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Ghost_ highschool

Ghost_ highschool

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A group of students finds themselves stuck in the spirit world, whereby they are lied to about being dead_ their ill fate changes when a new student joins them, Vera_ her coming brings out a whole new level of drama, displeasure, enemies, desires, love, and fate, for her and her friends_ her life changes into a paranormal activity whereby she's sent on a journey to find her mother, and rescue the spirit world from the doom coming their way; however she'd need her friends, the ones she can trust and also the one she'll love_ her fate of the spirit world lies on one hand...

Chapter 1

Some months ago, I was given the awards of best team player in my school, although the only person who had that awarded to me was my dad; him being the principal means , I was the center of all talks and bullying_ dad wants me to take a stand for myself, he even suspended some boys from the basketball team for talking trash about my ass_ my fine ass, it is fine to me, at least.

My left in high school was so hellish, of cause I wouldn't have been able to show my face, if not for my best friend, Juila, my baby sister from another mother, Juila's been, what we call, a good friend and also sister, hey brother, Luca grant, not so much_ his the definition of rude and arrogance, if that doesn't means the same thing.

So, on the day of our school's play, I was casted by the drama teacher to play, Cinderella and at the end of every scene, I get to kiss my prince charming, the Charlie of all sexiest, Charles Michaelson, he is one of the the sexiest guys in school, apart from Lucas, they are both friends but Charles, Is as per better than Lucas_ his arrogance makes my tummy ache anytime he speaks rubbish out of his stupid yet sexy mouth.

Moving on, that day, the very night of my scene with Charles, I had just finished my first scene and on the second and third, I only had to cover up the last scene of the play and finally get to French kiss Charles_ the drama teacher, Mr arm, requested that I go to the changing room and get into another attire_ I went off to change, I grabbed the cloths off from the Rack, I pulled off the dress that I was wearing, when I began to clean of the smell of smoke coming to my nose, I continued to clean off when the second, I heard a huge banging on the door, Mr arm was outside calling out to me.

I turned back after listening, and then finally got to notice that my entire changing room had fire gradually surrounding everywhere_ it was less than an hour, the smoke spreaded.

I began coughing_ I called Mr arm for help, outside I could hear my dad trying to hit the door open_ as he tried, it refused too.

"Baby, hold on while I get help,"... Dad said, his voice was sloshing through the crowd of students who spoke outside_ however as I kept on waiting, the smoke spreading through again and it almost burnt me, when I tried to open the door by hitting it open...

It refused too.... On the other hand dad was taking a lot of time, I couldn't just wait for me; I turned back and the only thing I could see, was a window and a sledgehammer, that I could use and break out_ immediately as I picked up the sledgehammer, and broke the window glass open_ I looked over, and it was a great fall, it would be only by the grace of God, someone jumps down and don't die_ however I do feel like, not dying is only the thing I want, and jumping out through the window, was my only choice.....

Chapter 2

I carried my leg and put it on the edge of the window, the fire was still spreading like wildfire, and my only solution is jump down, and hopefully not to die_ I held my jacket, and my phone, which was already at my back pocket i again looked over the height I'm about to fall, I inhaled and exhaled, and the second I put out my other legs and stick my head out, I was caught between the room, something was literally holding me back, I turned to see what that was and I saw that my cloths was nailed by a hand, Mr arm calls it, his MasterCraft

This can't be happening_ I tried to pull away my cloths by getting back into the burning room, and with the fire, also getting close to me, on There was some art work, I didn't know a huge and groom was on top, however as I continued to take off my clothes from the hands of the wardrobe, a huge grome fall on my head, and I went falling on the ground_ I literally went unconscious...

Unknown about what happened_ I wok


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