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A Slave to the Kings

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*Mature audience only: Contains mature language, s*x, abuse and violence.* -------------- She has no name, not anymore, after so long she has simply forgotten what a name is, what it means to be able to choose, what it means to be able to wish, she has simply forgotten what it means to be a person. She's just a slave in a pack that makes a point of reminding her that she's nothing more than an object to be used, whether it's to do household chores or to satisfy the sexual desires of her masters. ----------- He is a king, not only that, but the king of werewolves, his domain extends over all the lupine lands and he has never cared about much, his heart is already closed, destroyed by a past he wants to forget. With one word he could change the whole society, but for what? It's not worth it, the joy of war and fighting is one of the things that keeps him going... And, of course, the pleasure he gets from whoever he wants, whenever he wants, without ever hearing no. -------- He's not just a king, he's an emperor... His vampire empire covers almost all of Europe, many call him a dictator, others a liberator... He rules his lands with an iron fist, his word is law. Tired from a long war, he just wants to rest for a while and find the one who will complete him... After living so long, he's tried everything, but he still hasn't found the person fate has given him. ------- Three completely different people... Three intertwined destinies... Who will heal who and who will survive in the end?


Willow Rose

Review after half of the novel

I love this book thus far. I hope she breaks out of her shell soon and doesn't reject the vampies. I'm so sad at how broken she is. It makes me think they will never be able to help her. But the blood bond I think will help. I love reading these naughty books they are well written thank you to the author for writing such detailed novels 😀 They make me happy.

April 2, 2024

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