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Tyna Williams

  • 👁 25.9K
  • 8.6
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The Player Next Door
  • 👁 16.3K
  • 9.1

After having her heart broken by her childhood friend turned boyfriend, Rylie Myers was convinced that love wasn't for her. The arrival of Blake Weston, a hot teen model and playboy who coincidentally turned out to be her new next door neighbor only added to her conviction that all boys were the same. After getting off on a bad foot, a feud ensued between the two with no particular end in sight. Things however took a turn when they accidentally shared a kiss. Both Rylie and Blake were determined to put the incident behind them until circumstances forced them to keep up a charade that involved them being something more than enemies. As fake feelings gradually become real, will Rylie fall for the player next door? Or is she just in for another heartbreak?

  • 👁 3.2K
  • 7.5

Marcus Wayne is the young charming heir to Wayne Enterprises, a thriving billion dollar empire and has been appropriately named one of the most eligible bachelors in New York. However, apart from the occasional fling, Marcus has no interest in relationships for reasons best none to him. Unfortunately for Marcus, his lifelong dream of succeeding his father as the head of the family business is put in jeopardy when his father informs him that he's been deemed unfit to take over due to his messy personal life. Unwilling to undergo the burdens of a real relationship, his best friend presents him with any option: find a lady to pretend to be his fiancée with no chance of either of them getting feelings along the way. Ciara Bloom is a waitress with a fiery personality who has a disastrous first meeting with Marcus at the restaurant where she works. When she's not a waitress, she works as an escort and encounters Marcus once again while on the job. When he presents with the offer to be his fiancée for a price, Ciara readily accepts but when her past comes calling, can Ciara trust Marcus with her secrets?

  • 👁 6.4K
  • 9.2

Después de que su amigo de la infancia convertido en novio le rompiera el corazón, Rylie Myers estaba convencida de que el amor no era para ella. La llegada de Blake Weston, un atractivo modelo adolescente y playboy que casualmente resultó ser su nuevo vecino de al lado, no hizo más que reforzar su convicción de que todos los chicos eran iguales. Después de empezar con mal pie, surgió una enemistad entre los dos que no tenía ningún final a la vista. Sin embargo, las cosas dieron un giro cuando accidentalmente compartieron un beso. Tanto Rylie como Blake estaban decididos a dejar atrás el incidente hasta que las circunstancias les obligaron a mantener una farsa que les implicaba ser algo más que enemigos. A medida que los sentimientos falsos se van convirtiendo en reales, ¿se enamorará Rylie del playboy de al lado? ¿O le espera otro desengaño?


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