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Hybrid Alpha's Naughty Witch
  • 👁 285
  • 8.5

“Young master...” “What?” He shot me a gaze. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me” I blurted and he was taken aback, I’m sure he was never expecting those words from me. I crawled towards him gently, licking my plump lips. “I can’t wait for your cock to fill my tight hole, I’ve been dreaming of this day for such a long time” I continued and his breathing intensified. I couldn’t tell if my plan was going great or bad... all I wanted to do was try to act like a slut, worship him and make him feel disgusted like I was cheaply throwing myself at him. But from the look of things, my act seems to be making him much more happy and aroused. I knelt on the bed, using a finger to draw lines on his chest, his hot breath fanned my hand, his chest vibrated and it sent chills to my body. ........ Brielle didn’t think life could get anymore fun until she kissed two brothers on the same night. Things turned around when she was taken to their world, a world far different from the one she knew and had grown in. Amidst the steamy nights and strange incidents, She starts discovering secrets about who she really is, what was inside of her, the great positions awaiting her and who her lover truly is. Nikolas also discovers the dangers that lies ahead with the great position and woman he has by his side. You wouldn’t wanna miss this steamy, funny and suspense filled novel of a strange alpha and his reincarnated witch.... Watch out!!

The Outcast Hybrid Luna
  • Author: Hawtsaus
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 20.5K
  • 8.0

CONTENT WARNING! This book may contain depictions of sexual assault, suicide, explicit intimacy, and dark content! 'You smell so good, divine. ' He drawled out the words, dipping his nose on the side of my neck. The warmth of his breath fanned the skin, raising goosebumps along the area. My back ached when he latched his warm mouth on my skin, sucking hungrily. I lifted my hips up, attempting to add more friction between us. The rest of the people faded, mind body and soul focusing on our man. 'Please don't stop. ' I pitifully begged when he kneeled down, putting a distance between us. 'Ssssshhh love, soon baby. ' He purred,  guiding two fingers in my eagerly waiting mouth. *************** Scarlet Baranov has lived all her life without a wolf as an outcast and a slave under the leadership of one cruel Alpha, until one night, his abuse goes beyond the bounds. Determined to preserve the tiny bit of her dignity left, Scarlett flees, only to wander into the territory of the most notorious alpha in the were community, whose hatred for rogues runs deep in his tainted veins, Alpha Jaxon. Having turned rogue after her escape, scarlet faces a torturous death in the arms of Jaxon, who is scared by his painful past. She suddenly shifts into her wolf, only to find out that she is mated to the very man who swore to kill her. Rejected and accused of conspiring with her former alpha to finish Jax off, Scarlett finds out that the events that led to her escape had borne a bitter fruit of unexpected and unwanted pregnancy. Everything is different from what it seems, submerged in twisted turns, secrets and past sins that Jax and Scarlett must uncover. Will Jax be able to look past his hunger for blood, the pregnancy, give into the powerful bond and accept his fated mate? Or will he punish her for something she knows nothing of and live miserably for the rest of his life?