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My brother in law loves me

My brother in law loves me

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When love is proven to be one-sided; it can cause the person involved, to live in a state of denial, but what if the one in question happens to be your ex-husband or younger brother, does one heart have to endure, the pain of not being with the one we want?... Sophia is a young lady, who divorced her husband, after being convinced too; and while healing, her heart decides to pick, someone, it wouldn't have been said, she'd want to fall in love with; her ex-husband's younger brother, will they have their happily ever after?.... Read to find out..

Chapter 1

Chris POV

Yulan's sudden arrival made things hard for me. Sophia left disgruntled, I gamble to go after her, but my brother steps ahead and stops me.

"Get out of my way Frederick." I announced.

"Why should I" he resolved.

"I don't have time for this"

I sought the other path but Yulan gets in my way.

"Chris! Can we talk?

She says.

"Yulan! We have nothing to talk about and by the way, why are you here? I asked.

"I am here because of you, we have a lot to talk about, Chris".

She gave her response.

There must be something wrong with her memory because if I can clearly remember, we broke up.

"We have nothing to talk about, please Yulan, let me go, you know too well that we aren't dating anymore, can't you understand?" I vented and pushed her over to my brother.

I ran into Sophia's room without knocking and snatched her getting ready for bed, she turns with a cold stare and said, "Haven’t you heard of knocking before coming in?"

Sophia's attitude was like a piercing knife to my skin, it felt like all she could see in me, was being a liar.

"Sophia! I'm sorry for not knocking, but can we at least talk?”

I crashed the doors closed.

She smiles.

"I don't think there's anything to talk about, Chris and trust me whatever happened back then is nothing and its okay, we are cool and you've been a good Ex-brother-in-law and a loving friend."

She removes her wristwatch.

Did she just call me a friend?

I don't think I understand what's going on.

"After all, I won't be staying here anymore, since we don't share any relationship, I feel I should leave."

Sophia strengthened.

"Wait! You're leaving! Why?" I investigated.

"Don't ask, Chris! Just be informed I'll be leaving in three months."

She nudged her eyes to the door and signaled me to leave; I saw there was nothing I could say that could change her mind.

"Good night," I said and left.

There was gloom written all over my face, Frederick overheard and decides to infuriate me.

"My oh my, what do we have here! Is that tears in your eyes, brother?" He sneered.

"Don't you dare brother? And don't you ever think of using this to your advantage, because I won't stand back and watch,” I answered back.

"What advantage Chris; I'm not the one, whose girlfriend appeared unannounced.”

He rolls his eyes at me.


Why do I have this feeling that my brother is getting a kick out of this?

"Are you enjoying this?" I asked, sensing an unusual settlement in his voice.

"Enjoying what brother! I'm happy that I'm not the only prodigal son here, since father tagged me as one." He puts in, still in a chaotic tone.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you Frederick, but I am not like you, and yes! If I were you, I'll never leave a woman like Sophia, she's a rare gem and yet you left her and now hope to have her back into your life, how despicable." I rode down the stairs.

Frederick got annoyed by my statement; he stepped on it behind me and shoved me onto the ground.

"What the hell?"

I lifted.

"Take that back" He says aggressively.

"Take back what, I'm not lying because we both know how much you regret, doing everything you did to your wife, and deep down you want Sophia back."

I said copying the exact glare he had on.

"Wow, says someone who's madly in love with the same woman, his brother once married." Frederick augmented.

I giggled.

"Frederick!! I'm glad you said, once married, so please, whatever dreams you have regarding Sophia ever coming back to you, should be tossed to the bottomless pit of hell, excuse me and goodnight brother."

I cleaned myself and left him still angered.

I slammed the doors to my room and after sometime, Yulan comes in without knocking.

"Hello Chris, may I please come in?" She says standing at the entrance of the door, you're already in, yulan and please tell me, why are you still here?" I asked her.

"Your brother, asked me not to leave, and before you say anything, there's something important, I'll like to tell you."

She walks closer.

"Okay then, please tell me, what's so important?"

I sat on the bed and looked at her.

She sits on a wooden chair and folded her hands together.

Yulan all of a sudden became hesitant to speak.

"Yulan!! Can you please tell me, and don't you even think of lying."

I exclaimed.

The tone of my voice gets her conscious, and she falls her eye back to me and said; "Why would I lie to you, Chris! You know me, and whenever I'm this serious, you should know something has happened"

"Then tell me, what happened?" I added.

"I'm dying, Chris" She announces.

"How do you mean, you're dying?" I rose from the bed.

"I have leukemia, cancer of the blood and you do know, I don't have anyone since my parents died, you're the only person I have, please don't abandon me."

She conveyed, locking her hands.

Chapter 2

The next morning, I woke up with a heavy essence; I couldn't sleep last night all thanks to Yulan and Sophia's determination to leave.

I dressed and went out for breakfast, Sophia and I hit into each other on the stairs, I waved at her but she dismissed casting me away.

She rode past Frederick who also attempted to stop her.

I chuckled seeing she too didn't worry talking to him.

I took a seat at the dining table, Frederick comes and seats opposite me.

Mrs. Jane, served us our breakfast, she placed a bowl of chicken pepper soup, and just when we were about to eat, we heard a gunshot.

Immediately the spoon in my hand fell to the ground, I ran outside and met Sophia star stuck beside her car.

"Sophia, are you okay?"

I nuzzle her.

"Don't you dare touch me."

She nudged me away.

I carried my hand up and admitted guilt, Sophia takes herself back into the house and left me staring as sh


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