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Stuck With My Alpha Mate Who Hates Me

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Winter's heart is broken when her crush, Julian, turns out to be mated with her adopted sister, Amelia. However, their parents order a marriage between Winter and Julian to unite their two packs. "Is this what you want? Do you want to marry me?” he asked. As his finger sunk into her wet p*ssy, he fought back the groan that threatened to rise up his throat. Every time he faced her, he lost his control and did things he hadn’t planned. Her impact on him was far much more than Amelia ever had on him. She swallowed as she looked into his stormy blue eyes. She knew he hated her. But she didn't regret submitting to him. "Marking me as yours, Julian," she whispered. "You really are a woman who will do anything for your purpose. I’m impressed,” he snorted. He s*ck*d her skin and his gums tingled, his fangs itching to elongate and pierce her skin. If he pushed just a little harder, he would mark her. He didn't. How cruel and depressed for her that he took her but did not mark and claim her as his mate! Will Winter win Julian’s heart finally, or will she give up on him while he’s always hurt her?

Chapter 1 Sister

“You look great!” Scarlett, the wolf inside Winter Grace Hart, howled in appreciation, “who would have guessed you were hiding such beauty beneath all those hoodies you wear?”

Winter was not used to the dress when she walked out of the dressing room. It wasn’t the kind of thing she usually wore, but it was the perfect dress for tonight’s party.

She took another look at her reflection in the mirror. The dress was silver in colour, with a bejewelled bust and a silky skirt. It was simple but elegant, just perfect for the occasion.

Scarlett cooed, “You’ll turn heads with this one tonight, I promise!”

Winter didn’t care much about it turning heads. Unless that head belonged to Julian Everett Winthrop. Her cheeks coloured just at the thought of him.

The prom was held by the Winthrop triplets from the Atlas Pack. It was a special event for werewolf kids, and they were invited from all packs. All the she-wolves who had not yet found their mates were excited, because there was a chance that they could be mated to the Alpha triplets!

The triplets were yet to find their mate, four years after everyone expected it to happen. The assumption was that their mate was not eighteen yet, and every year, everyone waited with bated breath. If they did not find their fated mate soon, they would have to settle for a chosen mate.

Winter had her eyes set on just one of the brothers, Julian. He was the oldest among the three, and she had been crushing on him for a long time.

How could she not? He was basically every she-wolf’s fantasy. In school, he had been captain of the baseball team, an All-Star. He was so gorgeous she could not help staring whenever he walked by, and he had a body that made her think thoughts that made her blush.

However, despite liking him for so long, she did not really think that she had a chance with him. Not when he treated her like a pesky inconvenience in his path. She had never understood why he always acted hostile towards her, and she had never asked.

But, she decided to confess her love to him tonight. She expected the dress to be the perfect boost, catching his attention at first sight.

“Oh, Princess Amelia, this dress looks like it was made for you!”

Winter’s thoughts were cut short as her adoptive sister Amelia emerged from her fitting room. The shopping attendants enthused while other shoppers stopped what they were doing to stare in admiration.

Amelia was wearing a baby blue dress with a bow detail across the bust, bringing out her fair skin and long blonde curls. She looked like a well-groomed Barbie.

She was always dressed to kill and unlike Winter, she was the true definition of an Alpha Princess. The triplets did not treat her with the same hostility or coldness they extended to Winter.

Winter’s heart stung as she imagined that if Julian was asked to choose one between them, he would definitely settle for Amelia.

“Wow, that’s such a beautiful dress,” Amelia’s voice pulled Winter from her depressing thoughts. Amelia had stopped checking herself and had turned to observe Winter instead. “It’s so much prettier than this dull thing.”

“Do you like it, dear?” Winter’s mother, Silvia, asked as she walked into the area just then. Winter’s heart dropped to her stomach, knowing what her mother was likely to say. She came to a stop in front of her and studied the dress. “This looks more like Amelia’s style. You should try it on,” she said to Amelia.

She did not ask Winter whether she would like to give it to Amelia to try on, or if she was willing to part with it. Instead, she gave Winter an order. “Take the dress off and hand it to Amelia.”

