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The Academy

The Academy

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Beth losses her dad, at a very young age; due to the trauma, her mom, suggested, they both leave for a new city, and after they leave, Beth, starts having visions, of things about to happen, or things that are yet to happen, in the new city, there she meets her young and handsome, professor, Sam. Sam is an alpha male, dedicated to keeping his pack safe from his demented younger brother, who wants the role of becoming the next alpha to their father's pack, they both encounter Beth, her powers, it is proven to be a blessing to one brother and a curse to the other.

Chapter 1

The alphas seer)

Teacher's pet...

It is past, human knowledge; adhere to the fact that we live in a world, filled with supernatural beings; I believe that, we are cornered, by them , to feel like they are just a myth, a story; however, that changed, when my own father; Samson ford; encounters one; in the valley forest of Sunnyvale ..

Dad came home; and he shared his experience, of what took place at the forest; his encounter, with a werewolf; I , somehow believed him; but mom; she decides to finally call for a divorce; my parents, has been fighting for as long as I can remember; it is a fucking blessing, and a miracle, they survived, three year's of their marriage; without talking about divorce; although, the case appears, in most of their fights; never did I know; mom wasn't just saying that; she meant to give my dad a divorce..

Dad is an archaeologist; an archaeologist, study, past, like , the existence of werewolves; and other artifacts; worth, studying..

Ever since; dad said, he encountered, a Werewolf , at the forest; during, one of his many hunts; for interesting artifacts; he became obsessed about them; where he worked, also;a the museum; dad wanted to get permission from his boss, to grant him access, to the search for them; and that they all, would go back to the forest, and pin point any traces of werewolf, being around; but my dad, was humilated; and cast out by his boss; his friends, turned their back on him; including my mom; she forced, dad to sign the Divorce papers; and with his inability to take care of me; she won my custody; I am yet to be eighteen years of age; so, with this , I can be considered, as a fucking minor...

Anytime, dad comes over to visit; she'd always become so irritated; and dad ; will try to pretend, that her attitude, does not affect him; and he will put on a huge and happy smile; just for the peace between; them to reign supreme..

That continued; I didn't say a word; not until, two weeks later; some police men, walk up to the door of the apartment; I was at home, and mom was too; and they both told us: how dad, car, had an accident; and he was caught in the car; the car blew up , with him in it...

That day; the anger I felt; got so rageful; I spoke rudely to mom; for the first time; and without showing any remorse for my words; I told her everything she has been doing to dad, I even blamed her for his death..

The entire day; I felt nothing but resentment; even till date; I wouldn't say I hate my mom; I don't just feel like she deserves anything good, after treating my own dad; like a doormat.

Chapter 2

It has been one year, since dad passed away; mom, has been trying to fix in the distance, caused by her ill-treatment, to dad, for a year now; which of course, I do not want it to be fixed..

"Beth; please come down for breakfast,?"...

I hear mom scream; all the way from the living room; I am already up; I am just trying to pack up my stuff for college; Preston University ..

This is one of the universities, dad wanted me to go to; if only he was alive, to drive me to the school of our dreams.

I finish packing up, and I roll my bag out of my bedroom; to the living room; from the kitchen; I sight mom ; hurrying to make breakfast.

I think she wants to be the one who drives me to school...

The Uber driver; Mr Frank, is already here; he helped me take my bags to the car; and since I am already dressed; I should at least say goodbye to my mom..

Mom, rushed out of the kitchen..

She finds me standing, at one of the breakfast chair; a


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