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The Alpha's Witch Mate

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Taken to the human world by her parents to keep her safe, Serena grew up living like a human until her power unleashes and she discovered her true identity. She is a white witch, reincarnated as the chosen one in the prophecy. This discovery is the doorway that leads to other strange occurrences. Her foster parents die in a car crash on her eighteenth birthday and that event turned out to be the beginning of her entire life. Serena had no choice but to leave the human world with her parents and travel through the portal to the supernatural realm. While preparing herself for the great war that would break out, she meets and falls in love with Supreme Alpha Kendrick who is mated to her. As the war draws near, secrets are unveiled. Friends become enemies. The past is uncovered and Serena has to go on a quest to find the only weapon that can defeat the dark witches. While trying to fulfil the prophecy, the darkness is slowly consuming her and Serena has a single choice to make. The black witch wants her powers to rule the world;Serena either gives in to the request of her enemies or she watches her mate and loved ones die by her hand. While trying to save the world and fulfil the prophecy, can she also save her mate and her family from the clutches of the dark witches? Can she save herself from the darkness? Can the love between the mated lovers prevail over all obstacles?

Chapter 1: Turning 18

Light sunshine spilling through the curtains woke Serena up. She opened her eyes slowly, blinked a few times and turned over on her bed. She yawned widely, covering her mouth with the palm of her hand and sat up. A sweet smile appeared on her lips. Today was her eighteenth birthday, a day she had been waiting for. She remembered her mom telling her that she would finally become an adult once she turns eighteenth. Although she didn't feel anything within, being an adult and all that;But she was still excited. She stretched her arms and jumped off her bed, almost tripping in the bedsheets. "D*mn, I'm just too excited",she said while laughing. Serena was very beautiful. She had long wavy purple-coloured hair which she used to be really ashamed of when she was young. She remembered being in the 8th grade;her schoolmates always made fun of her, calling her a freak. Serena had wanted to cut her hair off back then in 8th grade, but her mom had convinced her that she was unique. Her mom told her having that kind of hair was a sign that she was a special child. At that time, Serena didn't understand what her mom meant, about her being a special child. She thought her mom was just trying to cheer her up. Now she stared at her reflection in the mirror, loving her purple hair and thanking her mom silently for not allowing her cut it back then. One thing she wouldn't change about her appearance was her eyes. They were a colour between silver and grey. They were almost white. For as long as she could remember, she had always loved the colour of her eyes. They were very unique, just like her hair. Serena shook her head to stop herself from daydreaming. Today was going to be the perfect birthday, because she was taking her first step into adulthood. She rushed into the bathroom and took off her cream coloured pajamas. First she brushed her teeth;then she waltzed into the shower stall in pure happiness and turned on the shower. She first shampooed her hair, washing it and inhaling the minty fragrance. After washing her hair, she washed her body with her scented bath soap. In ten minutes, she was done. She pulled out her bra and panties from her closet, then chose a black turtle neck top and dark blue skinny jeans. After she was dressed, she pulled out her favorite pair of black sneakers. Then she sat in front of her mirror and dried her hair. She tied it into a ponytail and dabbed herself with her scented body oil. She applied her pink lipstick and mascara. Then she stood back and checked herself out in the wall length mirror. "Perfect",she said. She twirled in an elegant pirouette and giggled out of sheer happiness. "Serena? Honey are you awake?",someone called. "Coming mom",Serena yelled and skipped out in gay spirits. She walked into the kitchen and kissed her mom on the cheek. "Good morning",she said happily. "How's my little birthday girl doing today?",her mom asked with a grin. Serena made a mock horror face. "Little? Mom I'm not little anymore" she said. "Now, I'm an adult, just like you told me. No more mommy's little girl" she added with a satisfied smile. Her mom tried to hold back a laugh. "Ok little adult" she said "Mom!" Serena cried out and they both laughed. "I'm still your little girl, but just between us, ok?",she said, going to her mom and hugging her. "Of course darling. You will always be my little girl",her mom said. Tears filled her eyes, but she blinked them away before Serena could see it. If only Serena knew. "Where's dad?" Serena asked. "He went to the grocery store to get some supplies",her mom replied. Just then, her dad entered. He was a tall man, with a bald head and protruding tummy. Her mom had short brown hair and was very small. It never occured to Serena that she didn't look like her parents. "Dad, I was just asking of you" Serena said sighting her dad. She went to help him take some of the bags he held. She waited patiently for her dad to wish her a happy birthday, but he didn't. Finally running out of patience, she called, "Dad, have you forgotten what today is?" Her dad pretended to forget. "Today is the 18th of June" he said while hiding a smile. Serena looked dumbfounded, "I know it's the 18th. But don't you remember what today is?"Serena's mom tried so hard to hold her laugh in. She knew her husband was teasing Serena. Her dad shrugged his shoulders and turned to one of the boxes he came with. "Dad!"Serena cried out,"It's my 18th birthday. I can't believe you forgot"she pouted angrily and folded her arms. Her dad turned round again, holding a large pink two layer cake. He grinned and said,"How could I forget your first step into adulthood?" Serena squealed happily and ran to hug him, but stopped short so she wouldn't ruin her cake."You were just teasing me",she accused playfully. Her dad smiled and said,"Happy birthday princess, or should I say happy adulthood". They all laughed because Serena never failed to remind them everyday that she would be an adult soon. Her mom finished breakfast, and they sat at the kitchen to eat after which they took a slice of cake each. They toasted to a new age for Serena and there were laughter and tears of joy all around. Serena got gifts from her parents, something she kept to open later because her friends were coming over to join her celebrate. "Now remember Serena",her mom began. "No wild parties. Be moderate, and make sure they join you clean up""Of course mom. I got it. Thanks for the gift",Serena said, walking them to the door. "You're sure you don't want to open your gifts now?",her dad asked. Serena shook her head. "I'm saving the best for last",she said with a smile. "Ok, we will be back at most, seven or eight. Take care of yourself and have fun",her mom said as she kissed Serena on the cheek. "I will, bye",Serena said and closed the door. She went to cut another slice of cake for herself. " Birthday girl owns today",she said to herself with a smile as she brought out her phone. She dialled a number and her best friend picked. "Whatsup birthday girl" Anderson yelled through the other end. Serena had to take the phone away from her ears as she laughed. "Cut it out dork. Mom and dad are out. Bring the squad",she said happily. "Alright, now you're talking", Anderson yelled again and she heard him say on the other end, "Alright guys, let's head out. Party about to start" Serena heard yells and happy screams from the other end and she laughed. These were her only true friends, and she would cherish this day with them. She hung up and started preparing the sitting room for their arrival.

Chapter 2: Bad news

Serena heard the door bell ding. She just finished bringing out the pie from the oven. There were two boxes of pizza on the table and the fridge was filled with drinks. She quickly checked her reflection in the living room mirror and fixed her hair. Then she ran to the door and threw it open. "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" Anderson and Tabitha screamed in excitement. They were her two best friends. Behind them was Olivia, Jericho, Jordan, Samantha, Natasha and Jayden. Serena screamed in happiness and hugged them all. "Awwwwnnn, thanks so much guys",Serena told them as they all trooped in. "You guys are the best",she added as she hugged Anderson and Tabitha again. She felt so emotional. "Happy birthday girl",Tabitha said to her, wiping the joyous tears from her eyes. "Now is not the time to cry, you know",Anderson said as he hooked his hand over Serena's shoulder. "I know, I'm just so excited",Serena sa


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