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Accidentally revealing his sexual orientation to his evil cousin, 17 years old Phet Sukpraserit, popularly known as Diamond, knew he would soon be in trouble. Despite preparing his heart for the worst, he never saw his father's blind rage coming. The man beat Phet until he lost consciousness and woke up in the intensive care unit. After overhearing his personal caregivers talking about his father's plan to send him to some place where they will cure him of homosexuality, Phet knew he must escape. And he was able to get the help of Somchai Montrikul, known as Ford. He escaped to America where Ford, who happened to be his brother's friend and from Thai Royal families, helped make sure that Phet's family would not be able to find him. When Phet turned 18, Somchai expressed his interest and they became friends with benefits. Since Somchai was married and Phet also looked forward to getting married one day, they left their relationship open. It was quite the convenient situationship for both of them… That was until Nolan Brooks showed up, capturing Phet in what is called love at first sight. Since they started dating, Phet had been seeing others and it never bothered Ford because he knew Phet had no feelings for these people. But with Nolan Brooks, it was different. And for the first time in his life, Ford became scared of losing something. He had promised that once Phet falls in love, he would let him go and had worked hard to make sure that never happened. When his worst dream was about to become real, Ford became desperate and willing to give all that it would take to make Phet stay by his side forever.