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The Bloodstained Luna

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The delicate white lily of the winter moon; the spiteful red rose of the scarlet moon. The chosen ones of the Lunarian prophecy; a formidable love stained with red lilies' blood. *** Lazarus Molgran was born a vampire... royalty prince of the Scarlet Moon Kingdom. He is ruthless and has vowed to kill every single one of the winter moon children—their kingdom's sworn enemies, in order to avenge his parents. However, it isn't the only reason why. Lazarus plans to capture Ty Wolfrus—one of the winter moon children who has been hiding amongst the humans—and torture him until death. A secret he has kept hidden since the day he learned the truth. Lazarus doesn't want to accept what is bound to happen, that he's willing to do everything to prevent and stop it from happening and before everyone finds out the disgusting and cruel details of it—of the Lunarian Oracle. How can the prince of the Scarlet Moon—a vampire—be destined to the child of the winter moon—a werewolf—his sworn enemy?



There is a hidden place far different from the place where humans live; a much different world where fighting and killings are a natural occurrence. Vampires and werewolves from the legends exist… only that these creatures were created by the Goddess Luna; a new generation of Lunarian creatures after the first Lunarian Legacy… the hybrids.

Almost a thousand years ago, the Goddess Luna created the first Lunarian creatures through her Lunarian Oracle. These creatures are the hybrids, having the traits of both vampire and werewolf and she called this clan… the Lunarian Legacy, the first Lunar Kingdom—the Kingdom of Luna. These hybrids are divided into two systems, the Alpha and the Omega systems. Wherein those from the Alpha system have defined crescent moon marks on their bodies while those of the Omega system have a much lighter crescent moon mark. These marks glow when their fated-partners are determined and when they show their individual powers and abilities. These marks are their identities… the mark of the hybrids.

Among these hybrids, the Goddess Luna has her own favorites—Maximo Gramell and Milvera Hearth… the strongest hybrids she created. Both from the Alpha system, Goddess Luna paired these two hybrids together and let them become the first King and Queen of the Lunar Kingdom. Maximo and Milvera mated and had two alpha kids, naming them Maximus Gramell and Maximillian Gramell. And just like their parents, their crescent moon marks are much defined only that Maximus’ and Maximillian’s marks were a lot bigger and are both situated on their left chests. And these two alpha kids have the ability to suppress their marks and hide them… making them invisible, unlike the rest of their kind. The Goddess Luna had not predicted this kind of ability. And she felt that these marks have an immense amount of power, given that they both came from the two strongest alphas.

The Goddess Luna wasn’t able to predict a lot of things. For some reason, she couldn’t read what’s on the minds of the members of the royal family. Even her Lunarian Oracle failed to predict the future that awaits the Lunar Kingdom. And when the time came that Maximo Gramell turned his back on the Goddess Luna because of his greed for power, that’s when the Goddess Luna knew… she made a big mistake. The Lunar Kingdom’s Lunarian Legacy Clan forgot about their goddess and Luna was furious, mad, betrayed. And before everything else turned sour, Goddess Luna decided to annihilate her first creation, to wipe out the entire Lunar Kingdom and the Lunarian Legacy Clan… her firstborns.

Maximus was 12 years old and Maximillian was 6 years old when their Goddess Luna killed their parents first and then destroyed the entire Lunar Kingdom… killing every single hybrid at sight and even those who are hiding. However, Luna didn’t know that there were still hybrids alive. She thought she killed and destroyed everyone but she was wrong. Maximus and Maximillian lived. They were the only two hybrids that lived; defying Luna’s holy power of destruction. Their marks glowed when Luna’s power was killing everyone, as if they were being protected by their marks against their own creator. Maximus escaped the Lunar Kingdom with his sister to the human realm where the Lunarian Legacy Institute, a hidden headquarters for the hybrid royalties, was located. Maximus hid their marks but he couldn’t suppress her sister’s mark. His power was being nullified by Maximillian’s mark. That’s when he realized that their powers were opposite of each other and that they were destined to go against each other. But he couldn’t kill his sister because he loved her too much. So, instead of killing her, he made her drink the potion that would halt her time and stop her body from growing and then put her into a deep sleep inside the coffin. He then plans to use his sister against the Goddess Luna.

