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The Academy
  • 👁 34
  • 3.0

Beth losses her dad, at a very young age; due to the trauma, her mom, suggested, they both leave for a new city, and after they leave, Beth, starts having visions, of things about to happen, or things that are yet to happen, in the new city, there she meets her young and handsome, professor, Sam. Sam is an alpha male, dedicated to keeping his pack safe from his demented younger brother, who wants the role of becoming the next alpha to their father's pack, they both encounter Beth, her powers, it is proven to be a blessing to one brother and a curse to the other.

Ghost_ highschool
  • 👁 19
  • 3.0

A group of students finds themselves stuck in the spirit world, whereby they are lied to about being dead_ their ill fate changes when a new student joins them, Vera_ her coming brings out a whole new level of drama, displeasure, enemies, desires, love, and fate, for her and her friends_ her life changes into a paranormal activity whereby she's sent on a journey to find her mother, and rescue the spirit world from the doom coming their way; however she'd need her friends, the ones she can trust and also the one she'll love_ her fate of the spirit world lies on one hand...

My son's father
  • 👁 14
  • 3.0

Samantha's affair with her boyfriend, ends up having a long-lasting impression on her life, her unborn child, she struggles to keep the love in her heart for so long but when destiny brings her back to her long-lost lover, it became impossible to hide the truth from him... Aaron Diaz is a young man who has everything, except the woman he longs for, after being forced by his parents to marry a lady he doesn't love, he finds it difficult to breathe in such a loveless marriage, however, when he meets Samantha after years of being apart, it takes a strong force to break them apart once again, hiding the untold truth.

  • 👁 3
  • 3.0

A billionaire finds himself driven by a lady he calls not his type after his wife left him. His desire to fill the space inside his heart, made it beat again, by the sudden twist of fate, he meets a young lady who found it her own will to love and give love in return and also, finds a way to lose her boss's dominating nature, teaching him that love still exists. He tends to fight for his love for her, his child, and the religious backgrounds between them. Can he be able to or will everything fall apart? Read to find out.

Two boys and a girl
  • 👁 40
  • 5.0

Amy is given the opportunity to choose between the dashing Amos white and the arrogant and snobbish Aaron, can she make the right choice and choose the one her heart beats for... Will a young girl who has nothing, become the fiancee to one of the white brothers.. A lovely relationship threatens to ruin everything when the set time has come for a boy to become a man, a girl becomes a lady and a father's greatest gift is to love and value his children, but at a price of making a life changing announcement, in hopes of leaving something special for a once old friends daughter..

She's special
  • 👁 10
  • 3.0

Having a power unable to control_ A teenager is set to fight against the odds, those who stand to battle her for the last tribrid living_ ex-family members return father to the man she falls dad, her grandfather, who passed the shackles of the underworld, he returns to earth, for one thing, and one thing only_ he wishes to kill his only son's daughter_ his granddaughter, who prophesies is that he will die in the hands of his grandchild even before she was born, however his son, made that possible, his death, his resurrection, and the ultimate fight to finish after he returns from the dead.

My sister's husband
  • 👁 5K
  • 7.5

Alina finds herself getting married to her sister's husband, after a shocking turn of events, will she be able to overcome the trials and tribulations accompanying her unwanted journey? Will the man she married be able to love and respect her?... How further can such a relationship last and would both parties in the end accept each other?... Can Alina, be strong enough to withstand what destiny throws at her? And what if, her sister, who ran away, choose to return, after giving up her right over the man she almost married? Will Alina let her?.. How will the bond between the sisters fall? Will there be understanding or hate? Love or thorns? Happiness or sadness? Can the relationship between two sisters still hold in high esteem, even though, one of them, volunteered to suffer, what can we think destiny might bring to their lives? Can a silly mistake, prove to be an end to the love two sisters once shared? How long can they go? Will Alina be able to fight against her sister, when she makes her intention into getting back to the one she left? Can she able to stop that from happening, or die trying too? How willing are we to fight for love?

The Werewolf dormant Powers
  • 👁 77
  • 7.5

She is sent by a power-hungry alpha to active his son's dominant Werewolf Powers_ at the expense of her and her family's existence Anna is a young and beautiful lady, who makes a life-threatening decision when she meets up with an elderly man that makes a mouth-watering proposal, for the sake of her mom's treatment, she accepts the proposition, nonetheless when the truth of what she is about to do gets disclosed, she makes an effort to run away from town, but at the same, her mom and brother were taken away, and now she has no choice but to begin her probe.

Love and divorce
  • 👁 14.3K
  • 7.5

Two people must learn to stay together for the sake of their son, will they also learn how to fall in love? What should we expect in a relationship bounded by a child, will that child become the reason they decide to give their relationship a second chance, or will their differences come between their happiness? How are two completely different individuals going to make living a lie, even after being divorced? This is a story, where the lady tries to mend the relationship with her ex-husband, because of her son, and a father, trying to be the good son to his dad. By keeping a deep secret. What?.

My brother in law loves me
  • 👁 24
  • 3.0

When love is proven to be one-sided; it can cause the person involved, to live in a state of denial, but what if the one in question happens to be your ex-husband or younger brother, does one heart have to endure, the pain of not being with the one we want?... Sophia is a young lady, who divorced her husband, after being convinced too; and while healing, her heart decides to pick, someone, it wouldn't have been said, she'd want to fall in love with; her ex-husband's younger brother, will they have their happily ever after?.... Read to find out..

The nanny affair
  • 👁 62
  • 3.0

Sara's love for her boss turns out to be a forbidden love, when her boss's supposed wife comes back for revenge, with the odds against them all, can they ever have their happily ever after?.

His gone wife
  • 👁 15
  • 3.0

A lady all through her life was being deceived by her husband and his secretary, with the lies hiding in the corner, what will happen when it finally comes out in the open? Will they be consequences for their betrayal?.. Will she be able to forgive?, Or will she be cast out so soon and swear for revenge? Her life is about to change, from the love she once felt to the hate she will begin to feel now, her heart will be full of empty emotions, even when after a strong tragedy befalls her, she is set on giving back the love she once gave out, but this time hate ... HIS GONE WIFE

The book of good and evil
  • 👁 36
  • 7.5

A young boy, hidden from the shadows of his monster father, labeled as his bastard son, and raised by a single mother, what should be expected of such a child, Should he come to be like his father, and cause havoc in the entire world, his life rests at a balance between good and evil, what is right and wrong, the clash of his evil twin and his powers, will a boy win over the hearts of so many people and convince them he isn't like his dad?.. Don't forget to grab your copies and know what happens next .


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