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The Alpha's Forbidden Mate

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She was a reject, a werewolf with a secret that made her an outcast. He was an Alpha, a leader with a mystery that made him irresistible. Ilythia had escaped from her abusive mate, Lomon, and thought she was safe, until she rescued two young werewolves from a rival pack. That’s when she met Lirael, the Alpha of the Ashenhowl pack. He was everything she never had: strong, handsome, and protective. He made her feel things she never felt before. He made her want to be his mate. Lirael was fascinated by Ilythia, the brave and beautiful werewolf who saved his pack members. He sensed a connection to her, a bond that he could not explain. He knew she had a past that scarred her, but he also knew she had a power that could save them. He wanted to make her his mate, but he also wanted to keep her safe from the enemies that hunted them. The Master, a mysterious and evil force, was plotting to destroy the supernatural world. He had allies in every corner, including Lomon, Ilythia’s former mate. He would stop at nothing to get what he wanted, even if it meant killing Ilythia and Lirael. Will Ilythia and Lirael be able to overcome the obstacles and enemies that stand in their way? Will they be able to trust each other and embrace their love? Or will they lose everything they hold dear in the process?

Chapter 1

Ilythia POV"I want to go home," a small voice whimpered, distant yet clear like a chilly breeze. My eyelids were slow to open, as if emerging from a deep sleep. Who was that? My wolf felt calm inside, but my heart wasn't, as it tried to recall last night's events. My head throbbed as I sat up, realizing I was by a lake. How had I ended up here?"I know. I'm trying," an older but still young voice replied. I cautiously stood, hiding behind a large rock as two kids appeared at the water's edge across the small lake. The older, around twelve, frowned at the water's edge. Beside him, a younger boy, about eight, slumped onto the ground. "My feet hurt," the little boy whimpered, tears welling in his eyes, his lower lip trembling.Then, it all came crashing down. I had been running from my pack for days, forgetting it was that time of the month. The full moon had increased my appetite, leading me to transform and hunt a deer in the forest, eluding me all night. The older one crouched beside him, arm over shoulders. "We just need to catch a scent, and we'll find our way home." Sniffing the air, they searched for a trail. I gripped the rock as their smell reached me, whitening my fingertips.My eyes widened at the realization – werewolves. Yet, they were so young. What were they doing alone? Unless they weren't. Silently, I retreated, ensuring no sound reached their ears. Eyes fixed on them, I inched away between the trees, swift and quiet. The farther I got, the less constricted my chest felt.A small scream pierced the air. My wolf emerged on full alert, forcing a shift upon me. Gritting my teeth against the change, pain sliced through me as I resisted it, reminiscent of my first shift. Giving in, accepting it, allowed it to be painless. If any part resisted, it felt like every inch of me was being torn apart by a grenade in slow motion, feeling everything.Dropping to my knees with a grunt, a muffled cry wrenched from my throat with another push from my wolf. Another scream echoed in the distance. My bones snapped as my body underwent a rare transformation, an experience I seldom had because I never resisted my wolf. My screams morphed into a howl as my wolf completed the shift.With a swift turn, I bounded back toward the lake, instincts in overdrive to rescue the children. I came to a sudden halt at the water's edge, scanning the forest until there! Movement. I dashed around the lake, the pounding of the little boy's feet and fearful gulps of breath driving me faster.Upon catching up to them, they huddled against a fallen log. The younger one trembled in the older's arms. Blood soaked the right arm of the older boy, and its tang reached my nose. I growled, leaping through the air and over the log, landing in front of them with a swift turn. That's when I spotted the vampire.His blood-red eyes swept over me, a tilt of his blue lips revealing a red fang, a startling contrast against the milky whiteness of his skin. He swiped at me, and I growled back, every inch of me as threatening as possible. What was a vampire doing here? Even hidden within the tree shadows, it should be impossible for him to be out during the day. Confusion and rage warred within me.Blood coated his mouth, matching the wound on the older boy. Their bites weren't