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About me

21. she/her. A student. A writer. A dreamer. "Here's to the words that escape our broken soul and to the life they bring to others." Socials: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Telegram:


The Pretentious Daughter-In-Law
  • Author: Callieya
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0

BREAKING NEWS: Joaquin Alfonso Agravante—the most respected and the wealthiest businessman in the country, and the heir to the Agravante Holdings Corp., who recently has been promised to marry the daughter of the owner of Chua Holdings, was caught on camera while having the hottest night of his life… with a prostitute. Now known as the epitome of darkness; the most handsome beast of his generation was never expected to do such a thing just to pleasure himself. What a very scandalous affair, indeed. Such an event only proves that once lust takes over, not even a saint can escape the chains of temptation. *** Mira Hernandez, a prostitute, lived her life bedding elite men in order to survive the catastrophic challenges that befell her life when her parents died and when her relatives took over their company and threw her out of their own house. But she has had enough. After that hot and intense night with her last client, Minerva decided to end her worthless life. But someone was able to stop her from doing so, and even asked her to marry him in exchange for a grand life and a house she can call home and that man was none other than her last client—Joaquin Alfonso Agravante, the wealthiest businessman in the country and the heir to the Agravante Inc., her parents’ biggest rival company in the business industry.

The Bloodstained Luna
  • Author: Callieya
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 492
  • 7.5

The delicate white lily of the winter moon; the spiteful red rose of the scarlet moon. The chosen ones of the Lunarian prophecy; a formidable love stained with red lilies' blood. *** Lazarus Molgran was born a vampire... royalty prince of the Scarlet Moon Kingdom. He is ruthless and has vowed to kill every single one of the winter moon children—their kingdom's sworn enemies, in order to avenge his parents. However, it isn't the only reason why. Lazarus plans to capture Ty Wolfrus—one of the winter moon children who has been hiding amongst the humans—and torture him until death. A secret he has kept hidden since the day he learned the truth. Lazarus doesn't want to accept what is bound to happen, that he's willing to do everything to prevent and stop it from happening and before everyone finds out the disgusting and cruel details of it—of the Lunarian Oracle. How can the prince of the Scarlet Moon—a vampire—be destined to the child of the winter moon—a werewolf—his sworn enemy?


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