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The Offside Of Love

  • Genre: YA/Teen
  • Author: ANA
  • Chapters: 71
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 5.7K
  • 8.8
  • 💬 58


" Sometimes we find the best thing inside the worst person " Savannah Yardley, the college beauty of Sunblock College didn't expect that her so called perfect boyfriend, Finn Hansley, the number one basketball player of Sunblock's basketball team would be the reason of her most devastating birthday celebration on her 19th Birthday. Finding her boyfriend with her own best friend on the bed was the birthday present that she had on that night. Heartbroken at that sight, Savannah accidentally came across the path of her sworn enemy, Ares Thatcher, the current caption of basketball team from their rival college. Ares wasn't the absolute man to share her sorrows but Revenge is dish best served cold. In her spark of revenge that engrossed her soul like wildfire, she made a deal with the cold, playboy, Ares Thatcher ---- Reveal Finn's weakness to Ares, get revenge on Finn & being done with Ares at the end. But she didn't know that dealing with a bad boy was like playing with fire__ either you burn or you get burn. Was it worth to cheer for her enemy in order to seek her revenge or something was more behind this?

Chapter 1 || Goal

" Stop crashing my feet,Kelly!", I cursed my best friend, Kelly Marshy as she wasn't showing any sign of stopping. Well, I couldn't blame her entirely. Not only her but the entire gallery was holding their breath in anticipation. My anxieties hormones flew upwards so much wildly that I forgot to pay attention on my nails which had been eaten like a delicious candy during this time.

50 || 50

The red screened score board was hanging at the top of our gallery like my death bell. Just a change of number could literally take my breath away without any delay. It was my another year in this same Waterlodgh Gallery. Each year, the state had organized the yearly basketball match among the universities. Though more than 130 universities participated each year, the finalists remained the same, Sunblock & Rainbow University. Simply because they had the best player of state in their team. The two potential stars who would be offered to play nationally anytime soon. It was the public's thoughts since both of them had achieved a number of trophies during the past few years. Their clubs treasured them like gem but I didn't care about one of them at all because my focus was always on Finn Hansley.

Finn Hansley, the captain of Sunblock's basketball team, the most wanted bachelor of Sunblock currently had stole my heart last year. We had been dating for an year approximately and as a loyal girlfriend and die heart supporter of Basketball, I came to cheer for my boyfriend and his team. Finn doesn't potentially look like the heartthrob honestly but he had a pair of grey eyes, light brown hairs and that little cut over his right eyebrow which defined him more like a decent, athletic guy. His countenance was always very tender, elegant which could attract anyone easily.

A round of high piercing cheers put my imaginations back on hold. I jerked off in my spot, my eyes followed the court in where Finn was flipping the ball, heading for the basket. The match had only 5 minutes left and here, we were still in tie with Rainbow. If the score stays the same, we will have to share the trophy with Rainbow. That was the rules for local matches like this. In no way, I would like to see my boyfriend sharing the prize with his enemy.

All the expectant eyes were on Finn who was enormously passing the defenders with his skilled dribbling. The entire gallery including me was hoping a high jump shoot, almost loosing our mind in anticipation. Finn was only one step away, his body flipped in the air as his other palm toyed with the red basketball skillfully. Just one shot, another story would be written in Sunblock's history. But then all our anticipations were killed off when another long slender arms blocked the ball, forcing it down.

I didn't had to look at his face. His tattoo behind his back was enough to notify me that who was the culprit. The supporters of Rainbow chirped after the ball was blocked. There I saw the face of our enemy!

Ares Thatcher whirled around to flash a stupid grin at the girls of Rainbow. His one hand held the basketball whilst he raked his other hand through his dark tossled hairs. Dark blue eyes framed with thick eyelashes, strong jawline, straight nose everything about him was so perfect undoubtedly except his character. Ares was known as the s*x God whose room was the s*x dungeon for the young girls of Rainbow that he used for pleasure. After that, he never looked back at them and for this reason, she never had my admiration no matter how good player he was. Sometimes I pitied my another best friend, Aria Thacher who came each year to support her brother. Unfortunately, yes. Our monarch enemy, the captain of Rainbow's basketball team was none other than my best friend's older brother, Ares Thatcher. It was hard to pretend that I like him in front of my best friend. But whatever my feelings were, I couldn't reveal it in front of my best friend who played a major part in my lonely nights.

Ares and Finn shared a lot of common things. Both had 29 goals in their bags but hate to mention that Ares had just shot one more last week during their match between clubs. Naturally the national team sends their offers after surpassing 30 and I was looking forward to the day when Finn would run to me to share the news that he had been selected to participate in the next national level match.

