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Love and divorce

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Two people must learn to stay together for the sake of their son, will they also learn how to fall in love? What should we expect in a relationship bounded by a child, will that child become the reason they decide to give their relationship a second chance, or will their differences come between their happiness? How are two completely different individuals going to make living a lie, even after being divorced? This is a story, where the lady tries to mend the relationship with her ex-husband, because of her son, and a father, trying to be the good son to his dad. By keeping a deep secret. What?.

Chapter 1


I was forced by my dad to get married to a man I never loved.

Although I had everything, I wanted something else, a child.

Having a child for the CEO billionaire Alvin Fisher. Was one thing I desired.

So every time my husband would take his laptop and walk into the bathroom with it, locking himself, I'll end up hearing the moaning of a girl playing on a video.

I couldn't confront him, I never did and why should I?We were both forced into a relationship we never wanted.

If ever I choose to complain about his behavior, it wouldn't make a difference, after all, my husband doesn't care about my feelings.

So since my mouth was sealed not to say a word, I quietly watched him leave the bathroom with his night pants on and his nightshirt.

After finishing his business- jerking off with a condom wrapped fixed on his d*ck...

He'd leave energized and walk over to his side of the bed, divided and sleep.

Anytime I hear my husband moaning to a p*rn star video, my boobs become hard, my breathing changes and I begin to feel extra restless.

Many times I wish my husband would breathe on my skin...

On the day I took his sperm, I pretended to sleep and when he'd go out of the bedroom and lay down his head onto the bed's pillow, I'd wake up and tiptoe myself into the bathroom.

My husband's used condom was the only thing I needed to make my dreams come true.....

... I searched for it until I found it tossed and wrapped inside a used A4 paper sheet.

And with his used condom wrapper in my hand, I had one important ingredient I needed.

His sperm...

I shouldn't do this?

But I was desperate, my marriage to my husband was nothing but a loveless one, and since he and I both had an agreement to get divorced from each other in three months, I had no other choice but to get pregnant.

I wanted a baby, not as leverage, I think?..

But to have someone to talk with, after my failed marriage comes to an end...

The baby was going to be compensated for whatever reasons I had getting into a fruitless marriage.

Three months- my husband began to get the divorce papers ready, the same day he chose to tell me about it was the exact day that I got the news of my pregnancy

I wanted to tell him, I did try but the idea of having to explain to him how I got pregnant when we've never been intimate, made me back down.

I withheld from telling him the truth, after all, he ain't gonna believe me, will he?...

I got the papers signed, even after the father in law was in denial about letting me get divorced from his only son, at least he showed me affection more than my husband has ever since for the past three months.

"Isabel signed it",...

My husband commanded me to.....

Seeing his eagerness, I didn't think twice about getting the papers signed, I did and let a fresh gasp of air out from my mouth.

My husband signed his.

And since I was only married for three months, I had nothing attached to my name, the entire Fisher property wouldn't be shared, however, he was pitiable enough to write down a cheque for me to start a new life.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2.

A week after the papers were signed, I packed my bags and left. I left with the baby growing in my womb.

I may have not been the wife of a billionaire anymore, but I have something he's never known about.

His child is growing inside of me.....

Not every woman will be able to do what I did, but like they say desperate times come for desperate measures....

Four ( 4) years later........

It's been years since I left Alvin and started a new life with my son...

I used the money, he had given to me to open a coffee shop

Not a big place but I have everything I had always dreamed of.....

At the dinner we all take orders From big companies. My sales girl will go and send out the orders from our client....

Business has been good and today, my son, Ian, will be Marking his sixth birthday party.....

Last year, I had his entire friends over, he had a small yet nice party and when it was time for the cake, I bro


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