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Alpha King's secret triplets

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When Fierce's children are kidnapped, her life takes a devastating turn. Desperate and without resources, she is forced to turn to the only person who can help her: Hunter. Hunter, the werewolf whom Fierce was once in love with, is now the powerful alpha king of the pack. He has no idea that the kidnapped children are his, and the truth behind the abduction is more complex than anyone could imagine. As they come together in a desperate quest to recover the children, secrets from the past begin to emerge, including the consequence of the night of love they shared when Hunter was crowned the direct heir of Alpha Alastair. The unresolved passion between Fierce and Hunter becomes an irresistible driving force but also a barrier threatening to keep them apart. Will they be able to overcome their differences and accept the truth that their hearts have always known? Or will the scars of the past prove insurmountable obstacles to staying together? Would Hunter be capable of forgiving Fierce for keeping their children from him?

Chapter 1

My heart raced as I drove through the streets of Seattle, trying to find the last details for my children's sixth birthday, Cassian, Dorian, and Kane. The big day was approaching, and if that wasn't enough, it was also Halloween, making it all the more special. Only two days remained, and I wanted the celebration to be perfect.

I was buying a few more party items as the sun began to set on the horizon, painting the sky with shades of orange and red.

The city of Seattle was getting ready for the haunted night, but for me, the priority was making my children's birthday as magical as possible. They deserved it.

As I scoured the stores for the missing items, I couldn't help but smile, imagining how excited my kids would be about the party. They were my world, my reason for living since the day they were born six years ago.

Leaving another store with bags filled with decorations and treats, I realized that night had fallen, and the moon was rising in the sky, full and bright. I remembered reading somewhere that, on that Halloween, a rare Blue Moon phenomenon would occur.

A premonition washed over me, but I quickly brushed it aside. As I walked the city streets, the cool night breeze caressed my face, and I took a deep breath, feeling the wind coming from the forest surrounding the city.

Finally, with all the shopping done, I loaded the bags into the car and drove back home. The light of the full moon illuminated the way, and the night felt magical. A cool, chilling wind blew through the forest, giving me goosebumps, but I didn't mind.

I was so busy thinking about the laughter and smiles I would see on my children's faces that I didn't even notice the shiver that ran down my spine.

However, when I arrived at our house and saw the broken door, a dreadful feeling took hold of my body, and my heart began to beat wildly. I knew something was wrong.

I entered the house, calling for my children, hoping to hear their excited voices in response.

“Cassian! Dorian! Kane! Where are you?”

But the silence was deafening.

My worst nightmare became a reality as soon as I stepped into the living room. Stacy, our trusted babysitter, and dear friend, lay on the living room floor. Her once lively eyes were now dull and glazed, and a gunshot to her forehead stained the carpet with the grim mark of her death.


My muffled cry echoed through the house as tears filled my eyes. My legs went weak, but determination took over.

I needed to find my children, no matter what had happened. I rushed upstairs, my eyes filled with tears, searching for my kids.

“Cassian! Dorian! Kane!”

My mind was in turmoil, and my heart felt like it was about to leap out of my chest. I opened the door to their room, hoping to find them safe, but what I saw made my blood run cold.

The room was empty. The beds were untouched, and there was no sign of Cassian, Dorian, or Kane. My mind began to spin, trying to make sense of what was happening. Panic took over, and I ran to the next room, where we kept the children's clothes and toys. Nothing. They had disappeared as if they had never been there.

“Cassian! Dorian! Kane! Come out, wherever you are! Please!”

I was overtaken by desperation as I frantically searched for any clues that could tell me where my children had gone. That's when I caught a familiar scent in the air, a scent I knew all too well.

My heart raced even faster when I realized what it meant. This wasn't an ordinary kidnapping; it was something much more sinister.

Someone from our world was involved in this, someone who knew our nature, who knew our secrets and vulnerabilities. They dared to approach me, my family, with the dark intention of taking from me what I loved most. And the scent I had detected? It was the scent of a werewolf.


The room was silent, except for the muffled footsteps of the agents as they collected Stacy's body, my beloved nanny. She had been a constant presence in my children's lives, Cassian, Dorian, and Kane, since they were born, caring for them with love and devotion. Now, her lifeless body was being taken away, a victim of a tragedy I couldn't fully comprehend yet.

Sitting on the couch, my eyes followed the movements of the funeral agents with a void in my soul. The pain was overwhelming, but I needed to maintain my composure. Officer Andrew Moore was in front of me, asking questions that I struggled to answer.

The room in my house was steeped in sadness as I watched the funeral agents collect the lifeless body of Stacy, our beloved nanny. The feeling of helplessness weighed on my shoulders, and the sad morning light invaded the room, making every detail stand out vividly. My heart ached, and guilt gnawed at me for not being able to prevent that tragedy.

Officer Andrew Moore was in front of me, a man with a serious expression and probing eyes, asking questions I wished I didn't have to answer. Stacy was a wonderful person, someone who had become a part of our family over the years, and thinking that someone could hurt her in such a way was hard to believe.

He began to inquire if Stacy had any romantic relationships, or if she had any recent disputes with anyone in the days leading up to her death. My mind automatically went through all the times we had talked, trying to find any sign that she was dealing with personal issues she hadn't shared with us. However, I couldn't think of anything.

I shook my head sadly. “No, Officer Moore, Stacy has always been a kind and beloved person by everyone. I can't believe someone could hurt her.”

Officer Moore continued, looking at me seriously. “And what about you, Mrs. Silver, is there anyone in the neighborhood who might consider you an enemy? Any recent disputes or disagreements that you know of?”

I reflected for a moment, thinking about my neighbors and community relationships. “No, officer, we maintain good relations with everyone in the neighborhood. I can't think of anyone who might have something against us.”

The officer's eyes narrowed slightly as the next question came. “And what about the father of the triplets? Is he involved in the children's lives? Could he be connected to this in any way?”

My eyes drifted to the floor as my mind wandered to the name Hunter.

Chapter 2

Hunter, a name that made me relive painful memories. For a long time, Hunter had been my forbidden passion, the father of my children. He was a secret I kept hidden, even from Stacy.

I felt a lump form in my throat, but my response was firm. “My children don't have a father, Officer Moore. I take care of them alone.”

Moore frowned, clearly intrigued. “So, did you opt for in vitro fertilization or something of the sort?”

I sighed, feeling the weight of the lie on my shoulders. “Something like that, yes.”

The officer nodded, making a few more notes in his notepad. He seemed to understand that our situation was complicated and delicate.

“I understand,” he said, then asked, “Do you have any idea where we can start the investigation, or if there's anyone who might have an interest in taking your children?”

I looked into the policeman's eyes, feeling the urgency pulsating within me. “I don't know, Officer Moore. I just want them back


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