

       I couldn't contain my happiness all through our ride to school, it seems like one of the happiest days of my life of making Xavier angry even though I hate our new school. The stern look on Xavier's face could tell that he would kill me if he had the chance but he wouldn't want to go to jail.

   My only fear was the way he kept driving rough at full speed, at times I would think we might clash with another car and find ourselves at the hospital. With my eyes closed, the seat belt holding me back to the front chair, my right hand on my stomach and the left on my lips I kept praying not to throw up.

   Mum had prepared my best meal, cornflakes and we all had to eat it, after all, she is mum and we all do whatever she says. Even when she knew Xavier hates corn flake, she still made him eat it or he goes to school hungry if he can not make himself what to eat.

   "I think I will puke if you don't slow down" I managed to say to Xavi

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