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The nanny affair

The nanny affair

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Sara's love for her boss turns out to be a forbidden love, when her boss's supposed wife comes back for revenge, with the odds against them all, can they ever have their happily ever after?.

Chapter 1

It came as a blissful night, the stars adorned the sky, as  I held up my head zipping through the gardens.

My red silky gown danced with the calm breeze, setting my eyes afar I sighted a man, he was dressed up in white, his hair was maybe brown colored and shoulders were vast.

As I approached him, the strange man looked like a protagonist in a love story, a story that Is about to unveil.

As I gasped back into the real world.

My alarm peeps. 7: 35 am.

I looked at my time, I bearly had a few hours to get ready for my interview slated by eight.

I ran into the bathroom.

Coming out, I used the towel in my hand to wiggle off the water from my hair.

After that, I went ahead to take out my clothes from the wardrobe.

I had them, already ironed last night before dozing off.

I wore my dress, leaving for the home of my soon-to-be boss, mr. Liam khan.

I am to be interviewed to be his son's nanny, minus the fact, that I have no idea how to take care of a child, how hard can it be?

I walked past a candy shop, followed by another before I got to the place of my interviewer.

I curbed my breath, beholding a huge mansion before me.

Whoa. Does a royal family live here?..

"Welcome miss Sara,".

I got welcomed by the bass tone voice of a man.

I looked back and I met a man swiftly approaching me,  he had his eyes away, while trying to sling off his shirt, from his wet dripping body.


I got paralyzed.

My mouth all of a sudden was filled with water, the watery saliva  I kept holding back.

He looks like a demigod in human form.

"Miss Sara! Snap out of it,".

With the hit of his fingers, he got back my attention.

" I'm  so sorry, but I came for the interview,?"

I said.

"Yes! I'm Liam khan, please come,".

He walks to the huge door in front.

He turned to look at me again and said, " shall we,?" He opened the door, before entering inside.

I went after him.

As I stepped inside the mansion, it became difficult for me to breathe.

It felt like,  I had just died and gone to heaven.

I walked behind Liam.

He takes me into his study room.

"Please sit down and I will be back,".

Liam said as he left again.

Abandoning me inside alone.

I walked to the chair, facing a glass table, and gently sat on it.

I pressed my hand anxiously against each other, waiting for him...

Hours past. It felt like I'd keep on waiting in vain.

Where on earth could he be? Perhaps did he forget about me?..

" Who are you,?".

While thinking of my interview, behind I heard the voice of a little boy.

I turned while he smiles, swiftly approaching me.

The little boy looks just like his dad.Handsome and he was so adorable. His fluffy cheeks, shimmering before my eyes, I felt like squeezing them."Do you still want to wait for my dad?". He raised a question again, walking around his dad's table.I faced him, " yes, I have to,". I responded.The little boy goes quiet for a while, before gasping out an idea, " should I go down and call him?". He asked, running towards the door.He was almost leaving, when I called him back."Hey, hold on please,". I screamed as he turns around slowly to face me."Yes, don't you want me to go down and call him,?". He put forward another question to me again.I shook my head disfavoring, he understood and rode past me to his dad's table again.He bents down, groaning like he was looking for something."Hey, should I help you, "? I straightened up my head to see what he was doing."Nah! I've almost got it thanks,". He answered back almost immediately, I chose to assist.I rested back my head when he rolls out a football, underneath his dad's table.....I picked up the ball."Ma'am, if you want to keep on waiting for my dad, " He walks back to the door," you should at least have fun with me, right?".He grinned, staring at the ball in my custody.The way he kept on looking at it, he didn't even give me a chance to speak when he opened the door and ran away."Come on ma'am,". I heard him yell as I  took off after him...We went to the courtyard."Ma'am, pass the ball to me,". He says, exemplifying catching the ball."Okay,".I looked at my back.I  searched to see if anyone, most especially Liam was by any chance passing.However, when no one approached.I thought why not have a little fun with the cute little boy, right here with me.I passed the ball to him.He energetically jumped up and caught it."Nice one dear," I said smiling."Thank you, ma'am,". He responded, after settling the ball on the ground.He gives a little space from the ball, he took up his feet, to shoot it back to me.I saw that, and just when I thought I'd catch the ball, he shoots it so high that, it hits off the head of a garden gnome, it goes straight on the wall too, and lands on the feet of Liam Khan.I turned shocked by that.Liam picks up the ball and said" what are you doing here, didn't I tell you to wait for me,?", He angrily hits the ball on the ground, it bounced and came back to me.I held on to it, loosening my gaze."Yes sir! But I only wanted to play football with the champ here, ". I answered back, making him look.Liam whirls to the side, he saw I wasn't alone, "you mean Andres,  my son,". He gazes coldly at me again."Yes sir, your son,"I repeated without delay.Liam fires a weak smile right back and said."Walk with me Sara, please,".He moves his head away navigating back into the mansion.Immediately I left the ball behind and ran after him.I was asked a few questions about myself by him,  while we strolled together.I made sure to answer every one of Liam's questions with not a hint of doubt, but suddenly, he just stopped and looked at me.I got uncomfortable."Sir, what is it, did I say anything wrong,?" I asked him.He shook his head and smiled, " no, on the contrary, you're what I needed,".He announced.His comments made me smile.Deep down that implies that I got the job? Nevertheless, I chose to ask again just to be sure."So, I got the job,?" I squeezed my hands together, anxiously awaiting his reply.Liam laughed."Yes, you got the job, congratulations and welcome to my family,".He declared openly.I jumped up for joy, I was so happy that I  went ahead to hug him.It was after I felt his hands caressing my back, that I pulled away, feeling embarrassed."I'm sorry sir,". I admitted guilt"It's okay,". He says, walking to the front door. We got there."Do you mind starting tomorrow morning,?" He inquired, taking his eyes back to me."No sir, I'm going to be here tomorrow morning, not to worry,". I held my bags and rode past him.I left smiling so much.I got back home exhausted, after partying at the club.My head was spinning, It felt like the whole world was about to fall anytime soon.I managed to walk to my bedroom, grabbing unto the wall for support...

Chapter 2

The next morning, I woke up feeling light-headed, I felt my nipples, pinching against my blanket.

I raised the blanket and was surprised by the outcome, I was literally without clothes, naked.

The last thing I can remember was going to bed with my clothes on and now I'm completely naked?.

it didn't just disappear overnight.

(My clothes).

I soared my eyes around trying to gather my thoughts when the door to my room pushed open.

I hastily covered up with my blankets, when my best friend, Christain, walks in with a tray of breakfast in his hand.

"Good morning bestie,"

He comes to me shirtless.

"Good morning,  did you sleep here last night,?".

I had an effect.

He beamed.

"Don't you recall what happened?". He looks at my nervous face

"No,". I shook my head having no clue.

The last thing I remember was after coming back from Liam's home, Christai


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