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Touch Starved Omega

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Tink's world has been consumed by an overwhelming sense of anguish and torment ever since the tragic loss of her father, which also resulted in her being forcibly removed from the comfort of her home. However, little did she realize that the depths of her suffering were yet to be fully experienced until she encountered an unimaginable ordeal at the tender age of ten. Now, faced with the daunting prospect of her own body succumbing to an unknown affliction, the question remains: will she find the strength to endure and overcome, or will she ultimately reunite with her beloved father in the realm beyond?

Chapter 1

The memory of my mother answering the phone is etched in my mind like a vivid painting. The tone of her voice was a blend of unwavering resolve and emotional distance as she communicated with the person on the line, directing them to retrieve me. In that precise moment, it felt as though my entire universe shattered into countless fragments, leaving me feeling lost and bewildered.

The moment she shifted her gaze in my direction, the earth-shattering announcement crashed into me with the force of a thousand bricks - “You will be departing to be a part of a new family,” she declared, a family that was meant to provide for me. Amidst the playful chaos of my siblings running around, their carefree laughter reverberating through the walls of the house, I found myself rooted to the ground. Tears cascading down my cheeks, enveloped in a cloud of confusion as to why I was deemed unwanted. I am acutely aware that I am the sole Omega among the five children that my father brought into this world before his untimely departure.

The words of my mother pierced through my soul like a razor-sharp blade, inflicting a profound wound that seemed to seep into the depths of my heart. The pain, already unbearable, surged with each syllable as she coldly declared, “You are not my child, and you never will be. Since your father's passing, I no longer have any obligation to care for you.” The icy chill in her voice sent shivers down my spine, as I struggled to comprehend the sudden transformation in her demeanor. Just as her hurtful words threatened to crush my spirit entirely, a sudden knock on the door shattered the suffocating silence that enveloped the room. With a disarming smile plastered on her face, she greeted the unexpected visitor and hastily mentioned that she would gather my belongings for my imminent departure.

As the storm of emotions rages within me, threatening to break through my fragile exterior, I find myself struggling to contain the tears that threaten to spill over. Seeking solace, I wrap my arms tightly around myself, trying to find some semblance of comfort in the chaos that surrounds me.

Despite my attempts to keep my distress hidden, my siblings are quick to pick up on my inner turmoil and rush towards me with open arms, offering their warm embraces in a gesture of support and understanding. However, their well-intentioned actions are abruptly halted by the stern growl of our alpha mother, who hands me a small bag containing my belongings, a stark reminder of the uncertain future that lies ahead.

Just when it seems like all hope is lost, a police officer emerges as a beacon of light in the darkness, exuding a sense of calm and reassurance that instantly puts me at ease. With a gentle touch and soothing words, he guides me towards a waiting car, ushering me away from the only home I have ever known. As the familiar sights and memories fade into the distance, a wave of sadness washes over me, mingled with a sense of apprehension for what lies ahead in this new chapter of my life.

As I gradually regain consciousness, a surge of panic courses through me when I realize that I am no longer in the familiar confines of a car's back seat. Instead, I am now confined within the chilling walls of a dimly lit and damp basement or dungeon, sending a chill down my spine as I come to terms with the grim reality of my situation.

Before I can even begin to process the gravity of the situation, a sudden and unbearable pain shoots through my body, causing me to cry out in agony. The sharp sting of a needle piercing my skin leaves me gasping for air, but my pleas for help go unanswered as the perpetrators swiftly move on to the next innocent victim.

In this nightmarish place, time seems to lose all meaning, leaving us all in a state of perpetual fear and confusion. The days blend into nights, and the passage of time becomes a hazy blur, shrouding us in a veil of uncertainty and dread.

The darkness of the basement envelops us, making us feel trapped and suffocated. The only source of light comes from a flickering bulb hanging above, casting eerie shadows that seem to dance across the damp walls. Fear, despair, and the unmistakable scent of blood linger in the air, a constant reminder of the horrors we have endured.

Our innocence was cruelly ripped away from us, leaving us scarred and broken in ways that words cannot describe. Time becomes a mere concept as we are subjected to unspeakable atrocities that haunt our every waking moment. Within the cold and unforgiving walls of our prison, our cries for mercy echo in vain, falling on deaf ears that offer no solace or reprieve.

The tormentors, with their malevolent presence, seem to feed off our fear and despair, growing stronger with each passing moment. Their insidious whispers echo in the darkness, planting seeds of doubt and despair in our minds. We are trapped in a never-ending cycle of torment, unable to break free from their grasp.

As we struggle to maintain our sanity in the face of such relentless torment, we are constantly reminded of our own vulnerability. The tormentors seem to revel in our suffering, taunting us with their twisted games and cruel tricks. We are left to wonder if there will ever be an end to this nightmare, or if we are doomed to be forever at the mercy of these nameless creatures.


Chapter 2

It has been a long and agonizing six years since I last saw the light of day, my vision stolen from me, leaving me in a world of darkness. The only sensations I have felt are the painful grabs and hits that have left me bruised and broken. Each day is a struggle to endure, but today has been the most unbearable of them all. They are determined to awaken the wolf within me, unaware that she has been lost amidst the torment, abuse, and violation that has been inflicted upon my body over the years. She had once been my source of healing, but even she could no longer withstand the relentless cruelty.

Despite the excruciating pain they continue to inflict upon me, I find myself unable to suppress a smile. It is a bittersweet smile, for I know that my time in this world is coming to an end. Sensing my impending departure, they abruptly halt their torture and urgently summon a doctor, desperate to keep me alive. As the doctor rushes into the room, a gasp escapes their lips, realizing


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