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The player wants me

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Cassie life wasn't a fairly tale, she wasn't the normal happy kid you would find around, she was always traumatized. Her life was full of nothing but pains, until she met Barry, the one guy who picks interest in her. What happens when Barry unravel the mystery behind this quiet traumatized girl, putting their life in danger. Would he be victorious, or would he fail in this quest? all Cassie has known all her life is suffering from the bad memories she had and she does not know how to let go of them all. He hated being around men which makes things a lot difficult.

Chapter 1

Chapter one.

"No no please don't do this to me plea….se," I begged but he seems not to listen to me, he enjoys seeing me cry.

"Please leave me alone." I continued but he smiled instead and came even closer.

He jumped on top of me and didn't care if it hurt me.

Grabbed a fist on my dress and was about to rip it off but I jumped up that instant screaming with sweats rolling down my cheeks like a bucket of water was poured down my head.

Slowly my head registered the brightness in the room as I suddenly could now see my room clearly.

And it seems like a beautiful day but I've woken up twice because of those nightmares, no way today's going to be any different.

It's shitty as always.

I look over to my alarm clock. In three seconds it will go off. I don't need one as I always wake up before it rings but I need people to believe I'm normal so I had one.

Again, I've woken up to a headache. It never goes away no matter how many medicines I take.

Sometimes I'm afraid to even sleep.

I sighed then finally got out of bed. Everyone must be getting ready for school now. I don't care about school cause I don't see it's importance in my life at all but everyone's going so I had to go.

Got to look normal, duh.

I went to the bathroom to get ready and after I was finish went downstairs for breakfast.

You must want to know how my room is, right? Well it's the same as I met it. A very pinkish girly room which is not my style but then again, I have no style and I don't really care.

In the kitchen I found Karen making some pancakes.

It was a small sized kitchen in the apartment but it was fully equipped with the necessary things for cooking.

"Good morning, Karen." I greeted.

She turned to me and smiled, an apron protected her nice business suit and tight pants.

I don't actually know her job. I would have known if only I cared to know but I don't really care.

"Morning princess!" She chirped. "Breakfast will be ready in a minute just wait a little."

"Okay no probs." I said then walked towards the dinning room that's opposite the kitchen and sat down on one of the chairs. On the table was a coffee mug that had coffee in it.

It's probably for Andrew.

"Where's Andrew?" I asked. He should be getting ready for work by now.

"I'm here." A voice said behind me. I turned and found Andrew standing behind me. He was already dressed just like Karen with a male business suit and pants to match.

He stretched his hands forward as if he wants to touch me. I tensed up but he reached for the mug beside me which had coffee on it.

He drank it in one go then kept it back beside me.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I'm leaving for work now." He said while taking back his hand.

I nodded then watch him leave through the front door after kissing his wife, Karen goodbye in the kitchen. I relaxed again.

I waited a little while then my pancakes were severed.

I used the cutleries before me to cut the pancakes and placed some on my fork inside my mouth.

Just then Karen settled down beside me with syrup in her hand.

I shook my head refusing the syrup then smiled as I chewed it. It was as if I was eating biscuits. Very crunchy.

"They're delicious." I said. I really want this woman to be happy. I'm grateful to her but honestly these pancakes aren't so great although it's edible.

"Really!" She chirped again and I nodded. "Well I'm eating out. I hate my cooking and only you and Andrew seems to enjoy it." She stood up and placed a kiss on my forehead.

"Hurry so I can drop you off at school."


"Please have a wonderful day at school."

"I'll try."

She sighed. We both know that that's not happening. Ever.

I had advised to be homeschooled or be taken to an all girls school but no, they refused saying being in a mixed school will help me.

I don't need help. I don't need anything. The sooner people think I'm normal the better but that's going to be difficult. Very difficult as I'm not normal.

I took a deep breath then climbed down her red Ferrari.

My feet matched the hard walkway leading to the main entrance to East eagles private high school.

"Good bye Karen."

