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Accidentally revealing his sexual orientation to his evil cousin, 17 years old Phet Sukpraserit, popularly known as Diamond, knew he would soon be in trouble. Despite preparing his heart for the worst, he never saw his father's blind rage coming. The man beat Phet until he lost consciousness and woke up in the intensive care unit. After overhearing his personal caregivers talking about his father's plan to send him to some place where they will cure him of homosexuality, Phet knew he must escape. And he was able to get the help of Somchai Montrikul, known as Ford. He escaped to America where Ford, who happened to be his brother's friend and from Thai Royal families, helped make sure that Phet's family would not be able to find him. When Phet turned 18, Somchai expressed his interest and they became friends with benefits. Since Somchai was married and Phet also looked forward to getting married one day, they left their relationship open. It was quite the convenient situationship for both of them… That was until Nolan Brooks showed up, capturing Phet in what is called love at first sight. Since they started dating, Phet had been seeing others and it never bothered Ford because he knew Phet had no feelings for these people. But with Nolan Brooks, it was different. And for the first time in his life, Ford became scared of losing something. He had promised that once Phet falls in love, he would let him go and had worked hard to make sure that never happened. When his worst dream was about to become real, Ford became desperate and willing to give all that it would take to make Phet stay by his side forever.

Chapter 1


“Somchai please, take me now… please” I pant as I feel electrons sizzling all over my body. I could hardly take it anymore. My toes want to curl up on reflex as I near my release, but it's never as good as when he is inside me. So, I am holding it back. I don't want to c*m now. I want to c*m with him inside me. But no matter how much I plead, Somchai just ignores my pleas and keeps biting and sucking the hollows of my neck, one side after the other as he wanks my super red and hard cute rod.

Yeah, you heard me right. My p*n*s is cute. It's like those multicolored lollipops they sell on the streets of Bangkok. They usually have three colors. Red, white and yellow. Sometimes, green.

But now imagine a five inches lollipop with just two colors. The bottom is peach, while the top is a pink cap. Like very pinky. But during s*x, the pinky cap usually turns red… except today. For whatever reason, Somchai is going easy on me, and I don't like it a bit.

“Hold on phet. Not yet.” He replies, then bit down on my right neck, making me groan. I can feel myself shiver as I use all my mental restraint to stop myself from c*mm*ng.

The thing about holding back is that your manhood gets harder and becomes painful, but for someone like me, the more painful it gets, the more exciting it is. So to not spurt at this moment takes all of my brain waves. It's really difficult because I want to surrender to that pain. I want it to wash over me like cold seawater.

Somchai sinks his teeth into another spot and bites down on it, making me hiss and purr like a cat, then he starts sucking on that spot. First gently, like cautiously, using a cotton wool to dab a wound. This makes me so hot and restless as a stronger tingling sensation starts from the bitten spot and spreads throughout my body as he continues exploring it. Then all of a sudden, he drags the skin in like a nipple and sucks really hard. When he does that, the sensation is like when he sucks on my cap. Explosive!

A groan escapes my throat as I sink into him and my legs start vibrating, but I can feel somchai's right hand

as it tightens around my shaft and holds the milk off. I groan in pain and pleasure. It feels so good.

Even though the milk didn't escape, my body goes through the process of c*mm*ng. I shiver and whimper as electrons crisscross through my body from my toes and fingers.

Somchai holds on to me until my body calms down, after which I slump against him. I just can't stand on my two feet again. They have gone jelly and fluid.

That is when Somchai turns me around and slams me against the floor. It should be painful but I like it. I love pain. It makes me horny and itchy.

“On your knees.”

I quickly gather myself into a kneeling position on the bathroom floor and wait.

I know what is coming, and I am so hyped for it. My hole has been clenching all day and now that it's about to get some justice, I can hardly stay calm.

I can hear Somchai tearing a condom up and rolling it up his shaft. I am so impatient that I start rubbing mine too, but I suddenly feel a painful, tingling sensation on my butt. Somchai slapped me on the cheeks. This only arouses me the more, and my rod trembles harder.

