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Dragons of Drakkon-Three Book Series

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Aliens are living among us unknown to us humans. Five Hot Alien Brothers to be exact. The Spencer Brothers, Gabriel, Mitchell, Chase, Gailan, and Lucas Book One- Her secret protector- She is single and pregnant and he is a hot single CEO.  She was date r*p*d. He has a secret. She now works for him and he wants her for himself.  Her life is in danger, he will do anything to protect her. Anything. (Gabriel & Alana's Story) Book Two- Property Damage- She is single and out of work. He is a hot CEO with a job offer. She damaged his pride and joy, 65 Mustang in a fender bender, and since she has no insurance. He has her working for the cost of the damage to his car. He has a secret and a reason for keeping her on at his company. Her fragrance calls to him, he knows she is his. (Mitchell & Kellie's Story) Book Three- Chasing Dreams- Chase Spencer has the same dream about the same woman. When he finally meets her, he begins to understand his ability to see the future. Now not only is he dreaming of her he can’t seem to get her out of his mind. The only thing is she doesn’t like him she only wants to be friends with benefits. Can he win her heart and find love? He will keep trying no matter what happens. He will win over the woman of his dreams. (Chase & Brianna's Story) (Stories with Gailan and Lucas as well as their mates, will come out later) Content Warning: Explicit love scenes. Guaranteed HEA with no cliffhangers. Intended for mature audiences. 18+

Her Secret Protector- Book One

'The R*p*'

My Hero came like a knight in shining armor. Only he wore a black leather jacket and rode a black Harley.

A friend had set me up on a blind date and, from the beginning, everything went wrong. When I first opened the front door to my apartment and saw him, I felt uncomfortable. Especially when he suddenly hugged me and patted my *ss and commented on my breast size and nice *ss…um wow, nice first impression.

What was my friend thinking?

And then during dinner, there were more red flags that I should have listened to. Such as how ungentlemanly he was.  Among the list of offenses, one I should have paid more attention to, was how he treated the waitress. He was rude to the waitress and when I say rude, he was vulgar, making sexual remarks and swatting her *ss every chance he got.

As we left the restaurant and began to walk, he dragged me into a dark alley and slammed me against a wall in the dark shadows. He then began to force himself on me. He had placed his hand over my mouth to stifle my screams. He hiked up my dress and ripped off my panties and while he kept one hand over my mouth, he undoes his pants and pulls them down, all the while sneering at me.

“You know you will like this. And you want it as much as I do.” He growled as he pushed his d*ck into me dry, it was so painful tears fell from my eyes. I kept trying to fight him off, only it seemed to excite him more. “I love how you. Fight me.” He kept saying with every hard thrust inside me. The pain was excruciating, and he only kept going and going until he came inside of me. As he came, his hand slid partway off my mouth in his relief just enough that I could scream with all my might.

I’m not sure what happened. It all happened so fast. I heard a motorcycle and my umm, date growled and punched me hard on the temple with his fist before getting up, and calling me the B-word. He pulled his pants up as he ran away, nearly tripping in the process. Dizziness overwhelmed me as I sat against the wall feeling the wetness of my blood running down my face. I guess I was cut when he punched me. I slowly opened my eyes to see a man’s feet walking closer in front of me wearing shiny black boots. I slowly looked up to see what my rescuer looked like, except he wore a helmet that left only his eyes showing. All I could see were his concerned blue eyes looking down at me before everything went black.

Chapter One- Gabriel

Gabriel (POV)

Three months later

I’m sitting at the head of the table in my conference room, beside an important client. He’s listening intently to a presentation from my top marketing agent explaining a new ad idea for his product. I look over to watch the client's expression as Tom explains his idea. So far, the client seems impressed, which is great for my company; ‘Spencer’s Ad Agency’. My company is the largest in the world. I have clients from all over seeking me out to create ads for their products.

When Tom finished, he looked from me to the client and asked, “What did you think?”

I watched as the client slowly, very slowly began to nod his head. “I like it. It will draw attention to the masses of people, which is what I want.”

“I agree.” I began, “Which is why I approved Mr. Cleary to present it to you.”

“Well, I am hugely impressed with this agency and all the challenging work you all put into my products. So,” He s


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