I greeted one last time before heading inside the school through the walkway. I didn't wait for her to answer before leaving.

Ahead was a big bungalow used for the school. It was painted with horse blood red and the flag of the United States was hang at either sides of the school main entrance door.

Students just like me were all on their way to the entrance but unlike me they were busy gossiping or chatting about whatever they did.

I silently walk to my class keeping it low, I avoided the gaze of others, I always get that whenever I come here. Everybody sees me as a solitary and I don't give a d*mn  about that.

I try my very best to stay away from the heart throbs of the school. Who I'm I kidding? Every boy is the same and none of them is getting close to me.

I walked to my locker. I hear the laughter's of some girls beside me. It got closer and I could decipher now who one of the voices belong to.

I just hope they pass me or the bell rings... Who I'm I kidding? It won't cause I'm pretty early.

But please let her pass.

As they got closer, their laughter increases and voices and laughs seems to add up.

Then I heard clearly although with lots of feminine laughter in the environment a masculine voice.

"Ladies please my lockers over there. Allow me to get ready for my class." From his voice I can guess he enjoys the attention and has a smile on his face.

I still keep my head low and do my business but I don't know why but my ears kept zooming into their conversation.

"Don't worry, we'll keep you company." Mandy said as they reached the locker besides me.

I hear the locker beside open as the six digit password was imputed.

"Hey!" I hear the voice say again but this time I it's directed to me.

For no reason my heart raced. But I don't think it's for the normal reason.

I risked looking at him. My eyes came in contact with his ocean blue eyes. His face was inches away but it felt too close as I hold my breath.

He then smiled at me and his small pink lips parted which made his eyes glow as the little sun that managed to get into the school through the main entrance and the windows shined on his perfectly tanned skinned.

My heart melted and whistle skipping a beat and it was then I knew I had to leave.

I slammed my locker shut and hurried away.

"Wait!" I hear him call back but I didn't stop and I don't think anyone else wanted me to stop either as I heard Mandy and the rest of her group talk smack about me.

"Leave her Berry. She's a weirdo." I hear her high pitched voice said.

"Yeah I heard she's afraid of guys. She's like so scared cause she was rap...." I zoomed out.


I stepped into our huge classroom.

I had math first person and it sucks.

The teachers desk was right after the door leaving a little space for students to pass into their seats that's arranged vertically towards the teachers desk.

No one was in class and that was expected as I came early.

I sat on my sit which is always at the back of the class. I waited for the math teacher to come in.

It will take another five minutes.

"Pull your cloth now." He ordered me.

"No I can't." I said while trembling.

"Do it now!" His voice thundered again

"!" I cried as he start advancing toward me with a sly smile on his face.

I sat there like an helpless prey about to be eaten by a wild animal, I sat there waiting for my fate to come on me when someone touched me. I quickly turned towards the touch as sweat rush down my cheeks. It was like always like water had been poured in me.

I saw it was Mandy who placed her hand on my shoulder and was failing miserably to suppress the laughter she was holding.

I look around and realise I was still in class.

"Sh*t!" I cursed.

Everyone burst into laughter. I couldn't help the tears that freely fall down my cheeks.

I need to get stronger. Strong enough to fight this but why does it keep getting awful?

"Settle down." The math teacher, miss Harrison's voice came and I looked up to see her standing at the  front of the class wearing her usual baggy shirts and hideous long skirts. she wasn't alone though, a boy was standing beside her.

I quickly cleaned the tears in my face with the back of my palm and settled down for her class.

"Stephanie, are you okay?" She asked and I stook my head.

My eyes slowly adjusted to it's surrounds as my eyesight got clearer after my tears has dried up.

"Yeah I'm okay." I replied and my eyes went to the boy that was standing with her and I felt my heart went into my mouth but I couldn't chew it.

It was that stupid boy who couldn't keep himself to himself earlier.

From where I sat I could now see his whole body and I wish I didn't cause I might has drooled.

