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Dangerous romance

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They say forbidden love is always the sweetest. Kayden Johnson falls in love with his 'supposed younger sister', Arielle discreetly. Despite her being ten years younger than him, it didn't stop them from falling deeper into the thorns of love. "I love you, princess." Were the words she loved to hear when they rolled out of his mouth, making her heart fall deeper for him that one day she couldn't find herself living without him. Her life revolved around him, their love is hidden but lurking eyes are always going to be there. When a tragic strikes, they're forced to lose each other.

CHAPTER 1: The Beginning.

There's my princess doing what she loves the most, which is baking. She has always loved baking since she was just 10 years old, back then her cookies tasted horrible but I always ate them to make her happy.

I can't see my princess sadness. I used to tell her that they tasted nice even though they tasted like dog's poop.

And now she's a beautiful young woman who's turning 18 soon.

I kept looking at this beautiful damsel in front of me that I didn't even realise that my friend had been calling me.

"Kayden!" He called out.

"Huh," I murmured.

"I have been calling out to you for 10 minutes now" he said, that's Alden my friend he's Arielle's older brother he is 31 years old we work together, I've known him since i was 18 years old when i came to Castelo after running away from Moteo.

He has really helped me a lot. I grew up an orphan. I ran away from the orphanage when I turned 18 and that's when I met Alden, he gave me a job as a mechanic. He owns a mechanic shop and since then I have been working for him.

He is very possessive when it comes to Elle he doesn't let any of these freaking c*ck-suckers near her neither do I.

No one messes up with my Princess, she's mine and mine alone.

Yes I said it, she's M. I. N. E.

Alden doesn't know about my secret romantic feelings for Elle because if he does then I'm dead. He sees me as Arielle's other brother, nothing more.

"I'm sure you're here for food right? "Alden said snapping me out of my thoughts

"Why ask when you know," I snapped back at him

"I've told you to get a wife Kay, you're old enough to get married. I got married to Skye when I was 24"he sneered at me.

Get married my foot I will get married only to my beautiful princess Arielle no one else.

If I don't get Arielle then I'm not marrying anyone else.

"Good morning brother Kayden" I heard the most beautiful voice ever that sounded like music to my ears, there in front of me my angel stood holding a tray of homemade cookies and a cup of tea. Looking so beautiful like a goddess she is.

She's the reason I come here every single morning, you can't blame a 28 years old man who's in love.

Yes! I come here every single morning to see my princess and to eat her delicious homemade cookies and tea.

She makes the best tea. It tastes sweet like her.

And then I said "Good morning princess."

That's when it all began.

CHAPTER 2: My Elle.


She smiled looking like the beautiful damsel she is, her hazel eyes looking so much brighter than today.

"How was your night princess"I asked

"It was a beautiful brother,"she replied with a smile.

One thing that I hate is her calling me brother. I want her to call me sweet names like 'honey', 'the king of my heart' , something sweet like honey if you know what I mean.

*duh! she doesn't know anything about your feelings*my subconscious scolded me.

I moaned tasting those delicious cookies my princess made for me, I wonder what she'll taste like when she's beneath me!.

Goodness why am I having such dirty thoughts about my naive, innocent and sweet little princess.

"If you don't stop moaning like that I'll kick you out of this house"Alden said.

I almost forgot that this blabber mouth was sitting beside me.

"I told you to get married Kay until when are you gonna keep coming here for food every morning?.

"Duh! I'm


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