The gallery was once again in full cheering mood. Pushing my thoughts back in my mind, my eyes followed the Number 10 Jersey which belonged to Finn. In my bizarre of thoughts, I failed to notice that the ball had once again on Sunblock's control. Finn was bouncing and dribbling quite roughly. His countenance mortified when he focused on the basket sharply. Even though he was far away from me, I could tell that he was determined to break the record of Ares Thatcher.

Anxiety creepted through my mind again. I gripped the hem of my mini skirt as the tension was reckoning my nerves badly.

2 more minutes left...

It was a totally breathtaking moment when Finn launched himself in the air, his right arm outstretching and the ball finally had its own way inside the basket.


The entire gallery brust into laughter, screams of people engulfed the air. I was so lost in happiness that I forgot my place and was standing over the seat. At the same time, the bell rang, announcing to the over excited audience that they had a winner now.

Sunblock's basketball team! Finn's Winning!

A step closer to join the national team!

Around 45 minutes later, though the half of gallery had emptied, I was still there for Finn to show up. The trophies had been given to the team, boring speeches ended and all there left was players and his family members, close friend.

Finn was making his way towards me with a smile. I returned him a big smile before jogging over to him, jumping like a school kid. I pressed our lips together for a brief moment, ignoring the eyes around. My boyfriend had just won a trophy and it was time to celebrate, b*tch.

Finn grinned down at me, patting the side of my messy hairs,

" You have been waiting too long,huh?"

I pouted childishly,

" Yeap because you took too long to win!"

My compliment brought big smile on his face which I could stare at for eternity. I spotted Aria behind them, coming with her brother with a dissapointed look. Though they lost the game, Ares had no remorse visible on his expression. Instead he was laughing with his friend open mindedly.

Aria and I made a brief eye contact. I flashed her a smile which she returned with a stiff one though I didn't mind. My conscious told me to console Aria a little that I followed, leaving Finn behind to celebrate with his teammates.

Ares raised his brows once I made my way over to Aria. He tossed his hairs playfully, funning at my approach,

" I thought, enemies don't share their concerns."

I glared at him hard, his laughter erupted annoying me over and over again. Once I went closer, Aria pulled me into a tight hug, murmuring through her own sadness,

" Congratulations!"

I smiled against her skin. This girl was different from others. Elegant, always put others over her own choices and it was the reason that we were bounded gloriously as soul sister.

Ares left no chance of teasing me. His eyes hooked on me as he spoke unaffected by his sister's sadness who was much more unhappy than him,

" I heard that you have a party in your house, tomorrow?"

I scoffed from my irritation. Adjusting the strap of my bag on my back, I replied through my gritted teeth,

" Yeap, it's my birthday and you aren't welcome at all."

I was trying to be polite here but he had to provoke me at any cost. His lips twitched, one hand gripped the side of his dramatically replying,

" Ouch! That hurts, Princess!"

I hated this nickname more than anything else. He was an annoying big brother in my life who would tease you without any reason. Every year, I celebrated my birthday quite lavishingly. My parents had a tendency of giving all my freedom on that particular day and they kept their promises. Even I made a personal card to send those invitations to my friends personally.

Ignoring his lame jokes, I pulled my attention back on Aria, asking her softly,

" Aren't you coming?"

Aria appeared hesitant for a while. Her long eyelashes fluttered few times which she did often when she got nervous. Aria parted and closed her mouth, struggling to find a suitable reason but I cut her off, tugging on her arms impatiently,

" Don't you dare, Aria! You are coming or else I am not going to cut my birthday cake. This is your card.."

I spoke and reached out to pull out the card that I prepared for her. It was in my out pocket. My fingers stretched inside the pocket and I found nothing except the slight wetness from yesterday's soaking under the rain.

As I pulled on my strap, bringing the bag under my eyes to get a closer look, a domineering, playful voice rang from distance,

" Hey, Princess!"

My eyes followed the voice blankly. His eyes switched aside, gesturing at something that had in his grip up air,

" Thanks for the invitation! I am more than willing to crash your party!"

I stood froze, trembling in rage after the hearing! All I could yell at him out loud,

" Jerk!"

Chapter 2 || Birthday Girl

|| Savannah's POV ||

My birthday party was in a full swing mood. The birthday cake from my favorite pastry shop had just arrived at the door. Kelly and two others were decorating the cake with candles and extra hot chocolate. This firm house has always been my favorite. My uncle who was in the army allowed me to celebrate my birthday each year in this firm house. Most of the time, my parents came to attend us but this time, they had a pre-planned vacation outside of the country. Though they insisted on joining, I urged them to go enjoy and not worry about my birthday party. They barely took their own time to enjoy themselves and I couldn't be so selfish to hold them in this adult party. Besides Finn, my best companion would be here with me all the time.

I strode through the stairs, coming down to scan across the room. Aria didn't come yet which was making me uncomfortable. Though I believed that she wouldn't be so cruel to spoil my mood on my birthday


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