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Dark Desires

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Nevie, a waitress has been having the strangest dreams. Dreams that awaken desires that she didn't know she had. When wolf shifter, Derrick, slips into her booth she gets the feeling she’s met him before. Talon has fallen in love with his best friend. He's doing his best to keep her safe and keep his past hidden. Once his past comes knocking will he be able to protect his love or will it put her in danger? Omen has a secret but will he be able to keep it hidden or will it come out in the most dangerous way possible? Hurting Nevie beyond what he can fix.

Chapter 1

Chapter One


Our eyes met and it was like the air was s*ck*d from the room. He slipped into the booth in my section.

It was the third time he’d been here this week. That didn’t change the way my heart beat thundered in my ears or the way my mouth went dry.

His eyes dark, soul searing in their intensity as they moved down my body, making me feel hunted. He dragged his fingers through his cropped locks as his full lips twitched into a half smile. I wanted to run, not knowing if it was to him or away.

The thrill of the chase could be fun. Being caught was even more enticing.

“Looks like he’s back again.”  

“Huh?” My face flushed as I was caught looking at this handsome stranger. I looked away, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

“Your dream guy,” Talon said, as he bumped his shoulder against mine. 

“He’s not my dream guy.” Glaring up into his hazel eyes, I pressed my lips together.  

“Not what you were saying yesterday morning.”

I regretted telling him about the dreams that I’d been having as I felt my cheeks heat up. Looking away, I scanned our sections. Trying not to focus on the stranger.

“Table five needs refills.” Nodding my head towards the table, I lifted an eyebrow up at him. “I didn’t say that it was him, only that it looked a lot like him.”

“Trying to send me away?”

There were plenty of advantages to working with your best friend. This wasn’t one of those times. I straightened my bun and grabbed a menu.  

Nodding towards Talon, he crossed his arms over his chest and looked down at me.  

“I’d be hurt, but I know I’ll get you after work.” He grinned, grabbing a pitcher of water before swaggering towards the table of ladies. Their eyes glued to him as he put on that boyish customer service smile that earned him lots of tips. 

Looking back at the stranger, I straightened my shoulders. My shift couldn’t end soon enough. I was ready to get back home. Slip between my sheets. Maybe I’d dream of him again tonight?

“Good evening, Nevie.” He said as I got closer, his deep baritone voice making me feel things I shouldn’t feel. Arousal pulsing low in the pit of my stomach. I didn’t know him, but I could almost feel the ghost of his hands caressing my body.

How my bottom had stung from the slap of his palm. Or the way it had felt when he’d smoothed his hand over my heated flesh, soothing that sting as he pulled back to give me another.

“You remembered my name?” My voice was a high-pitched squeak, the tops of my ears burned as embarrassment welled up, replacing the desire.  

“Of course, how could I forget.”  

I tried to fight down the shiver that tried to rip through me as his fingers grazed mine. He took the menu out of my hands, flipping it open. 

Pulling out my notepad from the maroon apron I wore over my black jeans and blue sweater. I tried to calm myself. I didn’t know why, but something about him made me feel crazy.

I didn’t know if it was the dreams that I’d been having or if it was because it had been awhile since I’d had s*x. 

“What can I get you started with tonight?” I asked, clearing my throat. 

“Just a coffee.”  

“Nothing to eat?” I looked up from my notepad, not bothering to write anything down.  

“Not yet.” He purred in that deep voice, and I couldn’t fight down my shiver this time. “Maybe for desert.” His perfectly straight teeth sank into his bottom lip as he looked up at me through hooded eyes.

“I, I, I’ll go get your coffee.” Stumbling over my words. I reached for the menu, ready to flee from him and the way that he was making me feel.  

“Derrick.” He reached out, grabbing my wrist. Stopping me in my tracks. I gasped at the feel of his calloused thumb stroking the inside of my wrist. “My name is Derrick.”

“Derrick.” I repeated, watching his lips twitch into a smile.  

I pulled my hand away, tucking the menu under my arm as I all but ran to the counter.  

“Dude, you okay?” Talon asked as I sat the menu down, turning towards the coffee maker. “Your face is flushed.”

“Yeah,” I said, taking a deep breath as I reached for one of the coffee mugs. “Just, I just. Those dreams, I can’t-”

“You know, I could take care of your needs.” Talon said, and I shot a glare his way. “Or we could add jogging to our morning workouts. If you don’t want to do the fun cardio. I’m down for whichever.”  

“Talon,” I said, pouring the coffee and placing the carafe back into place. “You know I won’t sleep with a coworker.”

“So if I quit tomorrow?”

“And leave me with the weekend rush?”  

“I’m just saying, we wouldn’t be coworkers then.”

“I still wouldn’t sleep with you.” I said as I moved around the counter, “Go take care of your tables.”  

“Yes, mistress.” He teased me. I shot another glare his way before taking Derrick his coffee.  

“Talon,” I hissed, looking over my shoulder at him as he tossed me a wink.

These last few hours couldn’t pass quick enough.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Taking off my apron, I hung it up in my locker. Glad that my shift was done. Tonight had been slow, but meeting Derrick had proven interesting. Just thinking his name sent chills down my spine.

“Nevie, you ready to bounce?” Talon asked.

“If you are?” I grabbed my purse. Slinging it over my shoulder, I turned to face him.

Talon was leaning against the doorframe, he’d already changed into running shorts and a tight black shirt that hugged his muscular chest. I didn’t understand his obsession with fitness, he was already buff and we worked out together most mornings. He trained with a determination I’d never seen before.

“Planning another run?”

“What can I say, I’ve got a lot of pent up frustration.” His lips twitched into a smirk, his eyes moved down my body. 

“Talon,” I hissed, stepping closer to him. My n


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