“Stop that!”

He orders and I quickly stop. But it's so difficult. I really need him to touch me, so I turn around with the aim of making him hurry up, only to see him stand up and exit the bathroom.

What? He can't just leave me like? Where is he going?

“Don't turn around. I will be right back.”

Somchai has been teasing me all night.

First, he refused to tie me up or use the whips on me. If not that I got angry and told him off, he wouldn't have used the spanker too.

Then he wouldn't even s*ck me. All he did was wank me. He never blows me, but where are my bites? Why wouldn't he slap me over the face when I asked him to? Why is he holding back, and what the f*ck did he just go do in the room? Why is he leaving me hanging and about to plummet?

What is going on?

The longer he stays in the room, the angrier I get. If things continue like this, I will be turned off before he returns.

I sit down with my back to the wall and fold my legs up. Right now, I look like an offended child because I am pouting and anger is evident on my face.

Just when I am about to stand up and go give him a piece of my mind, the door opens, and he walks in butt naked, looking so gorgeous and manly with a muscle rippled stomach, molded into 7 packs and a waistline to die for.

I am supposed to be angry right? Yeah… You really can't blame me, his torso is to die for.

“Ford, what's going on? Where did you go?”

“Why are you calling me that?” he pauses and asks me.

“Because it's your name? “ I retort.

“Are you angry with me now? What did I do?” he asks in puzzlement as he moves closer to me.

“Nothing. You did nothing. Now, if you don't mind, I would like to take my bath now. Please leave.” I say to him, flapping my hand to indicate that I want him gone, while focusing on his neck because if I should look down, I might soon find myself on my knees, paying homage to his 6 inches weapon. Somchai is really stretched but moderate down there. A perfect fit.

The dingbat just smirks at me with sizzling eyes, capturing my very soul and holding it down. Just a look into his eyes and my limped pinky instantly starts twitching.

What a betrayal.

Now that 'Phet' wants Somchai, who am I to say no? But as a man, I shouldn't just give in like that, right? So, I roll my eyes and turn my back to him. At the same time, I turn on the shower, and it starts raining on me.

Of course, my move is not just me being defiant, it's also an invitation. So, the moment I turn, I start rubbing my hands over my body and my butt cheeks.

