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A billionaire finds himself driven by a lady he calls not his type after his wife left him. His desire to fill the space inside his heart, made it beat again, by the sudden twist of fate, he meets a young lady who found it her own will to love and give love in return and also, finds a way to lose her boss's dominating nature, teaching him that love still exists. He tends to fight for his love for her, his child, and the religious backgrounds between them. Can he be able to or will everything fall apart? Read to find out.

Chapter 1


Chapter one.

I ran into an enormous building subsisting late for my interview, I had my bag in one hand and my files in the other.

My head toiled anti-clockwise, I do not think I can make it in time for the interview.

I said.

Running to the elevator. I opened the elevator door and jumped in to hit a six feet tall man, standing tall before me.

I ran into the elevator and bumped into a man who was six feet tall, he had vast shoulders and maybe blundered to be a giant.

"Get out!"

The man sanctioned.

I gazed afraid and taking on his order, a man said rearward.

"Stop... Let her in"

I jabbed my head a little further and I saw a man who looked at me with so much sobriety.

He groaned and looked away.

I scooted to the side and hope to get to my meeting very shortly, it was going on, on the seventh floor.

The elevator goes up from the first floor and after some time I got to my end, which was the seventh floor.

Thank God.

I drove out of the elevator and corner, I had no time to take a look back at the man inside the elevator.


A lady shouted my name.

Luckily I was just getting in and I rushed in yelling

"Yes ma'am, I am here"

She gave me a scan and I did too staring at my clothing.

I wore a cooperate dress for my interview, nonetheless, interested to know why she gazed at me with so much revulsion.


"Come with me,"

She tells.

I pursued her into a cabin, she invited me to seat and I did, gaping at the decor.

It was a huge cabin, with a tainted glass window, and a glass table.

I got up to voyage around and not anticipating getting caught,  somebody walked in.

We both veered around at the same time and I saw the man I met at the elevator a few minutes ago, and he didn't look stunned discerning me.

I withheld my gazed and ran to my chair, he stroked past and took a seat opposite from me.

I had thought he was going to go all angry, rather he implored me to seat and hand over my file.

I took a quiet drop on the chair after giving him my resume.

He reads through it while I took a glance at his table,

My eyes looted and on it, I saw a huge name tag, that skims Kabir Shan, and underneath the initial CEO was gunk there.

"so tell me!"

He snatched my interest, "why do you want a job as a babysitter?". He augmented.

Wait for what?.

As a babysitter, I am not applying for a Nanny what's he talking about?

"I'm sorry sir, I am not here to apply for a nanny's job, however, I am here to seek the post of a secretary,"

I clarified.

Kabir cackled, he falls his back on his chair and looked at me like I had just said something ridiculous.

Like what the hell.

"Listen to me, miss Samantha, this isn't a job interview of a secretary, but rather a nanny's job, and if you're not up to the task, you can as well get out of my office".

Kabir lifts from his chair and walked to his door, he unlocked it and gave a sign with his eyes I flee.

I'm going to leave, do I have to accept this job even though I thought it was for something else?

I picked up my resume and on my way out, a hand-pulled me back in.

I turned around seeing Kabir clasped me.

"Sir, what's going on."

He opened my palm and seats an earring on it.

"You forgot this while rushing out of the elevator,".

He asserts, staring his eyes away.

He took a perch on his chair and I swiveled back to the exit.


Chapter 2

I was just on my way going, when I heard Kabir dubbing the word stupid, I know he might not be inferring to me, but whoever it was, I didn't like the fact he said that

There's a difference between being rude and acting like a jerk, however, Kabir is both rude and a jerk.

Instantly I swiveled back and sauntered into his cabin, he heaves his head and gets amazed.

"Samantha, why are you still here, didn't I tell you to leave?".

He indicated his hand to the door.

I peeked back and gave rise to the fact he enunciate such an abusive word.

Kabir was like, how does the fact that I said that be of concern to you like I am yet to understand what runs in the mind of humans?

We say things without thinking, let's not forget abusive as well.

Again I strived to make him realize, but he gets irritated, walked up to me, snatched my hand, and oust me out of his office, that everyone seated there waiting to get interviewed g


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