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The Lost Luna Princess

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When the Luna Queen is brutally murdered her mate is shocked to find the betrayer is none other than his best friend and Beta to his Royal Pack. Having escaped to safety in the arms of her aunt, Princess Angel must keep her true identity a secret from everyone until the day she meets her mate. Jake is the ruthless Alpha to the Moonlight Pack, he has never wanted to find his mate believing it will make him weak. How will he react when he meets his mate only to find out that not only is she the Lost Luna Princess but that she's a blood relative to the Moon Goddess?

Chapter 1

Jason’s POV

“What have you done?” Nick, the kings gamma shouted.

All eyes turning to me as he stood over the lifeless body of a pack warrior laying on the ground. Feeling the heat from his eyes as they burned into my own, I began to shift into my wolf ready to fight my way out. As beta of the Royal Pack, I was stronger than Nick but still had to get past the pack warriors also present. I brought my wolf Blake forward as quick as I could knowing I would need him to escape my sealed fate. Once I had shifted Blake took control lunging straight for Nick however, he rolled to the side shifting into his own wolf. Blake has dark brown fur and is slightly bigger than Nicks sandy coloured wolf Haze. Loud snarls filled the room as both our wolves circled each other.

“Join us Nick, join us or fall with the rest.” I shouted through our mind link. A link that was only possible being we are from the same pack.

Without responding Haze barrelled into us sending Blake flying into the wall with a thud. I felt my wolf’s anger as our invitation had been refused. Before I know it Blake is back on all fours pinning Haze to the floor. The sound of feral growls and the heavy thud of paws sounded like thunder drawing closer as more pack warriors arrived. I knew I was running out of time. With a hard bite and a kick, I rendered Haze unconscious and threw myself out the window.

Blake’s fall was softened by the pink rose bushes that Luna Vanessa the queen of the royal pack had planted just that spring with the help of her daughter Princess Angel who only recently turned 2. Angel looked so much like her mother, and I could only wonder if she would be as beautiful when she was older.

“I guess we will never know as for our plan to work the whole royal bloodline needs to be eradicated”

“I know Blake, but I can’t help but feel guilty at the thought of taking the life of an innocent child”

Though I knew Luna Vanessa would be upset once she saw the flattened rose bush, I knew nothing would anger her more than finding out I had betrayed her and my alpha king. See I had been approached by a group of rogues roughly six months ago asking for my help to become part of the royal pack. I had gotten them an audience with the Alpha King William, yet they were refused a place in the pack. They weren’t refused due to being rogues as Alpha William always believed everyone deserved a second chance, however he denied them because they wouldn’t disclose what made them become rogues.

His duty as Alpha king meant he had to have the best interests of the pack when it came to their safety, so the rogues not telling him what they had done meant they could be very dangerous and were not to be trusted.

I was asked to escort the Rogues to the border of our territory which was just one more thing to piss me off, as being a Beta I felt this shouldn’t be my job but that of a pack warrior. The rogues could see I was nearing my last straw and told me that they would help me to become the Alpha King if I was to help them destroy the royal family we had now giving them superior roles within the pack.

At first, I refused and threatened to kill them if they tried anything but after a few more weeks of being given jobs that should have been given to other pack members I sought out the rogues and took them up on their offer, from there forming our plan.

- Alpha Kings POV

It had been three months since I had denied the rogues sanctuary, and all had been quiet since. Or at least until this afternoon. After getting a mind link from my guards at the western border I immediately told my gamma Nick to get Vanessa and my daughter Angel to the safe room in the palace. Knowing they were safe would mean I wouldn’t be distracted while we got rid of the threat that Was making its way through my land.

I sent a mind link out to the rest of the pack telling them to get themselves and their families into the bunkers under their homes, hoping to have only my pack warriors out meaning less casualties.

I made my way to the balcony on the edge of my palace, this faced the direction in which the enemy was coming from. It didn’t take long before the putrid smell of rotten eggs hit my nose, telling me that the rogues were almost here. Just as I was about to shift my head warrior Owen mind linked me telling me that my gamma Nick had been found unconscious on the floor in one of the rooms on the second floor of the palace, in the south wing. The wing in which was reserved for the beta and his family once they had one.

To say I was confused was an understatement, how had a rogue gotten into the palace undetected. They weren’t the strongest of wolves as they didn’t tend to run in packs meaning they wouldn’t have access to the strength that comes from being part of one. Let alone having the ability to conceal their scent.

“Alpha I have been informed that beta Jason is aiding the rogues” Owens alarmed voice rang out in my mind.

“How did you find this out” I replied needing to know exactly what was going on. This was a serious accusation to make against a ranked pack member.

“One of the warriors witnessed the beta attacking the gamma, right before leaping from a window at the end of the corridor on the betas floor and running in the direction of the rogues” Owen confirmed.

Sh*t why the hell was Jason helping the rogues and what were they gaining from this. I sent a mind link to all of the pack warriors and civilians alerting them not to trust beta Jason. I wanted him captured if found, I would be interrogating him when this was over.

Chapter 2

Alpha Kings POV

I raced down to the safe room using my enhanced speed to check that Nick had gotten my family to safety before he had confronted Jason. As I entered the staircase that led to the safe room my nose was hit with the coppery smell of fresh blood. Fear and anger flooded my senses, and my wolf Maximus was growling in my head. He was just as pissed as I was promising to make Jason and everyone else involved pay.

As I rounded the corner the corridor walls were splattered with blood and the lifeless bodies of two guards were torn apart on the ground.

Maximus spoke in my head telling me what I already knew. The scent from down here wasn’t that of the rogues but of my lifetime friend and beta Jason. I flung the safe room door open and there on the floor was my beautiful mate and queen.

Vanessa was alive but her injuries were bad, she wasn’t healing, and I could smell wolfsbane in her blood.

“That bastard laced the knife in poison”

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