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Tortured By My Twin Mates

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As the daughter of the Alpha’s Mistress, Maya was an outcast within the pack and tortured by her step-brothers. Alpha's sons—Maximus and Leonardo Sterling, known as the Sterling Twins—Were future Alphas of the Blackthorn pack and had a mission to make Maya's life hell and the best opportunity landed in their hands on her eighteenth birthday it turned out they were her mates. On the very first night, they snatched her innocence and forcefully marked her...all to seek revenge for the wrongs her mother had committed. And when it came to torture the Sterling Twins knew no bounds.... But... What would happen when Maya became pregnant after being marked by the twin stepbrother mates and she decided to escape? And What would happen when several years later the twin alphas decided to pursue her again in order to make their son the heir of the pack? * "So many women beg for it, Maya," Leonardo chuckled from behind, pushing me down so I fell into Maximus's arms. My hands automatically gripped his muscular shoulders. "And we're giving it to you for free..." Maximus whispered into my ear and, out of the blue, raised my hips. In one forceful motion, he pushed his erection inside of me, going deep. I screamed in pain, but that scream was quickly silenced as another one escaped when Leonardo also penetrated me, this time into my back passage, all in one go. "God..." I sobbed, my forehead pressed against Maximus's chest. Unlike me, his heartbeats were utterly steady and calm, and I knew the other twin possessed the same ability. They could control their emotions while I couldn't. "We're going to make you pray today," Maximus said. "Yeah, call all the gods you want. None can save you," Leonardo pulled out and slammed his erection back inside me, followed by Maximus. They had just torn me in both places. The pain... it said it all.

Chapter 1: An Outcast In The Pack


Yet another day waking up regretting my existence…

It was agonizing, but not existence itself—no, it was living within this pack that made it painful. How could anyone, especially the daughter of the mistress, expect even a modicum of respect from any fucking member of this damn pack? This pack, known for its dominance across the continent, boasted an overwhelming majority of fierce warriors and trained members.

I was an outcast, a shadow no one wanted. Even after my mother, Morgana, spent years whoring around, slaving for the alpha and entangled in his affairs, eventually bearing the Sterling name, nothing changed. She'd successfully wrecked his previous marriage, all for what? No one respected her or me.

To be brutally honest, she wasn't much of a mother to me. If selling me off would have paved her way to this life, she would've gladly done it.

The Sterling family never extended a welcoming hand. I couldn't blame them.

Since Luna's death, everything had changed, particularly the Alpha. Yes, he had married his mistress, or should I say, my mother. From the outside, everything appeared perfect, but from within, it was a murky and bitter mess.

I freshened up, preparing for college by slipping into a pair of black shorts and a red crop top, then throwing on a black jacket. These privileges were part of being connected to the wealthy Sterling family, even if none of them wanted me.

Heading to college—or more specifically, the journey to get there—was another part of my day that I deeply despised. The ride always put me in the hands of those who loathed me more than anyone else in the pack ever could or would—the Sterling Twins, Maximus and Leonardo both 22 years old and the future Alphas of the Blackthorn Pack.

I was nothing short of an eyesore to them, or perhaps even worse—a person they'd love to dismember and scatter, ensuring no news of it ever reached anyone's ears.

God! Thinking about facing them always sent a shiver down my spine. The mere sight of me made their faces contort in disgust, their dark eyes growing even darker, as if they could cast me into an abyss and never let anyone bring me back.

Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes and counted to ten. The comb in my hand paused for a moment as I willed my nerves to settle. I could endure this, just like every other day. It wasn't as if this situation was entirely new—I'd been enduring it for the past year, and I'd managed quite well. My birthday was approaching, and I only had to endure a few more days of this.

Once I find my mate...all this torment will be over.

When I opened my eyes, they inadvertently landed on a picture of my father, instead of my reflection in the mirror.

If only he hadn't passed away when I was seven...

It had been a bit more than ten long years, but I could still feel his touch, his kisses on my cheeks, and his warm embrace. My mother, on the other hand, remained preoccupied, attempting to ingratiate herself with businessmen to climb the social ladder until she found the perfect match, Alaric Sterling.

She had been unfaithful to my father, and I suspected that if, for some reason, Alaric fell from power, she would abandon him too. She was for no one but herself. Despite my pleas, she had dragged me to this pack to maintain the facade of the perfect mother.

I secured my hair with a claw clip, allowing the short layers to frame my face. I didn't bother tucking them away.

I descended the grand staircase—this pack house, I tell you, was the definition of luxury itself—every part of it was. From the servants to the kitchen, the bedrooms, and every other corner, it resembled nothing short of a luxury hotel. Yet, it felt like a deserted hotel, devoid of anyone to talk to.

Upon reaching the breakfast table, I noticed that everyone had already finished their meals. There was only a single plate left, bearing a single piece of toast with scrambled eggs on the side.

I saw the maid and asked, "Is that mine?"

Well, it couldn't be. Incidents like this had occurred before, and no one had bothered to care.

She gave me the usual disdainful look that everyone reserved for me, the kind of look people give to those they despise, and replied, "Yes, of course." With that, she left.

Shrugging, I quickly had my breakfast and headed outside, only to find the familiar black jeep waiting at the front. My breath caught in my throat as I spotted Maximus's face in the side-view mirror. His perfectly shaped eyes, which used to shine like gems until they landed on me, were concealed by black sunglasses.

As my gaze traveled farther back, I could see Leonardo groping a blonde in the backseat. Her t-shirt had ridden up, revealing her basically huge breasts, with one of them firmly grasped by Leo, and their mouths locked in a kiss. Judging by Leo's loosely hanging pants, I could only...

My speculative thoughts were abruptly cut short by a sudden honk.

I jolted in place and turned to see Max, now looking at me. He had removed his sunglasses, and a cigarette dangled from his fingers. He beckoned me with two fingers and said, "Get here, Pigeon!"

Chapter 2: Stepsister, A Pigeon, A Slave


“Get here, Pigeon!”

His command sent shivers through my body, and his intense gaze made it clear that if I didn't hurry, he would either drive away or run that black beast over me just to crush me into mere pieces. I knew they both preferred the latter option.

With a sigh, I made my way to the car. Typically, on days when there were no events like what was happening in the backseat, I would take the back seat. But today, I knew my place was in the front.

I opened the door and settled in the front seat beside Maximus.

I could detect their cologne, a scent that had overwhelmed me from the very beginning, but I also caught a faint whiff of strawberry perfume from the new woman. She looked unfamiliar.

Did they pick her up from the streets?

Fuck! Why on earth was I even interested in knowing about her?

Glancing at the rear view mirror, I saw Leonardo shifting in his seat, his large hand gripping the girl's blonde locks as her head move


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