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A Slave to the Kings

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*Mature audience only: Contains mature language, s*x, abuse and violence.* -------------- She has no name, not anymore, after so long she has simply forgotten what a name is, what it means to be able to choose, what it means to be able to wish, she has simply forgotten what it means to be a person. She's just a slave in a pack that makes a point of reminding her that she's nothing more than an object to be used, whether it's to do household chores or to satisfy the sexual desires of her masters. ----------- He is a king, not only that, but the king of werewolves, his domain extends over all the lupine lands and he has never cared about much, his heart is already closed, destroyed by a past he wants to forget. With one word he could change the whole society, but for what? It's not worth it, the joy of war and fighting is one of the things that keeps him going... And, of course, the pleasure he gets from whoever he wants, whenever he wants, without ever hearing no. -------- He's not just a king, he's an emperor... His vampire empire covers almost all of Europe, many call him a dictator, others a liberator... He rules his lands with an iron fist, his word is law. Tired from a long war, he just wants to rest for a while and find the one who will complete him... After living so long, he's tried everything, but he still hasn't found the person fate has given him. ------- Three completely different people... Three intertwined destinies... Who will heal who and who will survive in the end?

Chapter 1 Another day

The Thing POV

I felt another cut on my skin and the pain simply added to all the others, to all the cuts I've already received today because of these lashes... There was a time when I cared that begging them to stop would help me at all, but all I got was even worse humiliation.

At one point I thought it was all unfair, but I quickly learned that it doesn't matter, not to me... If it was someone else, then others would try to defend it, but me? I don't have any support.

How many times have I thought I was going to die and wished it were true, but in the end, I just passed out and woke up after a while... Not even Death wants me. Instinctively my lips curved into a brief smile before another lash hit my back.

I don't know how many more lashes there were before they released my wrists, which were bound in chains wrapped around a hook. I fell to my knees, only to hear the laughter of those around me and it wasn't long before I felt my back burning. A cold and very painful liquid poured down my back, a liquid mixed with various healing herbs, but also silver particles, added just to make it hurt more...

"There, it's stopped bleeding! Now get up and finish cleaning the warriors' toilets!" Alpha Julian's voice echoed.

When I'd stopped shouting, they'd gotten angry and their torture had only increased, but I'd adapted and now it doesn't matter what they do, I just don't scream anymore... I've even stopped talking.

I nodded and went to the corner, picked up the old blouse, put it on and walked towards the place indicated. The shed where most of the warriors without companions stayed. It was a disgusting place. They had no idea what hygiene was, but they always wanted everything clean and I was usually the one who cleaned it, or some Omega who was being punished was also sent there.

I went to the place where the buckets, clean water and other cleaning products were and dragged my body until I reached the restroom area as always as they were filthy, there was dirt on all the walls, including the ceiling.

It will take me a few hours to finish cleaning everything and in the meantime the pain is constant, but at least the back pain outweighs the hunger pain. My stomach has become accustomed to receiving little food and I usually drink more water. I heard somewhere that without food the body can live longer, but not without water... Of course, nobody knows that, let alone that I usually eat the leftovers they throw away. When I'm sweeping and see that there's something that can be used, I hide it to eat later.

I don't even know why I do it, after all, without doing these things I would die, well... It's not like that, I told you before, that even when I didn't eat or drink anything, I still woke up after a few days... Alpha had ordered me to eat enough so that I wouldn't die.

I think a part of me still wants a little pain relief because I no longer have any hope. I'm just a slave, a voiceless one, I can't even remember my name...

Pathetic, isn't it? But they've managed to take everything from me, the only thing they haven't taken is my life, but that's just so they can keep torturing me.

I heard the sound of the bathroom door being opened. I already knew who it was, Bryan, the future Gamma, one of the people who loved tormenting my life the most, I was already finishing the job...

"Look at this... The thing..." His voice made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I'd never liked him, ever since I was a child, I'd always thought there was something wrong...

But I mean, there must be something wrong with everyone for them to enjoy torturing someone... Or I'm probably wrong and it's normal for them to do this kind of thing.

I continue wiping the floor, a little closer to the sinks, the sound of his footsteps goes to one of the places, and I hear the sound of liquid hitting the marble... I realize he's not doing it in the toilet but on the floor.

