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The book of good and evil

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A young boy, hidden from the shadows of his monster father, labeled as his b*st*rd son, and raised by a single mother, what should be expected of such a child, Should he come to be like his father, and cause havoc in the entire world, his life rests at a balance between good and evil, what is right and wrong, the clash of his evil twin and his powers, will a boy win over the hearts of so many people and convince them he isn't like his dad?.. Don't forget to grab your copies and know what happens next .

Chapter 1

A long time ago, many years precisely, humans and witches lived in harmony, fighting side by side together; everything seemed good; great if I am not making a mistake.

However, like they always say, all good things must come to an end, the lives of a million humans were murdered by the one thing we feared so much; a blood witch, one or maybe the most powerful witches along the lands. One named Caleb Armstrong, the one blood witch that massacred a hundred humans and witches in one day, eating of their skin and drinking their blood, the one who took down an army hunters, the one who can move in the shadows without anyone noticing, he is like a ghost, you do not see him, unless he wants you too, he is my father and I am his b*st*rd son to his mistress, Gracie Armstrong and my name is Jevons Armstrong.

He never really married my mom, she only bore a son for him, and that Son as they all say, would one day become a soulless monster like his father. A man I never got to meet any day in life.

I was young when he left the city, Mom and neither does anyone; not even the council of witches know his whereabouts.

The council of witches, half born, fair born witches; all in one except for blood witches. In the town, being a blood Witch is said to be a sin, a taboo and anyone born as such is killed, yet I am not? Wanting to know why, the council believed that in order to capture my father, he must surely come for the one thing he didn't get to take when he fled, the book of good and evil. Also myself, I am not only his son, but the bridge between the human world and the supernatural world.

"Jevons Armstrong."

Across the table, Mr. Emmanuel called my name. I was seated behind the class, my earphones on, when Evelina gently touched my shoulders, bringing me over to the notoriety that my name was being called by the history teacher.

I left behind my headphones going over to his table.

"Good day sir, you called me," I gave a friendly smile to him.

"Why haven't you been paying attention in my class?" Said Mr. Emmanuel, he raises his voice.

“I’m very sorry Sir, I think I was occupied with something much more important." I thought well then replied.

Mr. Emmanuel walked away from his table; he went to the classroom door and asked me in front of my classmates to leave his class.

"Get out of my sight Jevon," He looked past my eyes, disappointed.

I went back to my seat to pick up my bag, I held my headphones around my neck, and brushed past Mr. Emmanuel by the door, he slammed it shut the minute I rode past the door.

What an annoying b*st*rd…

For the past two hours, I sat down by the cafeteria waiting for the class to end, because if I do decide to go back home, my mom would literally kill me, she's been threatening to send me to an academy, I don't know much about, but she thinks it can help me get more developed with myself.

Precisely, two freaking hour's; I met everyone leaving the classroom and by the door Mr. Emmanuel was handling assignment to them, I walked over after the last person to take mine, instead he held out his hands and pushed me off with his finger.

I felt angered. I was so p*ss*d off by his attitude that the thought of killing him ran through my mind, tricky but I couldn't control myself, I held the door knob of the classroom to walk in, by the time I got a phone call from mom.

She wanted me home urgently…

Her tone of voice made me leave Mr. Emmanuel and go back home to meet my mother.


I walked inside and shouted her name by the door.

I didn't get any response.

I called a second, third and fourth time to her, letting her know I had returned. I walked inside her bedroom only to find her daggered right to her chest. Her eyes filled with blood, her hands burned and her legs were also bleeding...


Seeing her, I yelled out loud.

I got to Mom's bed, I held her hands gently, caressing them to my face, just when everything seemed to settle down, a voice, a man's voice made me turn back in a fright.

"Hello Jevon Armstrong?”

Said the voice to me.

I let go of Mom's bloody hands, accidentally touching it to my face.

"Who are you?" I asked back to the voice…

There seemed to be quietness, but only for a while, the voice responded to me.

"You shouldn't ask me who I am, rather, take note to know yourself."

The voice spoke, it appeared getting closer…

"Don't f*ck with me and tell me, who're you, why did you kill my Mom?"

I inhaled and exhaled.

"Don't worry young warrior, I’m not here to hurt you, rather to help you embrace yourself, your true self, bye for now."

The voice whispered a little to my ears and the windows to Mom's bedroom, busted wide open, allowing the strong wind to come in.

I faced the dead body of my Mom, what was I going to do? I thought, then an idea came to me, why don't you go and meet Mom’s best friend, my godmother, Sara Peggy, she should be able to help me and make me understand what is happening…

I covered Mom’s body and left.

I got to Aunty Sara's house, running to the front door, just about to knock on her door, she walked right outside and met me by her front porch.

"Jevon, what's wrong?" She questions growing suspicious.

"Aunty, it's Mom?" I said.

"What about your Mom?" She held my hands taking me inside her house.

"She’s dead Aunty, I met her dead after getting back home from school."

I walked to her sofa and sat down.

Aunt rode to me.

"Jevon, I think it's time." She takes a seat next to me on the long sofa that is able to accommodate three persons in a roll.

"Time for what?" I queried.

"You’ll see," said Aunty Sara. She asked me to wait in her car while she went upstairs to change her clothes.

Chapter 2

My Aunty and I went to a school outside the shores of the city, Aunty asked me to come down, I did after she walked inside the gate, and I came in after her.

We went to an office where we met a man, the moment he saw me coming inside with Aunty Sara; he got up from his chair and said, Stop! He ordered for us.

Aunty Sara turned to me and said "Stay here" she told me and left to meet the man by his table.

I stood by the door, I didn't quite hear what they were talking about, however a few minutes later, Aunty Sara walked up to me and took me over to the man.

He looks with a hard stare.

"Who are you?" he questioned me trying to speak with Aunty behind my back. I turned a little from her; "I’m Jevon Armstrong," I said back and immediately I said that his eyes widened up, it was like I had just said something bad.

"You're Caleb Armstrong’s son?" he interrogated.

I nod my head, confirming his quest


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