He wore a plain black shirt but it was too small as I could clearly see his abs.

His muscles were clenched and I traced them down to his fist which was also clenched into a fist.

He was hot. No wonder girls were drooling over him earlier. He must get alot of attention from girls. He must be a playboy, just like him.

"Class, this is Berry our new exchange student." She announced. She turned to Berry,         "Would you like to say anything to the class?" She asked.

"No ma'am." He said. Then walked towards me. He smiled then sat beside me. All of a sudden this big classroom became very small.

"Hi." He said.

"No." I replied. Actually it was more of me telling myself no. No I have to stay away from him.

"What? I haven't asked you to be my girlfriend yet." He smirked. Just a little smile from him and he looks like a Greek god. Oh my gosh. More reasons to stay away from him.

My heart raced and it became very loud that I believe everyone in the classroom room could hear it.

"Ah I see you think highly of yourself. Let's see how cocky you are when I tell you no, never, ever will I even talk to you." I said irritated. No what irritates me is that his voice is so d*mn s*xy that my heart runs a marathon but mine sounds like it wants to die and is begging for freedom.

"Well I would just laugh at the silly things you say. You're already talking to me." His smirked grew.

"Hello love birds, could you exchange phone numbers maybe after my class?" Miss Harrison said. She tried to cover her anger with a joke but I know she hates it when she's disrespected when we talk in her class.

"Leave me alone." I said to Berry before turning to miss Harrison. Although I don't pay any attention in her class but I'm always quiet.

"Okay so today we'll be doing some revisions on the test I gave but firstly I'll give back your works." She started.

She walked to her desk where a pile of slips were kept orderly. She took them shared them to their owners.

When she got to me she slammed my slip on my desk hardly.

"F again Stephanie." She complained. "Later, meet me at the principal's office."

I nodded.

My side vision caught Berry looking at me. I couldn't decipher what was in his mind. He might be thinking I'm dumb. But I don't care, I don't care if he thinks I'm dumb. I don't even need school my life is a waste already.

"Hey." He called again when miss Harrison left.

I ignored him.

"Stephanie..." He chirped.

That caught miss Harrison's attention.

"Hey the both of you stop whatever you're doing in my class. I'm not kidding. There's a policy here, once you get detention, you stay for detention."

"Miss Harrison I didn't say anything." I said. My voice was so bad. Why can't I have a nice voice like the teenage girl I am?

"Don't get me angry Stephanie. You're already on my blacklist."

I rolled my eyes and allow my thoughts to driff somewhere else.

It drifted to a pair of ocean eyes and a cute heart warming smile and beautiful kissable lips.

"Eww!" I screamed as I found Berry in front of me and his lips were almost touching mine.

"Ouch!" He said. "Are you going to lie you weren't thinking about me?" He smirked and it grew wider this time and it made me super hot inside.

"I can't breathe." I said involuntarily and he laughed.

"Everyone! I've got some effect on her." He shouted. I literally chewed my heart.

But then again I made another involuntarily move by punching him.

I could feel myself sweating again as I realized that he could have touched me.

My heart beat really fast and I believe I almost hyperventilated.

"That's it! The both of you, DETENTION."

Chapter 2

Chapter two

"Miss Harrison he's the one bugging me, I did nothing." I tried to defend myself.

"Once in detention there's no going back." Miss Harrison reminded me.

Suddenly, I could only see red. I don't want to be in detention it sucks plus it's a waste of time, everyone who's been there hated it. I don't want to go.

"This class sucks!" I found myself saying.

"Then out of my class." Miss Harrison shouted.

Everyone 'woooed.' at my outburst and Miss Harrison's. It was a shock for everyone for my outburst, I'm sure. It's even shocking to me.

I stormed out of the class and into the hallway.

At my left was rolls of lockers at both sides of the hall while at my right was leading to the school cafeteria.

I didn't need the class anyway so there wasn't any point in staying.

But that detention. I wish I could make that Be


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