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Mercy Akodegbe

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About me

Hiii! Welcome! I'm an author who loves writing romance stories specifically billionaire romance. Connect with me on Facebook @Mercy Akod. For the mean time, check out my novels and feel free to drop your review.


Bounded to my billionaire boss
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"I love you!" He screamed and a sob escaped her lips. "I love you Rosie…from that day—" he took a step and ran his hands through his hair. "From that day I fired you Rosie. You were so clumsy—" he sniffed and chuckled. "You were so anxious and I had to fire you but that same day; that I saw you in the bar drunk; that I kissed you" he exhaled and laughed. "I fell in love with you" he confessed and she blinked back her tears. "Then why have you been cold to me Xander? Why have you been pushing me away? You were so warm to me, then it all changed when your brother came to you. Why!" "Because Rosie—" he licked his lips and tugged on his hair. "You're too innocent to get involved in the life I'm in." ———— Alexander Macaulay, the CEO of spelldrink Mac's was in love with his secretary from the day he saw her intoxicated self. He craved her presence but kept it to himself until he had the situation around him sorted out. Rosalie Jones promised to stay as long as he showed her he needed her. She could feel his love even if he never said it out loud. She was willing to keep the fire of their love burning unless he quelled it. Will their love overshadow their indifferences? Will their love be blissful despite the antagonists around them?

Her Sweet Passion
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Waking up to a new day, Olivia ,a shy and introverted lady couldn't believe her ears when told her life's changing. The normal life she lived will change as she has to get married to him- Lucas Davis, a billionaire who's only interested in exploring life to the core and making more money. On the long run,she discovers secrets she didn't know about. What is the secret? Are there secrets to why she's marrying him? What will happen as they start their journey together? Who's going to be the most passionate about their love story? Find out in this intriguing story.

Real Identities
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"Well, that's where I want to go," she yelled. "Camila!" Her dad called in a warning tone and she sighed. ... Camila, a teenage girl is excited to join the prestigious institution owned by the Governor but schooling becomes unbearable as Chloe, the Governor's niece is hellbent on bullying her. She kept getting lucky being saved by the Governor's son who took responsibility for handling the school. The spark between them is ignited and love happens. Through him, her identity surfaced and she's shocked to find out many secrets. What happens if their identities clash? Will she be able to accept it? Will their love blossom even after their Identities are revealed? And how will Chloe take the news when she finds out?


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