1000 years have passed and Maximus continued hiding while at the same time harnessing his hybrid powers and the power of his mark. He also spent those long years planning how to destroy the Goddess Luna while Maximillian was still in deep sleep… her body was still that of a child’s. Though Maximus wasn’t aware how much the Goddess Luna lost after destroying an entire kingdom. Goddess Luna was a lot weaker than she used to. But she decided to create a new generation of lunarian creatures… her secondborns, making her even weaker. Only that she decided to separate the two traits of a hybrid. She created the vampires and the werewolves simultaneously but separately… creating two lunarian lineages, two lunarian clans—the Scarlet Moon Clan and the Winter Moon Clan. She decided that the two clans cannot coexist. Luna then put the Alpha and Omega systems only in the Winter Moon Clan and created the alpha-omega pairing system. She knew that both alphas cannot be together as well as a vampire and a werewolf cannot be together; reason why both clans have become sworn enemies since the beginning of their time. Luna also put in the Lunarian History everything that happened a thousand years ago and declared hybrid creatures as the cursed ones. Luna bestowed rules for the vampire clan and for the werewolf clan and for both clans.

However, only the royalties have the right to keep the Lunarian History books that Luna created herself. The royalties have the responsibility to share the history to their people. The Goddess Luna then lost all her power except for the Lunarian Oracle… but she no longer has the power to change the course of the prophecy. Now… it is up to her lunarian children how they will face their predetermined destinies.

When Maximus witnessed everything that happened after a thousand years, he was even more furious that the Goddess had the audacity to create new lunarian creatures and made his kind the cursed ones. With that, he decided to wake his sister up from a thousand long years of deep sleep inside the coffin and went to the magical forest just outside the whole Lunar Kingdom and left his sister near the Winter Moon Kingdom. When two alpha-omega pair found Maximillian and took her in, it was his cue to completely carry out his years-long plan; his plan to destroy the entire Kingdom of Luna and the Goddess herself just like how she annihilated his clan. Maximus Gramell’s revenge has finally begun.


It was past midnight and the chilling breeze brought by the winter season managed to sneak in through the slightly opened window of the 16-year-old Scarlet Moon Prince Lazarus’ room in the Scarlet Moon Palace. The night was quiet and fearful, like something dangerous was about to come. The quietness of the night threatened more as Lazarus’ body remained still like that of a dead’ body. He’s a vampire, after all. His skin was white as snow and cold as the winter. Eyes closed, his long and dark lashes flicked as he dreamed…

Hah hah hah hah…

There was someone in his dream, panting nonstop. Lazarus opened his eyes and found himself in a dark place. He tried adjusting his senses but to no avail. It was only a matter of time when he gave up trying and just focused instead on the panting sound of another creature.

“Who are you?” Lazarus asked. “Where are you?” The hint of annoyance in his voice was evident. He couldn’t even understand why.

The panting sound continues and it’s getting louder and louder as Lazarus walked forward, following where it was coming from.

“Lazarus… Molgran…” the creature said in a faint husky voice, which gave him chills that also surprised him. The voice was calling him, and it felt and sounded like the man was in pain.

“Who are you?” asked Lazarus once more.

The panting stopped and it was now deadly silent. The dark surrounding remained and Lazarus could no longer move. There was no longer a sound he could follow. He was just there in the middle of emptiness, confused and not moving at all.

Suddenly, Lazarus felt his heart beating loudly. Even though vampires were supposed to not have a beating heart, his felt hot and alive. He has been different from everyone else, but this is the first time he completely felt his difference, his uniqueness. He wasn’t sure if he’d be impressed or not. The beating of his heart continued and a faint light slowly crept from the birth mark on his left chest.

Awoo! Awoo!

Upon hearing a howling sound that resembled that of his enemies’, Lazarus ran towards the direction where the howling was coming from. It was starting to fade but the howling continued. Lazarus stopped when the sound disappeared.

Lazarus cursed under his breath when he once again failed to identify who was making him uneasy. He was determined to kill that creature once he found out who it is. He was busy looking for the creature amidst the darkness that he didn’t even notice the light that was coming from his birth mark. And all of a sudden, the dark place was illuminated by another light and the light from his birth mark followed.