I took the washcloth to the sink that I was going to leave last, turned on the water and started to wash the fabric, already knowing that I was going to use it to clean the dirty floor where Bryan was. I heard the sound of the zipper being closed and then his heavy footsteps coming towards me, I felt him grab my hair by the ends, hard, and the next second I'm lying on the floor, my face in his piss. My body was already reacting automatically, so I didn't bother complaining, I'd expected something like this, and it's a good thing I had the cloth in my hands.

"Come on, clean up! That's all you're good for, thing."

I adjusted my kneeling position and began to wipe the floor, running the cloth over the floor first, leaving just one end unsoiled, and soon I heard his laugh and he left. I took a deep breath as soon as I was alone again, got up and went to the sink, wiping my face and also the ends of my hair that had gotten dirty.

I shouldn't care too much about my appearance or my smell, well the first one I don't care about, the uglier I look the better it is... But at least I try to keep myself clean, as best I can.

I looked in the mirror and saw my reflection, my black hair unbrushed, my face now a little cleaner, my green eyes reflecting the brightness of the light and it's something I can't hide, they're beautiful, even behind my expressionless, neutral expression.

When I turned 16, it was my undoing, because my eyes became even clearer, more beautiful and shone like two stones... Which means they cleaned me up, put some nice clothes on me and then held an auction.

My first time was exactly like the rest of my life, with a lot of pain and then a lot of laughter... One more thing for me to get used to, every time they came to dress me up I already knew it was for a situation like this.

I touched my reflection and for the first time, I wondered if it would be better if I were blind... That way they wouldn't be able to take advantage of it and there would be nothing left for them to find beautiful about me.

I closed my fingers tightly and turned away from the mirror, trying to control the urge to scratch my face and disfigure my expression. I finished cleaning the bathroom, left it sparkling and left.

Using the shadows, I simply walked past everyone without being noticed, until I reached the kitchen, where I could already smell the food being prepared, I went to the back, left the cleaning products there, cleaned my face and my hands and went to the back of the kitchen, looking at the pile of dishes to be washed.

This part was separate from the rest of the place, and they just threw things through the holes and I had to wash everything and put it in the right place. This way there weren't many leftovers that I could save.

I hear my stomach rumbling, but I ignore it and get on with my work... After all, I don't want another beating before the night is over, after all, I have to get up very early the next day.

Usually, in these cases I simply try not to pay attention to the conversation in the kitchen, but the people are speaking too loudly.

"Will I find my partner?" Jasmine asked in her high-pitched voice.

"Yes, you will! You're one of our most beautiful Omegas! Even a Beta would be happy to have you as a companion!" Rebeca soon replied.

"I can't believe the pack has been chosen to host the Grand Ball." Jasmine was really happy with this news.

I've heard something about this ball, apparently, it's a party that happens every year... Lots of people who don't have mates go to them to try and find their destined ones...

It's just one more thing I'm not going to take part in, and that's a good thing, I just want to disappear... I took a deep breath, a little tired... I just hope Alpha doesn't decide to hold his auctions at a party like this.

I shuddered, this is one of the few things I still care about... I hate it when people touch me like this, I hate feeling this kind of sensation, it's one of the worst there is.

"Several packs are coming! Ahhhh!" Jasmine shouted sharply. "I heard that even the Lycans and some vampires were going to show up!"

A few other shrieks were heard, and the whole kitchen was in an uproar. They really were happy...

Well, I'm relieved too. With all this mess the number of dishes to wash has decreased, but I continued to make a fuss as if I still had plenty of things. After all, I'm not stupid, I just don't care about many things.

Chapter 2 The News

The Thing POV

"It's going to be the best event ever!" Jasmine said. "I can't believe our pack is hosting such an event!"

"We deserve it! We sure do! Look how much the warriors have done and also our Alpha, it's wonderful!" Rebeca was also excited.

"Yes, gee, you're absolutely right!" Jasmine agreed.

"Girls!" Mrs. Smith's voice echoed more sternly. "I know this is very good news, but we need to finish delivering dinner to the warriors and the rest of the house!"

The conversation then died down to a few whispers and the number of dishes increased again.

I simply began to wander around inside my mind, after all my work is manual and repetitive, so I don't really need to pay attention, not when I'm alone on this side and so far I haven't been argued with, asked to be quicker.

People get excited about fates, mates... That's something that'

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