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Mated To The Enemy

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16 year old Toni Wolfenstein's life is a living hell. He cooks and cleans all day and when he's not cooking or cleaning, he's being bullied and beaten by his pack members and those who are supposed to protect him. Then on the day of his sixteenth birthday he meets his mate. However, his mate is the son of the people who killed his mother. What should Toni do??

Chapter 1

The day began like any other. My alarm forcing me awake at 4:30 in the morning. I groan and rub the sleep out my eyes. It feels like I had just gone to sleep and then i remember that I went to sleep only two hours ago. I reluctantly get out of my makeshift bed and quietly make my way to the bathroom on the second floor, careful not to make any loud noises. I didn't want to wake the rest of my pack. They would beat me for hours if I woke them up before 6 am. But before I go any further into the story of my life, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Toni Wolfenstein. I’m 16 1/2 years old, stand at a whopping height of 5′2" and I have medium length, natural silver hair. My eyes are pale gold with specks of silver in them. I’m the only one in my pack that looks like this. Not even my twin sister looks like me. She has raven black hair and the same dark hazel eyes as our father. My parents used to call me their precious demi-god. At least, that was before the accident that killed my mother and left my father in a coma for the past six years. Now, I’m just the pack’s “slave”... for lack of a better word. I’m responsible for all the cooking and cleaning in and around the pack house. And for the past six years I had to deal with being everyone’s personal punching bag as well. I can deal with the abuse from the other pack members. I never really got along with them before the accident. What I couldn't deal with, however, was the day my twin sister and older brother joined in on it. You see, it’s my fault that our parents aren’t around anymore. Wolves from another pack had attacked our pack and my parents, as Alpha and Luna, immediately jumped into battle. Being only nine at the time of the attack, I was scared. I froze even though I had shifted before. Unfortunately, nobody knew that I had shifted so my parents thought that I was a helpless pup. I was walking home from the store and was almost home when I sensed something was wrong. I stopped and sniffed at the air. Suddenly a wolf I didn’t recognize was in front of me. Their golden fur was speckled with red, and their teeth bared at me. I tried to shift, to run, or even yell for help through the mind link to the pack, but I couldn’t do anything. I just stood there and stared at the wolf before me. The next thing I knew, my mother and father were in front of me snarling and growling at the unwelcome wolf. It was then that I saw movement to my left. I tried to warn my parents, but it was too late. Two more bigger wolves charged towards us. My mother, who was between me and the other wolves, took the worst of the attack. The bigger of the two, another golden one with specks of white around their eyes, bit my mother hard on her shoulder while the other one, a light grey one with blue eyes, clawed at her hind legs. My mother yelped out in pain and my father took his eyes off the other wolf for just a second. That second was all they needed to lunge at my dad and attempt to bite his neck. My father moved just in time for them to miss. Had he moved just a second slower or had not moved at all, he would be dead. My parents fought hard while I stood there silently crying but three against just the two of them were tiring them out and the other wolves could sense it. My parents managed to kill one of the bigger one but that angered the wolf with the red specks even more. To this day I believe that they were mates. He lunged at my mother as she struggled to get away from the other wolf and caught her around her neck and bit down as hard as he could. I heard the deafening sound of her neck breaking at the same time as I felt the mind-link with my mother, my role model, break. I felt the pain, the horrible pain, as my mother and Luna’s death spread throughout my body. My father let out the most pain filled howl I ever heard and lunged at the two wolves who had taken the life of his mate, his wife, his everything. He caught the bigger one on her front right leg and shook and dragged her front paw right from under her. She struggled to get free but the more she struggled, the harder my father held on. Even as the male bit and clawed at my father, he would not let go. It seemed as if time slowed down. My father was bleeding everywhere but still would not let go. Then I heard the sound of paws pounding on the ground behind me. At first, I thought that it was