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His gone wife

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A lady all through her life was being deceived by her husband and his secretary, with the lies hiding in the corner, what will happen when it finally comes out in the open? Will they be consequences for their betrayal?.. Will she be able to forgive?, Or will she be cast out so soon and swear for revenge? Her life is about to change, from the love she once felt to the hate she will begin to feel now, her heart will be full of empty emotions, even when after a strong tragedy befalls her, she is set on giving back the love she once gave out, but this time hate ... HIS GONE WIFE

Chapter 1

I could see myself being brought into the hospital, and the doctor and the nurses rushed into the emergency room, having me in, I watched standing at the windows of the emergency room.

The news got to my family, because I saw everyone, including my husband, running towards me...

Jason looked deplorable as he rode past me.....

He didn't even see me.

As he walked, meeting my parents, trying to get seated for the surgery to be done...

Later, the doctor came outside.

His hands were both covered with blood, my blood as he walked to my parents and husband.

Seated in the middle of them...

"Doctor, how's my wife,?". Asked Jason...

The doctor opened his mouth to talk.

I couldn't quite hear what they were talking about, so I walked slowly approaching.

And just a few more steps, I overheard a shocking truth from the doctor's lips.

As he said.

"I'm sorry, we couldn't save her, Nia is gone,"...

Immediately my feet froze.

The felt like, I didn't have bones in my body anymore, the second I dropped onto tht ground, and hits the hits I began panicking.....

Mom ran past the doctor and into the room.

Everyone followed.

I couldn't quite get up myself, but I overheard my mom's crying bitterly.

"Nia, please get up, I beg you,".

She cried out with her words.

As much as I would love to tell her that I am right here, the truth? I'm Dead.

She can't see me, no one can.

This cannot be happening...

I managed to get up alone, leaning on the wall, when a body passed by, I looked, and a lady was being taken to a room at the hospital, accompanied by the nurses.

There was something strange about her.

Or the fact that I was being drawn to her...

I was about to go after her, when I'm Ivanna rushes into the hospital.

I turned and looked as she passed me heading to the ward, my parents and husband were.

Ivanna was a good friend and an assistant to my husband.

Having her heart will do good, so I thought

Not knowing that, she was only here to have her way with my husband.

I got to find out the truth, a few minutes later after Jason dragged her out by her hand and away from my ward and parents...

"What are you doing here, didn't I ask you to stay away from this place,?".

Jason yelled, pushing her farther away.

"Oh my gosh! Calm down baby, Nia was also my friend as she was your wife, did you forget,".

Ivanna Said, she touched the face of my husband, after sticking two fingers into her mouth and back to his...

Jason sucked on it, moaning as they continued to lovingly look into each other's eyes.

That look gave me the clarity that, my husband and his secretary has been having an affair behind my back.

Such audacity. ......

I wanted to slap Ivanna so much, I tried too, but my hands held on hitting the air and not her face...

How dare they do this to me?

After trusting them so much, they do this. .....

My parents walks out of the ward, dad was holding pontoon's shoulders as they sadly went further...

Jason saw them coming and immediately pushed Ivanna away.

He faces them and said.

"Mom, dad, go home and I'll take care of every pending this at the hospital,"...

"Yes dear,". Dad said and looked at mom, " let's go dear," he says.

I saw how much Jason faked loving me in front of my whole family, hence based on the impression Jason had played in making them believe he loves me, it will be impossible for them to believe otherwise. To them, Jason and I are the definitions of a perfect couple...

But whatever feelings an illusion I made was taken away the second, my life was ......

No. I can't make Jason and Ivanna live happily ever after, after doing such a thing to me...

I needed to find a way to return.

Just then, as I walked further, I passed the ward of the same lady that was taken to the hospital...

I looked across and it almost felt like I was being called in.

I sat with my hands pressed against the bed's board when an idea came to me.

In other to stop my husband and friends' infertile relationship, the only thing is to, possess the body of a woman I didn't know.

Yes. That was a crazy idea, but what choice do I have?

I have only seen a ghost, possess a body before, and it seemed too good to be true, but right now, I am about to do the same thing.....

I leaned my head to the lady's face and said.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry but I'll have to take charge of your body,".

I walked over to the bed, I sat on it and as the body lay on the ground, I fell into it, and immediately it feels like the whole world when asleep...

Seconds later, I woke up and s man was seated next to me.

He looked at me and smiled.

"Dear, you're awake, thank God,".. he said getting up from his chair...

I stared shocked.

"I'm sorry, but who're you,?". I asked.

"What do you mean,?".

The man tells eyeing me.

Just then, another hand grabbed unto mine

I turned over and a boy was gently holding unto it

"Mom,". The little boy called me.


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