Both lights were glowing intensely and Lazarus couldn’t understand what was happening. Until he remembered something from the Lunarian History book about two marks glowing intensely together meant that the creatures that have these marks are fated and destined to each other.

Lazarus lifted his coldblooded red eyes and saw a winter moon creature in front of him. The winter moon child was in his werewolf form and it was the most beautiful winter moon child he had ever seen. The werewolf was like the winter with his fur as white as the winter frost and his wolf eyes as blue as the blue sky and as serene as the ocean. He was beautiful that Lazarus felt disgusted of himself for acknowledging that.

Lazarus’ heart started beating fast, something so unusual for a Scarlet Moon child like him. His enemy was in front of him, yet he couldn’t move to kill him. For some reason, his heart felt hot and almost breaking. For the first time since his parents died, his heart was in pain.

“Lazarus?” the werewolf asked.

“Who are you?” There was a lump in Lazarus’ throat when he asked that.

Slowly, the winter moon child started walking towards him. Lazarus wanted to back away but he couldn’t move. His feet were glued to the ground. And as the werewolf was nearing him, his form was slowly turning back to being human, but before he could turn completely, Lazarus woke up from the dream.

Eyes widened, Lazarus was finally awake. He held his chest and felt his birth mark burning while his heart was still beating so fast. He woke up from the dream almost remembering nothing, except the feeling of wanting to kill the winter moon child who visited his dream.


2 years after, Lazarus set off to a mission of finding the winter moon child from his dream. He found out that the werewolf was hiding in the human realm and he’s determined to find him in order to fully understand what his dream from 2 years ago was all about.

Lazarus arrived in the human realm, in front of Riley Morgan’s house. Riley Morgan was his mother’s friend and one of the noble vampires who chose to live in the human realm for humanity’s greater cause. Riley was a Detective of the New York Police Department.

“You arrived safely, I see.” Riley smiled at the expressionless Lazarus who just walked straight inside Riley’s house.

Riley clicked her tongue and chuckled, before looking around her yard for a while and then closing the door in front of her. She followed Lazarus who was now in the living room of the Morgan mansion.

“Princess Laizera gave me a heads-up as to why you’d be coming here. So, I already prepared every document that you might need while you’re staying here to look for the—” Unfortunately, she was cut off by the Scarlet Moon Prince.

“What documents? I don’t need documents,” Lazarus said coldly.

Riley chuckled before answering, “Prince Lazarus… you’ll be attending a University to help you socialize with humans. By doing so, it would be easy for you to look for the winter moon child you are set to find,” she explained to him briefly.

Lazarus sighed and was about to complain when a knock on the front door interrupted their conversation.

“Just a moment,” Riley said before speeding up to the front door and opening it. “Oh, Noah, what’s up?” Lazarus heard Riley said, obviously talking to someone outside.

Out of curiosity, Lazarus walked to the hallway towards the foyer of the Morgan mansion and saw a glimpse of the human Riley was talking to. They sounded cheerful and friendly like they have known each other for so long.

Lazarus saw half of the human’s face and realized that the human has blue eyes and they were clear as the blue sky. However, when the eyes of the human moved to where Lazarus was standing, he immediately speeds up to the second floor, hiding himself.

“Noah…” Lazarus unconsciously uttered under his breath while his heart started beating again after 2 years. A mystery he still couldn’t decipher; and the only mystery he’s afraid to unveil.

1. A New Student

CHAPTER 1: A New Student

“Noah, are you up?” Noah’s mother, Mrs. Holly Evans, shouted from the first floor of their house. She was in the kitchen, readying Noah’s breakfast before he heads to the University.

Noah, however, was still half asleep. He slightly opened his eyes when he heard his mother’s voice but immediately closed them again to go back to sleep. After a few minutes, Noah decided to get up from his bed, but he was still hugging his white and soft throw pillow.

“Noah!” Mrs. Evans called him for the second time, shouting again.

“I’m up!” Noah answered his mother and chuckled while trying to stretched his drowsiness away.

Noah then went to his bathroom to take a cold and quick shower before heading downstairs, all ready. It was the start of the year and the winter season was more intense and cold in the month of January. And a new semester just started so every student were expected to wear their winter clothes to protect thei


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