When Somchai came in, I saw a vibrator in his hand, but he had placed it on the mirror slab while talking to me. I listen to him pick it up and move closer to me. Even underwater, I can feel his warmth. He turns off the shower and slowly brings his hand forward without turning me. He wraps his big right hand around my neck and squeezes, making me excited and suffocated immediately. I let my body lean into him as I wait for his next move. Somchai bites my one of my ear lobes before using his tongue to caress the spot. Dang earlobe is so sensitive, the bite feels like a needle pinch but when he blows hot air on it right before his tongue lands so dang gently on it. It's like when you touch an exposed wire and electricity sizzles into your body. I tremble and groan as his mouth takes the bitten spot, and he licks it, abruptly stopping the sizzling sensation from washing over me. With his tongue on the lobe, electrons go straight into my brain and I feel goosebumps as they rise all over my arms while my hair feels like they are standing at attention. It feels so good…“You are out of condoms”“Hmmm” “So I will just do you with the plug, and we will leave.”“Mmm…what? What did you say?” I ask as my head clears a little.“The condom you gave me broke, so I went to get another one from the starch, but it's empty. We are out of condoms.” “Oh… erm.. So… what do we do?” I start stuttering. Thing is, I am so gone and need time to reestablish my equilibrium. The ear biting he did have sent me back to where I was before he left the room. I am suddenly very hard and ready to c*m, my knees can't hold me again and my head feels like it's going to explode. So, I really can only moan and almost couldn't understand his mumbling. “I will do you with the plug.”“But what about you?”“We will get another pack tonight. Don't worry.”“Why don't you just take me raw? I am clean, I swear. I am always clean.” I say as I try to face him. He ignores me, stops me from turning around to face him, and smacks my back. I hiss as my d*ck twitches. My arousal goes up a notch more, and I quickly use my hand to brace the wall, since he pushed me away from his body just before smacking me. “Bend” he orders and I quickly push out my waist. I bend for him and I feel his hands as he places it between my wide opened thighs and grabs my d*ck. His hand on my shaft is so warm. I jerk and move my waist because I want to feel him moving on me, but instead of wanking me, he guides a c*ck choker down my shaft then drags the stretchy extension to the back before forcing the vibrator it is attached to into my hole. No prep, no lubricant, no warning. It is painful. But pain is my euphoria, so it's okay. Before I can even savor the pain and channel it, the vibrator starts swirling and hitting my prostate, taking my breath away. This particular vibrator con c*ck choker has five levels, but even at that, its level five is as high as some other vibrator's level three. Therefore, the moment it started, my sensual torture started. I keep having the impulse to wriggle my waist in sync with the vibrator, but I keep still and just whimper softly. No matter how close I am, the c*ck choker is there to make sure I don't c*m. So, it's best to be in control. Otherwise, I will go crazy. After fixing my *ss up, Somchai grabs my hand, turns me to face him and sinks his teeth into my neck, making me twitch and tremble as pain and pleasure collides. He didn't stop on that spot. He launches tiny, sharp bites all over my body. A kiss follows each bite. Bliss!At level five, the butt plug is doing things to my inside. I am ablaze and couldn't think. Electrons are shooting through my veins and muscles continuously. Adding the pain and tingling kisses that follow each bite, I have completely lost control. I can't hear myself, but I know I am making noises, gasping, moaning, groaning and whimpering. I need to feel Somchai's warmth, so I start grinding against him as he keeps biting and kissing me. Suddenly the kisses stop and somchai drags me to a spot close to the door where the towel hanger is. I have never used that iron line to air dry towels. Since I moved Into this house 3 years ago, a standard handcuff has always hung on the iron, and it's used in tying me up. Which is what Somchai is doing right now. He pulls my hands up, one after the other, and secures them with the handcuffs. He then picks up a confetti-like, three strips whip that is always in the bathroom and starts whipping me with it. The whip can be painful if you use enough force, but mostly, it just stings. “More.” I moan and in response, he uses more force. Yes, that's what I am talking about. The more I ask, the more he gives until my torso is red. Somchai has increased the speed level to 3 and I have lost it. I am whimpering, and wriggling my body. I need to be banged so bad that I am alternating between wriggling my waist and moving it in a back and forth motion as if I am getting f*ck*d. I want to c*m so much, it's deliciously painful. Somchai walks to the glass cabin on the wall and brings out a bottle of oil. He starts using the oil to massage my body. Making things worse in the best way possible because this particular oil only makes me warmer as he massages it into my skin. As he swipes his palms over my body, everywhere he touches is set ablaze. Right now, all I can do is feel. Then I hear myself begging him to f*ck me. I started crying and begging to be f*ck*d. “Somchai, please. I promise, I will never do it with strangers again. Please f*ck me. Somchai please…”Instead of him obliging, he takes the vibrator speed to the maximum and I lost all my senses.

Chapter 2


watching him lose control like this. Shaking like a victim of electrocution. This is a type of electrocution, though. Only if he knows how much I want to be inside him, too. But I can't risk it. Phet is a free bird. He likes one-night stands when I am not around to fuck him. Most times he remembers to use protection, but sometimes he slips off. So, after the last Infection we had thanks to him, I stopped giving him blow jobs, I stopped licking his ass and I stopped fucking him raw. To be candid, he stopped doing one-night stands too, or so he claimed, but I don't want to risk it. So, no matter how much he begs, this is the best I can offer him. And he knows it. I move close to him and hold his vibrating body to me. He places his head on my shoulders and begs me more as he grinds against me in desperation. I grab his hair and bring his face off my shoulders before grabbing at his lips, going for a rough kiss. As


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