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Real Identities

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"Well, that's where I want to go," she yelled. "Camila!" Her dad called in a warning tone and she sighed. ... Camila, a teenage girl is excited to join the prestigious institution owned by the Governor but schooling becomes unbearable as Chloe, the Governor's niece is hellbent on bullying her. She kept getting lucky being saved by the Governor's son who took responsibility for handling the school. The spark between them is ignited and love happens. Through him, her identity surfaced and she's shocked to find out many secrets. What happens if their identities clash? Will she be able to accept it? Will their love blossom even after their Identities are revealed? And how will Chloe take the news when she finds out?

Chapter 1... Attending Blessed High.


"No, that's where I want to go" I yelled frustratedly.

"And how dare you take the exam without my permission?" He yelled back.

"Because you'd have never allowed me" I yelled sniffing.

"Why don't you want me to go?" I asked as a tear slipped down my face.

"You aren't attending the institution and that's final" he said firmly.

"I will" I said determinedly. "And you can't stop me" I added firmly.

"Camila!" He sighed falling to the couch and I sniffed going towards him.

"Why don't you want me to go?" I asked holding his hand.

"I just don't want it Camila, I don't want you to get involved with the rich students" he said and I smiled taking his hand to my face.

"It's schooling dad, I'll tackle any challenges dad" I said and he nodded gently.

"I don't want to lose you Camila" he mumbled with a sigh.

"You won't dad" I replied leaning down to him giving him a big hug.

"You're indefatigable" he laughed hugging me tighter.

I smiled as another tear slip down, main reason why I love him as my dad. He supports my decision.

"Get a list of what you need" he said and I nodded pulling away from the hug.

I went to my room to get a list of what I wanted.

"Here dad" I handed it over to him and he nodded.

"I think I can afford this" he said with a small smile.

Well of course, we are a little bit well to do though, a little bit under the middle class.

"I'd go get my things arranged" I said and he nodded.

Glancing around my room, I smiled seeing the admission letter, who knew I could be this lucky, I only tried my luck for the scholarship and I was picked. Well, I can't say I'm very brilliant, I'm just a little bit above average and it's my luck I was chosen. Who I am? I'm Camila Smith, I am about to resume the school owned by the renown Governor. Excitement is an understatement right now because I get to be in same class with the rich students. Talents? I draw, I can literally draw any piece of art. The main thing I'm proud of, I love my talent. Going to my wardrobe, I searched through my clothes wondering if it'd be able to fit in into the school. I hope I don't get to regret my decision because dad will definitely be sad. And I dare not make him sad, he's the only thing I've got. Dad told me I was still a child when mum died so I don't know how she's. He told me he moved away from where they lived so I never got to see her picture. Well, that's not really a valid reason but I trust him enough, there's no reason for him to keep away mum's death from me. Phew! I hung my shirts back into the wardrobe before falling floppily to the bed. Hopefully I don't die of excitement, lol. I chuckled rolling on the bed thinking of what to do. Well, draw since it's what I do best. But a picture of who? Dad. I'll give him as a gift for giving me his permission to attend the institution I longed so much, an institution different from all others since it's owned by the Governor.


"Dad!!" I yelled frustratedly falling to the couch.

"I don't want that dad" I said firmly.

"What do you want, go straight to the point, you know I'm busy" he said and I rolled my eyes.

"I want to be in Blessed High this session" I said.

"Please" I added.

"I want you in the business line Henry, you're almost done" he said.

I scoffed throwing the pillow away. As if hearing my grumbling, he laughed.

"I'd allow you attend if you can manage both together" he said, I rolled my eyes thinking of it.

"How do I get to go for the exams?" I asked and I could feel his smile.

"You travel Henry, I want you to take over the companies I own" he said and I nodded.

"But at least I get to attend Blessed high right?" I asked.

"Yes" he said and I smiled putting an end to the call.

I wonder why he's against the idea of me attending his institution for my business programme. The institution takes the programme too but he doesn't want that. Anyway, it's no problem, I should be happy he agreed.

Wondering who I am? I am Henry the only child of the Governor. He owns the institution I want to attend and it's a very good institution very different from all others. The programme is continued in the school but I'll only attend for a year more. Well, I can't really say I'm the only child, let's say I'm the only child alive. Mum and my one sibling died years ago though I can't really remember what happened but according to dad, they died in an accident when he was still a random man. The school helped him grow to his current status and I can say it's the best thing to be the Governor's only son. Dad could have had another wife but he didn't though he has a woman not legally his wife but she's his official wife. Age? 18, will be 19 soon. I stood up walking to the mirror gracefully and I smiled staring into the mirror. My face I must say is the most beautiful ever.

"Sir?" A guard bowed walking in and I turned to him.

"Amelia is here to see you" he said and I nodded.

"Bring her in" I ordered and he nodded walking away.

Amelia is my current girlfriend and I like her to an extent. Though I know she's your only with me for the fame and money but it's no problem, when I'm done with her, I'd discard of her.

"Baby" she squealed hugging me from behind.

"Let go" I ordered and she let go instantly.

"So, did your dad agree?" She asked and I nodded walking to the couch.

"Really?" She squealed jumping on me while I chuckled.

"You're gonna be in the states" she jumped around.

"I can see you whenever I want" she added with a smile.

Her phone rang and she paused.

"Bring it" I ordered as she held the phone.

"It's no problem Henry, don't worry" she said about to end the call.

"Bring it" I ordered and she sighed, walking gently to me.

I picked the phone and a guy's voice came on. Really?

"I want to be inside of you" the voice said and I smirked staring at her.

She's f*ck*ng someone else? She was sweating already. I ended the call immediately. I gave a small smile lifting her chin and I said the words.

"We're done Amelia" I said firmly.

"No Henry, I..." she stammered scratching her neck.

"I can't afford to be f*ck*ng someone others are f*ck*ng" I added and she sniffed.

"Please Henry" she begged.

"Bye" I said showing her the way out.

"Henry..." she called and I exhaled.

"You wouldn't like it the hard way" I gritted.

She swallowed hard taking her bag not without taking a last glance at me. Silly her.

Chapter 2... He saved me.


Walking into the school, I glanced around in awe seeing the decorations in the school. It's really a beautiful school. Well what should I expect, it's owned by the Governor after all. I walked towards the principal's office with my map to do the necessary registration.

Looking into the map towards my class, I gasped when I bumped into someone.

"I'm sorry" I apologized immediately.

"Really?" The person sneered and almost immediately, I felt the push making me fall to the ground weakly.

"I'm sorry" I mumbled trying to stand up but the grip on my hair made me fall weakly to the floor.

"Let go" I whimpered trying to push the hands off but the hand held my hair firmer.

"Please" I begged whimpered as the person pulled on my hair tighter.

"On your knees" the person ordered and I realized it's a girl.

Why's she telling me to go on my kne


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