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My sister's husband

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Alina finds herself getting married to her sister's husband, after a shocking turn of events, will she be able to overcome the trials and tribulations accompanying her unwanted journey? Will the man she married be able to love and respect her?... How further can such a relationship last and would both parties in the end accept each other?... Can Alina, be strong enough to withstand what destiny throws at her? And what if, her sister, who ran away, choose to return, after giving up her right over the man she almost married? Will Alina let her?.. How will the bond between the sisters fall? Will there be understanding or hate? Love or thorns? Happiness or sadness? Can the relationship between two sisters still hold in high esteem, even though, one of them, volunteered to suffer, what can we think destiny might bring to their lives? Can a silly mistake, prove to be an end to the love two sisters once shared? How long can they go? Will Alina be able to fight against her sister, when she makes her intention into getting back to the one she left? Can she able to stop that from happening, or die trying too? How willing are we to fight for love?

Chapter 1 ( The wedding)

Joyous celebration as my sister was about to get married, everyone was busy with the wedding preparations, I walked past the ongoing decorations down the stairs heading to my sister's room.

I walked in and caught her in the arms of another man.

"Kate, what's going on here?'

I slammed the door hard and dragged her up.

She gets furious and back slapped me with her other hand, "don't you dare!". She warned.

I held my cheeks gazing in disbelief, did my sister just raise her hand on me?

"Kate, you slapped me?".

I asked.

"Yes, and I'll do it again"

She answered back, grabbing the hand of the same guy I caught her with.

Kate hugged him in front of me and too much surprise had no stroke of shame in her eyes.

What's going on?

If that wasn't enough drama, mom walks in.

I turned and saw the displeased look on her face.

She stumped close and angrily slapped Kate, Kate falls to the ground, gasping.

"You're so useless, haven't I warned you about this man here?"

Mom says.

Kate rose up and back chats mom.

"No mom, you haven't and even if you did, I will never leave, Christian".

I stood and watched their drama, trust me I had no idea what was going on.

What kind of relationship does my sister share with the man here? Mom was so furious, that she stumped out of the room leaving me behind.

Kate turns her face and pushed the gifts sent by the groom's family.

"Sister, tell me why are you doing this?."

I had to understand why and what was going on, she turns and grabbed me by the hand to the window.

"Do you see that?"

She points to the huge banner hung at the gate.

"Yes I do, what's going on?

I asked again.

Kate fixed my eyes back to her, she placed my hand on her head and said, "promise me that you'll do whatever I ask of you?".


Once again Kate had me curiously dumb, I pulled my hands back and demanded an explanation.

"Tell me, what promise?."

I added

"That you'll have to marry Kalyan in my place,".

She says waiting for my response.

I couldn't get myself to give her a direct answer, so I fled clenching my hand.

Unable to vent more of her anger on me, Kate bottled them down with a devious look on.

Mom met me coming down, she confirmed if Kate was still in her room and rode past to meet her.

I didn't bother to hear what she might want to tell her, and so walked away.

I stepped outside and dad was seen making a few calls on his phone, he was so happy inviting his friends to his daughter's wedding, the same person who's willing to switch places with me.

Hours passed, the wedding began, guests came with congratulatory gifts for my family, and Kate was still up getting dressed.

I refused to go in to meet her, but unfortunately, mom had that task given to me.

I rode into Kate's room and she turns seeing me at the doors opening.

"Welcome sis, I'm still waiting for your response?".

She says shaking her legs.

"Look, Kate, I don't have anything to say to you and please get ready because everyone is waiting for you".

I turned around to leave, but Kate rushed and blocked my path.

"Alina, is this how much you love me, we might not be blood sisters but remember, I made my parents adopt you and gave you a home," she dragged me close, "you owe me, Alina".

She added.

Chapter 2

Is she indirectly making me feel like she helped me?

I know and still remember that Kate's parents had me adopted due to her persistence and yes, I once had a family but unfortunately, my parent's died in a fatal accident, people whispered they were run over by a car that took off immediately.

I had the police investigate but there was no news, eventually, they got tried running in circles and so the entire investigation stopped.

There was no one to take care of me, my aunts and uncles all had a share in dad's properties and refused to keep even a little of the inheritance for me.

Back then, I lived in the streets not until Kate came into my life, she was my savior, and friend and gradually became my sister.

And when she had told me, that her parents wanted to adopt me, I refused to believe it, but later on, found myself surrounded by the one thing I longed for so long.

And that was a family, her parents gave me both the lov


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