more of the other pack’s wolves coming to attack. But I saw a wolf with dark gray fur land in front of me and realized it was my brother and the rest of the pack. Together they easily took down the last two wolves. My dad, bloodily and stumbling, shifted back to his human form just before he fainted. I sank to the ground and continued to silently cry as I looked at the scene before me. I stayed that way until my brother slapped me in the face. I held my cheek and looked up at him. He’s never hit me before. He never even raised his voice at me or our sister. I was confused as I looked at him in fear. “What the hell happened Toni?! Why did you just stand there while mom died?! Did you want her dead?!” “I-I couldn’t do anything. I froze. I wa-wanted to help but I couldn’t move or do anything.” I plead with him in between the sobs that rocked throughout my body. I looked between my brother, my sister, and the rest of the pack. Some looked at me with pity in their eyes, some with sadness but the majority of them looked at me with anger and hatred in their eyes. They blamed me. They blamed me for the death of my mother and for my father being in a coma. “You’re so useless Toni! You don’t deserve to be in this pack!” The pack’s sl*t, Genie, shouted at me. She walked up to me and spit in my face. She actually spit right in my face! I looked to my brother expecting him to save me from her as he would always do. I saw the hatred in his eyes and mistakenly thought it was for her. How wrong I was. "No, Toni doesn’t deserve to be in this pack. He allowed my mother, your Luna, to die. However, I can’t banish Toni from the pack due to my father’s orders that family members should not be banished. But I can make sure that Toni’s life is a living hell. Toni, you will earn your right to stay in this pack. If you can even do that." And with that, my brother, who once used to protect me, grabbed me by my hair and dragged me all the way home. The rest of the pack followed to see what he would do. I begged for him to stop but he would just pull my hair harder as he dragged me down the street. Once we got to the house, he dragged me towards the basement. He opened the door and then turned towards the pack. ”From now on, Toni is not allowed to join us in training or any other activities. He is to sleep in the basement and only eat after the rest of us eats. He is to do all the cleaning and cooking, and should he disagree to do any of this he shall be brought out to the training grounds and whipped for each room that isn’t cleaned and for each member that hasn’t eaten.” He then turned to me and punched me on the face and pushed me down the stairs that led into the basement. My head hit every step on the way down. The pain was so intense that my vision blurred from it. I attempted to stand up and walk up the stairs begging and pleading with everyone. Jessie, my twin sister who once loved me unconditionally, laughed as I struggled up the stairs as they closed and locked the door. Her laugh was the last thing I heard before I passed out. “Watch where you’re going b*tch!” Genie’s voice brought me out of my thoughts. “I’m sorry. I-I didn’t see you there.” I whispered as I slowly backed away. I really didn’t want any trouble this early in the morning. “Ugh! Just get out of my way! I have to get ready. Shouldn’t you be cooking our breakfast or cleaning a bathroom somewhere anyway?” I looked at Genie and then the clock on the wall. 5:45?! Oh, no. I had to hurry and start breakfast before my brother woke up. Since our father has been in the coma my brother took over as Alpha and he wanted things done at a certain time. Everything was done at certain times and if you were late or didn’t finish that meant a week in the dungeons. I really didn’t want to spend another week in there. I just got out two days ago.

Chapter 2

I ran to the kitchen as fast as I could. I couldn't believe so much time had passed. I only had half an hour to cook enough breakfast for nearly 600 wolves and if I'm even a minute late finishing, I'll be back in the dungeons. Once I make it to the kitchen, I hurriedly wash my hands and start cooking. I grab the eggs, bacon, cheese, and milk from the refrigerator and start on the eggs. I crack open the 3,000 eggs and scramble them and add cheese as I stir them. Once the eggs are done, I work on the bacon. Luckily for me there is only one picky eater in the entire pack. Unfortunately, however, that person is my brother Damien, the new alpha. Damien is the only wolf I know that doesn't like the taste of bacon or anything else from pigs. That cuts the count of bacon needed down to 1,996 pieces. However, it increases the number of pancakes I have to make to 4,000 so that he has enough food. Due to the fact that Damien doesn't eat bacon, I have to be sure to make


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