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My son's father

My son's father

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Samantha's affair with her boyfriend, ends up having a long-lasting impression on her life, her unborn child, she struggles to keep the love in her heart for so long but when destiny brings her back to her long-lost lover, it became impossible to hide the truth from him... Aaron Diaz is a young man who has everything, except the woman he longs for, after being forced by his parents to marry a lady he doesn't love, he finds it difficult to breathe in such a loveless marriage, however, when he meets Samantha after years of being apart, it takes a strong force to break them apart once again, hiding the untold truth.

Chapter 1

I walked into the children's ward in the hospital and saw mom seated patiently waiting for the doctor, and seated beside her was my son, Dalton.

He rushed out to hug me the minute he finds me coming, mom takes a careful look and I forecasted she had something to tell.

"Good afternoon mom,"

I greeted

"Good afternoon dear, I'm glad you can make it to your son's check-up.

She says staring her eyes away.

I smiled and turned over to Dalton, he sits on my lap and we both talked about his day in school.

The doctor comes out and asked us to get into his office, I placed Dalton on the ground, and on my way going with them, a call from the office interrupted me.

Mom takes him to the doctor's office, while I chose the call.

The hallway was nosy and so I decided to take the call outside of the hospital, I passed the front desk and while sauntering to the entrance, I accidentally crashed into someone that sent my phone zooming out of my hand.

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry,"

I pulled down to pick up my phone, and just then someone gets a hold of my hand and towed me.

I bucked up and met face to face the last person I thought I would see.

Aaron Daiz, his back to the city?.

Why is he here?

I slapped his hands away and chanced to leave, he gets a hold of it again and dragged me close to his lips.

His pink and alluring lips.

He tucked my hair behind my ears and I looked seeing how close he was, not after he abandoned me for someone else.

I pushed him off and walked outside.

I can't possibly believe after so many years apart, we crash into each other.

Aaron abandoned me with my tummy growing his child, he has no idea what happened ever since we parted, and no notion I bore a son for him.

But what if, he gets to see mom and Dalton coming out of the doctor's office.

He might get suspicious.

No! Aaron cannot find out about his son, or else he's never going to let us dwell our lives in peace.

I ran back in attempting to conceal a great truth from being exposed.

Mom was just coming out with Dalton from the doctor's office when I ran in and obstructed her path.

"Oh my gosh, what's up with you?"

She investigated.

I couldn't tell her the fact that I met Aaron in the lobby of the same hospital we were in, or else she will pester me to get my son and his father reunited.

I might seem like a bad mom but I can't let Aaron find out he has a son with me.

If that happens, all hell will surely break loose.

Mine and my son's life will be in danger.

Aaron walks past us, thankfully his head was buried on his phone while he rides into the doctor's office.

We were just close to each other and thank God he didn't see me.

"Mom, are you okay?.

Dalton asked me.

I grabbed his hand and hurriedly left the hospital.

On our way home, mom stared at me until the cab stopped in front of our house, I got Dalton down and he rushed in to meet Mrs. Jane, his nanny, coming outside.

I paid the cab fare and going around to retire, mom grabbed my hand.

"I saw someone today?".

She says.

I confronted and answered, "who did you see,"

"Aaron Diaz, your ex-boyfriend,"

She uncovered, scraping my wrist.

Chapter 2

Holy shit, how the hell did she see him?.

I managed to pull away from her, she crashed her hands together and for second litigation demanded the reason why I hid the truth.

What more do I say, is it the validity that my boyfriend left me, and settled his life with the lady his parents wanted,  or was I being pregnant and yet, thrown like trash out of the Diaz mansion by the same people who called me their daughter?

Aaron's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mathilda Diaz.

They advised me to stay clear from their son, or else I might not live long to tell the story, and when I told everything to Aaron with a broken heart, he ends up breaking the left pieces of my heart by giving me an invitation to his wedding, with some lady.

And now, my mom wants me to tell the same person, I gave birth to his son, after being rejected, no way in hell is that happening.

"Please excuse me,"

I walked out on mom and went into the house, Mrs. Jane w


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