Amelia was also watching Winter, a ‘sorry’ smile on her face.

Clutching the dress, Winter hesitated. She really liked the dress, and it was the only one she had loved. There were so many other dresses that Amelia could try on, why did it have to be this one?

Her mother cocked her head impatiently. “What are you waiting for? Take it off!”

“Yes, Mum,” Winter replied, with her head down. She had to give up, since she knew resistance was to no avail.

Winter always remembered the day when she found out that Amelia snooped on her diary where she had written about her crush on Julian. Amelia didn’t apologize but taunted Winter. Winter was so pissed off, she pushed Amelia out of her room.

But then Amelia burst into tears. Silvia heard her crying and rushed into the room. Before Winter could explain, Amelia complained to their mother that Winter didn't welcome her into the family and wanted to kick her out.

Mum slapped Winter so hard, ordering Winter to take care of Amelia, whether she accepted or not. Winter was so upset, she couldn't figure out why her mother favoured Amelia, an adoptive daughter, more than her own daughter?

She had to tell herself, until she's strong enough to leave the pack, she'd rather be obedient instead of getting physically abused by her parents. And today, she wanted Julian to see her flawless makeup, not a slap mark on her face.

As soon as Winter went back into the dressing room, she leaned against the door and gazed up at the ceiling. She was straining to keep the tears in. She couldn't bawl and mess up the makeup. She did not have another two hours to do it again.

Scarlett was not having it. She growled, “Don’t give it to her!”

“It’s just a dress,” Winter said, “I can find another one.”

“Don’t act cool. I can tell you are down.”

Winter sighed. “She is my sister. Besides, it also happens to be her birthday. Let her have it.” It was true, it was Amelia’s eighteenth birthday. Winter knew it was part of the reason the triplets had decided to throw the prom that day.

“She is not your sister! She is just a rogue from nowhere!” Scarlett yelled. “Can’t you see what she is doing? She is jealous that you got the best dress and wants to take it from you. She can’t stand that you look better than her. This is what she has always been doing, taking away your things. She acts innocent and you fall for it every single time!”

Winter frowned. “That’s because I care about my brother, Scar. He brought her back from a battlefield and asked us to accept her as part of the family. It’s his dying wish and I made the promise.”

“You are too kind for your own good and it has completely blinded you to her true nature,” Scarlett argued, “she has never thought of you as her own sister. Ever since she came to your family, all of your parents’ attention has turned to her. Right now, your mother did not even acknowledge how beautiful her own daughter looked in this dress, all she could think about was that it was a good match for her adopted daughter.”

Despite feeling unwanted, Winter shook her head. “You are being dramatic, Scar.”

“Am I? Okay, tell me this. What if Julian is your mate, but Amelia wants him? Will you give him away to her?”

“It would never happen because the triplets don’t like me,” Winter said, hanging her head. “They would reject me in the first place.” Not to mention if she was their mate, they would have found out already. She had turned eighteen two years ago, and much to her disappointment, she had not turned out to be fated to Julian.

“You are wrong,” Scarlett said. “No werewolf doesn’t want their mate. I would never give up on my mate, no matter what!”

Chapter 2 Heartbreak

"Only Amelia would rock that dress, it's spot on for you, sweetheart," Silvia praised Amelia after she had changed into Winter’s dress, kissing both her cheeks.

Winter kept quiet, although she heard others whispering that the dress didn't fit Amelia at all, it sure was a flashy piece.

“You, go change into this one,” Silvia said, throwing Winter a white gown.

“Mum, is it not too plain for an important party?” Amelia asked.

“This bitch is fucking good at acting!” Scarlett hissed inwardly, whereas Winter kept silent.

“How thoughtful of you!” Silvia said, “But you’re the only one who should be in the spotlight tonight, Amelia. It’s your eighteenth birthday!”

Turning around, Winter couldn’t bear any more of her mother’s bias. She changed into the outfit her mother gave to her and stayed silent on the way to the hotel.

The car came to a stop and the Hart family got out. As Winter emerged from the backseat alongside Amelia, she marvelled at the hot


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