fatal to us, but werewolves were their favorite snack. Apparently, we were a delicacy, making us susceptible to their attacks. However, their Queen usually kept them in check, beheading any vampire who took an unwilling victim.His eyes gleamed as if I were a piece of candy. In a blur faster than any vampire I'd witnessed, he darted behind me. A distant wail reverberated, prompting me to whirl around. In his clutches, the youngest boy dangled by his throat, desperate hands clawing at the grip, while his feet futilely kicked in the air.The older boy stood frozen, horror etched across his tear-streaked face, completely paralyzed. A low growl escaped me, muscles tensing. The vampire glanced my way. "I'll deal with you soon. I like to relish my dessert." His once melodic voice grated unpleasantly. As he prepared to strike, I leaped.Avoiding his upper body, my jaws clamped around his thigh, the satisfying crack of bone resonating through me. The vampire bellowed, releasing the boy. The youngest wisely retreated toward his brother, both seeking refuge behind a tree trunk. The vampire retaliated, seizing the nape of my neck. His claws pierced through my fur. Though I bit down, he tore at my neck, and I involuntarily yipped, relinquishing my hold. Muscles bulging, he flung me by the scruff of my neck. Twisting to avoid a tree trunk collision, my spine made brutal contact. Despite the pain, I sprang onto all fours, ignoring the twinge in my back.His focus remained solely on me, disregarding the pups hiding behind the trunk. Simultaneously, we lunged. His speed surpassed mine, but instinct guided me. Anticipating his direction, I propelled myself ahead. We collided, my paw twisted oddly, but I took him down. Standing on his chest, I didn't hesitate. Instincts took over.Jaws clamped around his throat, I pulled. His neck tore, blood drenching my fur. He snapped his fangs, aiming for a bite. Dipping my head, I evaded his mark. Another chunk hung from my mouth, spat aside. His sharp fingers lashed out, lightning-fast into my shoulder. Yelping, I buried my muzzle into his neck. With a twist and snap, his head came off, my victorious bellow echoing.Hands and knees on the ground, I shifted to human form. Adrenaline surged as I caught my breath. The metallic taste of vampire blood churned my stomach. Whimpers from the boys spurred me to action. With trembling arms, I sat up.The young ones paid no attention to my shifter nudity, rushing toward me. I embraced them. "It's okay, it's over," I reassured. Now, I had to figure out their origin and plan their return without attracting attention."Step away from the boys," a deep voice growled behind me, and I held my breath. "Lirael!" the eldest called, both squirming out of my embrace to reach him.To maintain modesty, I turned only my head toward the newcomer. He resembled a Polynesian god, even clothed. His sculpted physique, wavy brown hair pulled back, highlighted a strong jaw and sharp eyes. Enormous hands rested on the boys' shoulders. "You're safe now," he assured them, his voice gentle.I scoffed. "Yeah, thanks to me!" His head snapped up, deep brown, almost black eyes locking onto mine. The power emanating from him nearly choked me. "Alpha." I held his gaze, refusing to back down. Straightening my back, I narrowed my eyes at him. Surprise flickered in his eyes briefly, gone before I could decipher it. "Who are you?" he demanded. As his eyes traveled over my body with curiosity, I flushed. Suppressing a shiver, I wouldn't let him take advantage like others in my pack.My nostrils flared, inhaling his scent of pine, firewood, and... ocean. Fear gripped me as the unmistakable smell of the Ashenhowl pack, the same as the cubs, reached me. Sh*t.

Chapter 2

Lirael POV

"Who are you?" I inquired sternly, already aware of her origin from the distinct scent of the Mainehert pack that lingered in the air.

Curiosity flickered within me as she met my gaze defiantly, an unexpected deviation from the typical deference displayed by wolves encountering an alpha. My focus remained on her, though my primary concern was the safety of my cubs. An unfamiliar wolf near a lone vampire presented an unusual scenario, and caution demanded that I keep a watchful eye until I deciphered the situation with the support of my pack.

Addressing her, my eyes involuntarily traced the contours of her form, the aftermath of her encounter with a vampire evident in the glistening muscles. Despite the tension, I was relieved by the choice of shorts.

As I questioned her, her hazel eyes locked onto mine, a fleeting hint of fear vanishing as quickly as it appeared. Frustration prompted a sharper ton


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