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Luna Battle The Game

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Elara: Sold at birth, is a servant to Alpha Draven. Elara was claimed and bitten by Alpha Draven at a young age and had her wolf removed from her. With no wolf and no power, she is stuck under his power and control. When an announcement comes out about Alpha Prime Darius looking for his Luna, Elara sneaks an entry in for herself. While hiding the fact that she is always claimed and bitten. Expecting to never hear of it again, she is shocked when the Alpha Prime Soldiers arrive to collect her. While Alpha Draven wishes to refuse and keep her, he's powerless and has to follow the order and let her leave. When Elara arrives at the castle, she finds herself standing among other potential Lunas and quickly realises that this competition was never intended to find Alpha Prime's true mate but the best candidate to be Luna. Without a wolf, she is sure she will be gone within the first round. However, she becomes shocked when she isn't sent home, but her being there is nothing more than publicity. Things become more tangled when Alpha Prime Draven chooses a Luna, and on the same day, Elara's wolf is returned to her.

Under His Power

I push the brush across the wooden floor, even though there is nothing that needs cleaning. Alpha Draven expects perfection, which requires me to clean multiple times a day.

God forbid a spec of dust falls. It might be missed if I only sweep once or twice a day.

"Mutt!" I froze upon hearing his voice. "Mutt!" Sighing, I place the brush down and rush into the other room. He turns in his chair and smiles at me.

"Yes, Master." I move and kneel, my head lowering as I await his orders.

"We have company tonight. Ensure the tables are set. There will be fifteen guests."

"Yes, Master, I will get it done. Is there anything else?"

"These guests are important, and I trust that you will behave appropriately and follow orders tonight."

I don’t have a choice. Alpha Draven forgets that it’s his choice, not mine. "I will, Master." I hear him rise and keep my head lowered. Unable to move.

"Raise your head." I lift my head and see him standing before me. "What is your role tonight?"

I consider my words. "To please you, Master and your guests."

"One guest in particular, Mutt, Alpha Ethan, I need to ensure that he agrees to this deal, so pay more attention to him than my other guests. Do you understand?" His words are growled towards the end.

"Yes, Master."

"Good. Please go get the room ready. Your outfit is in your cell. I expect you to be wearing it before the guests arrive. You may leave now."

"Thank you, Master." Standing, I turn and leave. Walking through the house, I go to the room he uses to entertain guests. I begin to set up the tables. I clean them and ensure that everything is ready for the cooks and servants to put food on.

Walking back through the house, I  go to my cell. I look down at the clothing lying on my mat. They give me the perfect indication of what I am expected to do tonight. The dress is short, so Alpha Ethan no doubt expects more than conversation.

"Mutt." I turn and kneel.

"Yes, Sir." I watch as Beta Luca steps into my cell. He stops just before me and I stay looking down at his shoes.

"I expect your company tonight. Do not be late."

"Sir, Alpa Draven has already requested that I attend his event and focus primarily on Alpha Ethan."

I hear his slight chuckle and feel his hand fist into my hair, pulling my head back so that I face him.

"Then you will be sure to have a long night. My room once Alpha Ethan is finished with your body."

"Yes, Sir." A whimper escapes as his hand tightens on my hair, my scalp burning.

"Actually, I have the perfect idea. I'm sure Alpha Ethan will agree with my plan. You keep him company as Alpha Draven has requested. I'm sure I will see you at the event." He pushes my head forward, and I stay kneeling, listening to his retreating footsteps becoming quieter and quieter until they disappear.

Picking up the dress, I put it on. Pulling my hair up, I tie it high so it's out of the way. Walking down to the room, the guests are standing and talking. I step into the room, taking notice of the guests, and then I stop Alpha Ethan.

Walking to him, I stand with my head lowered, waiting for his attention and acceptance.

"Ah, Elara, you're my company tonight?"

"Yes, Sir." To be fair, Alpha Ethan isn't as bad as Alpha Draven or the Beta's here. He treats me like a person, but something tells me that will change tonight. Something tells me his relaxed approach will become tense and very strict later. I will do as he asks, though.

The last time I fought them, I almost died.

Years Earlier

I had to fight. Having him touching me made me sick. So I fought, and he still took what he wanted, however. He took it relentlessly and with even more force.

When I was sold to Alpha Draven, I was young. As I got older, I was told it was a good thing. He's a strong Alpha with a good clan. I was told my life was set, but it was all lies.

I cuddle myself to fight the cold that burns through my body. It says something when you're so cold you feel like your body is burning. The snow is piling higher and higher around me, and I don't think I will survive this punishment.

All this because I didn't want him to touch me. I wanted to save that part of myself for my mate, but I'm his. I'm theirs. I was so sure things would be fine when I woke. I may have fought him off, but he succeeded in his mission. The marks across my body screamed that he succeeded. So when the door swung open, and Beta Luca dragged me out and threw me down in the snow naked, I knew I was being punished.

I'm not sure how long this punishment has lasted for. It seems like hours, but maybe that is just because of how cold I am.

"Look at the Mutt." I keep my head lowered at their mocking.

"Throw this at it." Beta Paul laughs, and I feel the snow hitting my head. The force pushes my body back, and I almost fall over.

"Don't worry, Mutt. We will warm you up after." I scream as he grips my hair and pulls my head up. The tears fall down my face, but they do not get far before they harden into ice.

Beta Jones leans into my face. "This will teach you never to refuse again, won't it, Mutt?" I don't reply, I can't. My body is too numb. The snow is stuck to me.

"That's enough, bring her in." Alpha Draven is standing by the door as they pull me inside. "Will you refuse or fight again?" I try to talk but can't. I'm shaking too much. "Answer Mutt."

"N-n-n-no Master."

His smile widens.

"Good, go get in my bed." I nod and walk away. Getting into his room, I climb into the bed. Right now, I'm happy to obey. My cell is frozen, and the thin sheet does little to keep me warm. At least in here, there is plush bedding that will warm me.


I stay with Alpha Ethan but can feel Alpha Draven’s eyes on me the entire time. I also notice Beta Luca watching me closely. They are expecting me to refuse, to fight. I can’t; it’s not like I have a wolf or power to escape them. It’s also not like I have a wolf to protect me and help me battle the weather if I am forced to kneel outside naked again.

“For you.” I watch Alpha Ethan hold out a glass.

“Thank you, Sir. However, I am not allowed to drink without Alpha Draven’s approval first.”

He smiles, seemingly pleased by my words. I watch as he looks at Alpha Draven, raising the glass and pointing towards me. Alpha Draven gives an approving nod.

“Now you can.” He holds out the glass, waiting for me to take it. I never drink. I would rather not drink. Refusing it, however, is defying the order that Alpha Draven gave me. So my hand wraps around the glass, lifting it. I take a sip. Coughing as it burns the back of my throat.

“How old are you, Elara?” He wal


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