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Gabriella Adams is a normal teenager living her life, but obviously there has to be someone who is always in her way, irritating the hell out of her. Hayden King  Her mortal enemy But all that is about to change in ways she didn’t expect. ****** "I hate you". He said. "Definitely not as much as I hate you," I countered back with a scoff, p*ss*d. Who the hell does he think he is? "good ". He responded, causing my head to snap back towards him, and before I could put him in his place, I felt the softness of his lips against mine, knocking my breath away.



Review after half of the novel

I like the Story. It's captivating and funny and it's just so easy to read. Also I like the main characters, they fit so well and what i mostly like is that time to time it makes your heart beat faster, cause of being exited, nerves or even anxious and that is what makes the the novel so good and not to forget the spicy scene's🤭😳yk what i mean. I didn't really noticed any flaws, the novel is not to long but also not to short, with other words its perfect. I hope you keep writing such good novels and make the readers happy. Fighting!!!😃🥰

December 28, 2023

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